Nic and Kim's Ripening, A Candy Shop Story

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Nic and Kim were a couple. He was a good-looking 17 guy. Not muscular nor fat, but slim and healthy. Kim was a pretty 16 girl. She was more on the bigger side, not to an unhealthy point, but she had stuff to hold. She had nice sized breasts and a nice butt as well.

One day, they were hanging out at Kim's house. Her family was away for the day and the next, so of course they were there. Nic was wearing a simple tee that fit him nicely, and a pair of loose fit jeans with a belt. Kim wore a tighter fitting tee that accented her breasts, and a pair of short shorts that went down to her mid thigh. She didn't need a belt, so she wasn't wearing one.

They were watching a movie, which movie is unimportant, while sitting on the couch. Kim was sitting on lap with her arms around his neck. They were making out (apparently the movie was unimportant to them too). Nic pulled off and put his forehead on her's.

"I just remembered something, I got some gum from the new candy shop," Nic pulled out a blue pack of gum. He didn't realize what it said.

"Does my breath smell bad or something?" Kim quipped.

"No, of course not," Nic said with a smile,"I just wanna try it."

Nic took a two pieces out, ate one, and handed the other to Kim. She took it and ate it too.

"Blueberry," Kim moved in,"My favorite," she kissed Nic on the lips.

They kissed for a while, however, after a minute of kissing, a blue dot appeared on thier noses. It spread across their noses, turning their faces a deep blue. Once their both their heads were completely blue, it worked it's way down their necks. Out of view by their shirts, their torsos changed to blue, then their arms, legs, feet, and hands; they were completely blue. This took about one minute, and they were still kissing.

Then, both of them felt a bloated sensation. They separated and opened their eyes. They were taken aback and swallowed the gum. Kim jumped up off Nic's lap, and Nic grabbed the pack.

"Blueberry gum," Nic read the pack,"causes chewer to become one with berry, WARNING: DO NOT SHALLOW GUM, MAY RESULT IN...oh..." Nic trailed off.

"Result in what?!"


Kim grabbed her stomach as did Nic, but his own. They felt it bulge and swell. Kim's instantly poked out from under her shirt; Nic's shirt only grew tighter. Their bellies pushed outwards, forwards, and to the sides. Kim's shirt now revealed her bellybutton, and Nic's shirt was starting to ride up his gut. Kim's hands moved down to her butt, feeling it expand. Nic felt his thighs, felling those swell too. They looked at each other very worried, Kim moved closer, but her stomach bumped his. She backed up to provide room.

Nic could feel his belt getting tighter around his filling waist; he grabbed at it, but it only continued to cut it deeper and deeper into him. His shirt had now riden up his blue belly and exposed his blue belly button. Kim's shirt ripped off her, as her boobs also started to grow. Her shirts couldn't contain her thunder thighs any longer either, and they tore right in half. Nic's belt broke apart and whipped acoss the room. He sighed in relief, as much as one could when swelling up. Their arms started to rise up, as their biceps grew; their legs grew farther apart, and their cheeks filled with juice. They formed a starfish as a loud rip was heard from Nic's pants; they split at the thighs, revealing plump blue skin. Their backs started rounding out too, bringing them closer to a sphere, as their fingers became swollen as well. Kim felt her lips plumpen as well. Their arms and legs started being engulfed by they round bellies. Nic's shirt exploded off him and lay in shreads around him. Kim's chest flattened out, and her bra started to tear. Their crotches started to lower. Nic's pants ripped more and cell off him, showing his black underware. They were both now only in their undies.

As much as Kim had backed up, their bellies met again. Nic's was bigger so it caused Kim to roll. Their arms and legs were compeltly engulfed, and they were perfectish spheres, minus their feet, hands and heads, but Nic stop there. He continued to swell, bigger and bigger. Nic's head touched the ceiling. He rolled Kim on to her back (or really what was her back), and started to roll himself. His skin became more tight and translucent as it streched thinner and thinner. His cheeks filled with more juice, his head became burried in his body, his hands and feet flattened out, and he could fell his skin scream. Now he stopped growing larger and only felt the pressure rise. He closed his eyes and waited for-

BOOM!! SPLOOSH!! Nic popped and covered Kim's house in juice. Kim was found the next day, and remained a blueberry.

Author's Note: 

The Candy Shop is a strange little shop, that appeared one day out of nowhere. No one knows the owner, or where the shop came from. It has the best candy by far, but one display gets a little...changing.

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I would Like to see a sorry

I would Like to see a sorry where people become Blueberry then shrink down to a Blueberry size*

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