Control 6: Long Distance Inflation

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Note: Another in the ‘Control’ series. If you haven’t already, read my previous works so that you will know the background of these two characters.

Control 6: Long Distance Inflation

There are definite advantages of being married to a plastic surgeon, Suzie thought as she lounged poolside in her own backyard.

She was enjoying a little downtime, taking a break from the work she did at home to enjoy a little time in the spring California sun. Michael, her husband, had built a studio onto the back of the house for Suzie when they got married a few years back. The studio was her own private area, replete with easels and worktable for her to do the drawings and designs for her fashion clothing line. Shelves full of fabric samples dotted the walls in places where her design drawing weren’t mounted. The past few months Suzie had taken the time to truly make the space into her own, private woman-cave.

Her small company, Ba-Luna Fashions, had ‘taken off’, like an overfilled helium balloon, in the past year, and now the two were enjoying some of the spoils of success. Their Thousand Oaks home already had a huge backyard, with fully-grown fruit trees along the fence line that provided some privacy from peeping neighbors. An in-ground pool and spa were the next expansions that the couple had wanted and planned for. The work had been completed a few weeks before, and the couple could be found frequently spending their evenings relaxing in the bubbling waters of the Jacuzzi or splashing around in the depths of the new pool.

Seeing the cool, tranquil waters through the window as she had worked on her latest project, Suzie had given in to the temptation and abandoned her design drawings. Now sitting in the shade of an umbrella within a handful of steps from the inviting water, Suzie stretched her legs out on the cushion of the chaise lounge and welcomed the changing of the seasons. The air tasted slightly of the ocean that was only ten miles to the south, and the smell of freshly-tilled earth from the farms to the north. The feeling was blissful, and breathing deeply, she closed her eyes, dozing.

Michael had been away for the week, in stormy Chicago. He had invited his wife to tag along with him for the annual convention of the National Association of Cosmetic Surgeons, but a cold front coming off the Great Lakes that had kept the upper Midwestern states in its grip for the past two weeks had dissuaded her from accompanying him. Suzie was a California sunshine lover, and avoided snow when she could. He was due to arrive in Los Angeles the next day, and he had called her every night to tell her how much he missed her and couldn’t wait to find himself back in her arms on Saturday.

As her mind drifted somnolently, Suzie remained in a state of wakeless sleep; not quite completely unconscious, but also not completely aware of her surroundings. She was undisturbed by the slight breeze that caused her white, silky swimsuit cover-up to flutter slightly, the white bikini underneath hugging her amble curves seductively. Her chest, filling out the bikini’s top (of her own design) with much more than what nature had originally blessed her with (thanks to her husband’s ‘work’), rose and fell with her gentle breathing as she relaxed further and was finally claimed by the pagan gods of sleep.
Suzie jolted with a start, eyes fluttering open, not knowing how long she had been out or what had disturbed her. The sun was still high in the afternoon sky, so she determined that she hadn’t slumbered very long. It was then that she felt a familiar tingle in her erogenous regions, one that always accompanied Michael when he used his special ‘power’ on her. She glanced down at her chest to confirm what was happening, and watched as her breasts began to swell as they had done many times before.

“Oh,” she commented out loud to herself, “I must still be asleep and dreaming.” This had never happened before unless Michael had been in the room with her, so she relaxed and embraced the feeling of the expansion.

The growth, skin-stretching pleasantly, was accompanied soon by a feeling of weightlessness. When Michael inflated her with his special gift, it was so rapturous to her that is usually got her juices flowing, and she reached down and touched the front of her bikini bottom, feeling her clit rise and harden through the soft fabric. Her nipples, sliding inside the white cups as her breasts ballooned in front of her eyes, rose in response, outlined prominently through the silky cloth. Suzie gasped tenuously as the sensuous feeling enveloped her, and, closing her eyes again, began to gently rub her engorged clit through the swimsuit’s fabric.

It startled her when the bikini’s bra became too tight, and began to rip down the middle of her expanding cleavage. Suzie stopped her quickened rubbing when she felt the strings give way, the two halves of the swimsuit top springing to her sides and releasing her overblown tits into the exposing air. Her boobs were almost the size of beachballs when she realized that she was not truly still asleep. “Oh shit!” she exclaimed, jumping up from the chaise lounge, her chest blimps bobbing in front of her face. “This is real!”

Unable to close her cover-up around her expanded chest, Suzie simply dashed for the nearest open portal to the house. She always left her studio door stood open when she was working, to allow fresh air to circulate through the spacious room. With her breasts floating up into her face, making it difficult to see precisely where she was going, Suzie bumped a planter and brushed against a dwarf pine tree as she made her way up carefully up the path to her workshop. Bigger and bigger she inflated, her tits developing more upward lift the closer she came to her goal. With ten feet to go, she took a tenuous step and hovered in the air for a couple of seconds before finally descending back to the ground. With one last push-off, Suzie launched herself at the open doorway, the tops of her breasts bumping into the upper doorframe as she did. Her body’s momentum then carried her the rest of the way into the room and under the relative safety of the studio’s low ceiling.

Her feet were only dangling a few inches off the workshop floor. Her nipples, though, were stretched four feet above her head, adhered to the studio’s texted ceiling. Since her toes couldn’t touch the floor, Suzie was practically immobilized, unable to move, and unable to know how this had happened to her in the first place. Michael was two thousand miles away, and she certainly didn’t have any special power to have done this to herself.

Unable to do anything else, Suzie hung there trapped in the air. Ten minutes went by before she heard her cell phone ring. It was on one of the workbenches, fifteen feet away, and the ringtone that played meant that Michael was calling her. Since she couldn’t move, the phone went silent, unanswered. I have got to get to that phone, she thought, determined. But how? And then an idea popped into her head.

Suzie remembered being a child and playing on the swing-set in her parents’ yard. She began to sway her legs, like she would on the swings, building momentum. Twisting, she swung her feet in the direction of the workbench, toward the phone, and her breast balloons skipped a foot across the ceiling. Repeating the action several times, Suzie slowly slid her way across the painted drywall, giving her abdominal muscles quite the workout. Finally, she maneuvered within reach, and was just able to stretch her fingertips enough to touch the cellphone and drag it closer to her. At last she was able to grasp the device, and turning her head to one side due to her floating obstructions, dialed it one-handed to ring her husband back.

“Hi, sweetie,” Michael answered cheerfully. “I was on a break between lectures and tried to call you, but you didn’t pick up, so I was…”

“Michael,” she cut him off, exasperated. “Tell me about it later, but for now I have another serious problem that I’m currently dealing with!”

He hesitated. “Ugh…what’s going on?”

“Let me explain,” Suzie began. “A little bit ago, I was sitting out by the pool, enjoying the sunshine, when suddenly my tits blew up like balloons again.”

“Wait…what?” he stammered.

“Just like when you have done it to me dozens of times before. Fortunately, I was able to get inside before I got too big to fit through the door and then floated away.”
The line was silent as Michael absorbed the story. “You just inflated, and floated, like I do to you, but without me being there?”

“Apparently so, since I am currently pinned to the ceiling of my studio,” she snapped at him, frustrated. “Do you mind telling me what you were doing about twenty minutes ago?”
He paused, thinking. “I was in the symposium on breast augmentation and reconstruction. The panel of speakers were talking about the newest types of implants, and the pros and cons of each. One guy was taking about the newest air-inflatable, adjustable implant. One of the panelists made a joke about women being able to use them as floatation devices, while another pointed out the risks associated with traveling in a pressurized aircraft. If the loss of cabin pressure ever happened, those implants would inflate to triple their size and burst. Which, of course, is why I always have to make sure you are fully deflated before we get on a plane. And then…”

Suzie smirked, knowing now where this was going. “Get to the point of the story when you were thinking about me,” she instructed.

“Well, at that point I was getting a little bored. Breasts are kinda my specialty now, and these guys weren’t talking about anything I didn’t already know about. But all this talk about inflatables and breasts got me thinking about the first time we swam in the new pool, and you had me blow you up so that you were your own personal floatation device. And how much fun we had having sex in the pool, and you blowing up so huge that you practically floated both of us out of the water that night.”

“And then I started blowing up, for real,” she added. “You are ten states away, and you can inflate me from there? What am I supposed to do about that?”

“Just give me a minute,” Michael said calmly. “Let see if I can also deflate you from here.” Suzie hung in the air, waiting, imagining her husband silently concentrating mentally. A minute passed, and no change occurred. “Anything happening?” he asked.
“Nothing,” she replied. He paused again, issuing another mental command across the distance. And was rewarded with a high-pitched hissing sound, much like a balloon with a slow leak. “I think it’s working now,” Suzie said when she felt her nipples lose their contact with the ceiling. Slowly she descended, finally feeling her toes touch the hardwood flooring. It took a moment for her to be able to stand flat-footed on the ground, and another two full minutes before her breasts were no longer bobbing in front of her eyes and she could sit in a chair.

“Are you fully deflated?” he asked, embarrassed.

“No,” she answered, wiping a bead of sweat from her forehead, “but that’s okay. I want to have something to smother you with when I meet you at the airport tomorrow, in revenge for you doing this to me. Now you will have to learn to control your power from long distance. It’s a good thing I didn’t have clients over when this happened.”

Michael laughed. “Is there anything you want me to bring back from the Windy City?”

“No,” Suzie giggled, “just you, in one piece. But you own me a new bikini.”

“Then I will take it up with the designer,” he said. “I know her intimately.”

Author's Note: 

This is the latest in my "Control" series. Read the others to understand, if you know what I mean...

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inflateme 100
Excellent work :)

Excellent work :)

Wonderfully lighthearted! ^_^

I especially love that Control series are in essence wonderful stories with an inflation theme, a prose you can sit back and enjoy as stories.

Wiki says there are 11 cities in the world nicked Windy City, so who knows, maybe Michael stretches his power to global coverage? ^_^

Unrelated - right in my city there's a sports club "Bum Balls", no kidding. They play in bumperball. Made me think - maybe fantasy ladies are multi-talented and not only fly? ^_^