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Her name was Casey, and she was beautiful. Her face wasn't a perfect circle, but it wasn’t an oval. Somewhere in between. She had an attractive, slim figure. A tone stomach. A juicy ass and fertile hips. She had beautiful, shiny, round eyes. Her nose wasn’t too big, and it wasn’t abnormally small; it was perfect. She had perfect eyebrows too. And her lips were perfect as well; not too thick, and not too thin. She had dirt blonde hair that extended four inches below her shoulders. Everything about Casey was perfect. Except one thing.

Casey suffered from a flat chest. A B-Cup, specifically. Casey was sixteen years old, during the summer between her sophomore and junior years of high school. Casey's boyfriend, Matt, was away for a few weeks. One day, Casey's close high school friend, Jordan, gave a call.

Jordan told Casey that Matt was cheating on her, and planned to break up with her soon. Casey loved Matt, and she was willing to do anything to get him back. Casey knew, without question, that it was her small boobs driving Matt away. Casey knew that she had to increase the size of her breasts, but how? She didn’t have enough money to get implants.

“I know a way.” Jordan told Casey over the phone. “My dad works in a science lab. I could hook you up with something.”

“Really?” Casey cheered. “That's perfect! When can I get it?”

“I'll ship it over to your house by the end of this week. And, because you're my bestie, I'll pay.”

Sure enough, after three days, Casey brought a small cardboard box into her kitchen, and set it on her counter. She opened the box and pulled out to glass vials. One of them was a fully sized test tube with a blue liquid in it, and the other one was a glass vial, smaller than the test tube, with a pink liquid. During an earlier phone call, Jordan explained the basics to Casey.

“You drink the blue one to make your boobs grow. A little goes a long way, so don’t chug the whole thing down. After you drink it, the liquid travels from your stomach up to your boobs, where it fills them up with helium”

“Helium?” Casey asked over the phone.

“Yeah.” Jordan answered. “That way, when your boobs get big, they don’t say from the weight. Also, helium is super light, so your big boobs won't hinder your movement. Your big tits will weigh nothing.”

“Is it safe?” Casey pondered.

“I have all faith in my father's work.” Jordan remarked.

Casey took the blue test tube to her living room. She sat on her couch, and uncorked the tube. She was very careful as she dropped a single, tiny, drop of the blue liquid into her mouth. She felt the cool liquid drip down her throat and make it's way to her stomach. She waited a few seconds, and gasped as she looked at her chest and saw her boobs grow from a B-cup all the way to a D-cup in a matter of seconds. She wiggled them around and was astonished to find that they didn’t weigh any more than usual. Casey smiled at her new D-cup boobs. She thought she would drink just another drop. If one drop increased her bust by two full sizes, then another drop would bring her up to an F-cup. She wanted to really surprise Matt.

Casey stood up out of excitement. “I'm going to get him back,” she said out loud. She tipped the tube back into her mouth very slightly, so a single drop could find it's way in. As Casey was leaning back, she lost her balance, fell backwards over her coffee table, and landed on her back. The tube found it's way perfectly into Casey's mouth, and emptied its entire contents.

Casey quickly got back on her feet and looked at the empty tube in her hand. If a single drop increased her bust by two sizes, what would an entire tube to? She nervously tucker her dirty blonde hair behind her ear, and began to breath heavily out of fear. She backed herself into the wall out of fear and kept her eyes glued on her boobs.

Slowly, they began to make a gurgling sound, and began to grow. Casey's already tight bra began to dig into her ever growing breasts. As her breasts were constricted by her bra, they began growing upwards and downwards. Casey felt the bra digging deep into her back and breasts. Finally, the bra snapped and half, and her boobs lurched forward like two dogs that were fi ally unchained.

They continued to grow. Casey rested her palms on the sides of her boobs and felt her skin stretching and gurgling beneath her hands. She let out a quiet whimper.

Each of her breasts were now two feet in diameter. They were perfectly round, and stuck straight out like a shelf, defying gravity. Well, her breasts weren’t defying anything, the helium inside them were. Her breasts were beginning to show faint veins now, too.

Casey stood there in shock, staring at her breasts as they continued to fill with helium and grow. Casey did nothing except for the occasional whimper of disbelief of what was happening to her. She could feel all the skin around her breasts stretching. She could feel the large amount of pressure within her breasts from the helium.

Casey's boobs growed for a minute. They grew to three feet each in diameter, four feet, five, six. All the while they showed no sag, and stuck straight out. Casey could feel her six feet in diameter each breasts stretch. She could feel an immense amount of pressure in her breasts. It didn’t hurt, but it was impossible to ignore.

Finally, Casey snapped out of her trance. She began to look around the living room for a potential solution. As she rotated her body, her breasts slammed into the wall and knocked a few paintings off. She forgot that her breasts didn’t gain any weight as they grew, and still weight as much as her original B-cups.

Each of her breasts reached seven feet in diameter when Casey remembered the pink vial in the kitchen. She started to make her way to the kitchen. She couldn’t see where she was going. Her cleavage was blocking her view, and had to walk sideways and backwards to navigate her living room. That's when she knew she was in trouble.

She stared in disbelief as the three foot wide hallway leading to the kitchen, where the pink vial was. Each of her breasts were not eight feet wide. This meant that she had to fit a sixteen foot wide bust into a three foot wide hallway. She had no choice. She rested her palm on her breast for a second. The skin beneath her hand continued to stretch. She could feel an insane amount of pressure inside of her breasts, and the skin around her boobs began to produce a slight tingling sensation. Veins were beginning to bulge out from the pressure inside.

Casey lined herself up with the hallway, and ran forward. Her breasts hit the thin doorframe and bounced her back where she started. Every time Casey hit her breasts against the doorway in a futile attempt to get in, she felt the pressure momentarily increase in her breasts, and felt her skin stretch tighter momentarily.

She continued to slam her breasts against the door way for a little longer before concluding it wasn’t working. Casey's breasts were not ten feet wide each. She had wasted valuable time. She decided to go in backwards instead. She turned herself around, knocked over a few living room decorations in doing so, and backed herself into the thin hallway. She got her entire body in, but her breasts were blocking the entrance to the living room like a cork.

Casey leaned backwards as far as she could, pushed backwards with her legs and arms, and her breasts were slowly forced into the thin hallway after her. She could feel the pressure increase tenfold, her skin stretching to what felt to the breaking point, and the veins on her breasts began to bulge from the pressure within her breasts. Inch by inch, she slowly tugged to way through the hallway. The occasional brass doorknob would press into her boobs, further increasing the stretching and tingling sensation Casey felt.

Eventually, Casey made it far enough so her body was in the kitchen, but her breasts were still jammed in the thin hallway. She could see the pink vial not three feet away. She gave a small tug, and heard a muffled, shallow crack from the hallway. She had broken the plastic cover to the thermostat in the hallway, and could feel a shard of plastic pressing against her right breast. She dared not move.

Casey was afraid that, if she continued to tug her boobs through the hallway, her breasts would be punctured by the shard of plastic. She decided to wait, and see what happens. After a couple of minutes, Casey felt the shard of plastic pressing harder into her breast than before. The pressure inside her breasts had increased, and they were pressing up against the wall harder than before. Sooner or later her breasts would press up against the wall hard enough for the plastic to pop her, so she decided to tug.

Little by little, Casey tugged her breasts through the hall way. Before each tug came a little prayer that she wouldn’t pop, and she could feel the shard of plastic slide across the side of her breast.

Eventually, Casey didn’t feel the shard anymore. She had pulled her breasts far enough through the hallway, and she heard it clatter as it hit the ground. With a few more big tugs, her entire body was now in the kitchen. Her breasts were no longer the their prison, and they bouncily retook their perfectly round form. They were now each fifteen feet across. They weighed nothing. Casey put her palm on her breast. The skin beneath is was no longer stretching, but she could still feel the gigantic amount of pressure increasing bit by bit within her breasts. She squeezed her breasts a little. They were very firm, like balloons with way too much air in them. Or, in this case, helium.

As Casey curiously squeezed her giant breasts, she winced in pain and let out a little shout. Every time she pushed in on her breasts, even just a little bit, she felt a titanic increase in pressure and felt her skin stretch paper thin everywhere else on her breasts. Her breasts were no longer growing, but the pressure inside them was still growing. Her breast skin had reached a point where it could stretch no more. It was only a matter of time until the pressure would be too great, and Casey would pop.

Casey could feel the pressure continue to increase. The skin on her breasts produced a dense tingling sensation. They were already stretched to their maximum, but the pressure inside was still increasing. Then, Casey remembered why she was in here in the first place. As she whirled around to grab the pink vial, her massive cleavage blocked her view, and she knocked her breasts on the corner of the kitchen counter. She bared her teeth and closed her eyes from the pain, and corrected her posture. She grabbed the pink vial and chugged the entire thing down.

The tingling in her breasts ceased. The veins stopped bulging, and she could feel the pressure in her breasts slowly lower. Her breasts shrunk down, but not back to their original size. There wasn’t enough liquid in the pink vial to completely reverse the effects. Casey's boobs were now perfect spheres each two feet in diameter. They stuck straight out two feet, as if defying gravity. It was the work of the helium.

Casey had a big smile on her face. Her boobs were huge now, huge enough to impress Matt, but they weren't so huge they could pop. She squeezed her breasts with excitement. She was able to press her hands in a few inches before she felt a huge increase in pressure and a tingling, stretching feeling on the skin over her breasts. They were very firm, like two balloons with a bit too much air in them.

All worries aside, Casey called a cab to the airport. She would fly to LA, where Matt was currently staying, and win his heart back. Casey put on the only bra she had, B-cup. The bra barely covered her nipples. On the edge of the blue bra, a border or red skin was visible, along with a small bulge, obviously the nipple itself. The bra and the straps dug into Casey's breasts a full inch. Casey felt the increase in pressure, along with a slight tingling and stretching feeling.

Casey found a thin white shirt. She slid it over her head, and struggled to pull it over her two feet in diameter each breasts. In total, her rack was four feet wide, and stuck straight out two feet. The white shirt simply wasn’t big enough. It stretched over her breasts far enough so her blue bra was just barely hidden. The shirt was so stretched, you could see outlined of the blue bra, it's straps, and a few veins. The entire bottom half of each of Casey's two feet wide each breasts were completely uncovered, as the shirt would not stretch that far.

For pants, Casey found a pair of tight, rubbery, black leggings. She finished putting them on just as the cab arrived, with a honk from its horn. Casey still hit a few things on the way to her front door. Her massive cleavage blocked the bottom fifty percent of her view. She put on some black heels and opened her front door.

She had to put all her weight into it as she leaned forward to force her bust through her front door. She finally made it out. Because her breasts were filled with helium, and weighed nothing, they bounced crazily up and down as she walked to her cab. The cab driver opened the door for her.

Casey tried to get into the back of the cab. She saw how cramped the back seat was, and realized that this would be a nightmare. She used some momentum and forced her right breast into the back seat. Then, Casey sat herself down, and scooted towards the very middle of the car, to give her assets all the room they needed. Her left breast was having trouble getting in. The cab driver had to force it in, and he also had to use some momentum from a small running start to get it in. Even though both of Casey's breasts were squished into the cramped back seat, and even though she was sitting in the exact middle, her breast was still sticking out the open door she came in through. The cab driver had the shut the door, and use the door as leverage to squeeze the last little bit in. Casey felt the tingling and stretching sensation, and felt a large buildup of pressure within her boobs. Her veins popped out a little bit.

By closing the door, Casey's breasts were way too big for the back seat. Casey felt her breasts being pushed against the side doors and the front glass divider. Her arms were pinned in place by her breasts. Her cleavage was squished up to her mouth. Casey could only make muffled sounds. Luckily, her nose was free, so she could breath. Her cleavage was blocking her view through the glass divider, save for a small triangle. Her breasts were so tightly packed she couldn’t even turn her head.

When the cab got to the airport the cab driver opened the side door to let Casey out. As soon as he pulled on the handle the door was flung all the way open. Casey tried to get out, but her legs and arms were pinned down. The driver had to open the other door and push Casey out from the other side. He had to call for help from a few other people as well. Casey was never asked to pay.

As Casey walked into the airport her gargantuan tits bounced ahead. She couldn’t fit through the metal detector at security, and was allowed to skip search. As Casey walked through the boarding platform to board the plain, her breasts scraped the sides. When Casey got to the door to the airplane she needed four different flight attendants, two for each breast, to force her into the thin hallway. She could just barely fit through the hallway from their. The bare bottoms of her breasts brushing against the passing headrests' as she found her seat on the plane.

The plane had two aisles in first class. There were two seats next to a window, then an aisle, then three seats in the middle, another aisle, and another two window seats. Casey got three middle seats. She sat in the middle one, and her breasts took up the spaces of the seats to her left and right. Even then, her breasts were still sticking out into the aisles by a little bit, and people had to force their way past. Every time someone did, Casey felt the stretching, tingling, and buildup of pressure. Her veins bulged a little too. She looked over her boobs and across the aisle to her neighbors. One of them was a very attractive male. Casey adored all this attention.

The man turned to his neighbor, right next to the window. “She must be using that new serum.” He said to his neighbor.

“Yeah. Those have helium in them, right? What's she doing on a plane?” he replied.

“I know what's coming. We should move back.”

Casey pouted as she saw the young man and his business associate get up and leave for no reason. In fact, as she looked around, nobody within three seats was sitting next to her. For what reason did these people leave. She looked ahead and got the attention of another man. He turned around, gave her a brief smile, and then turned back. Casey decided it was because they were all married, and they knew they would fall for her, so they kept their distance. Casey accepted her explanation and sat in her seat. She thought about reading a book, but her cleavage was too big to hold a book. Whatever, she thought. Anything to get Matt back.

The plane backed out of the terminal and started taxiing to the runway. Casey's breasts shook uncontrollably, but she was unable to do anything. The plane’s engines whirred to full power and lurched forward. The plane caught speed, and took off.

Casey could feel the plain rise and gain altitude. But she felt something else. She was quiet, and she heard a faint stretching sound. She looked down at her breasts, put her hand on them, and felt the skin beneath stretching. Her eyed widened in terror, and she gave a short gasp. She felt the pressure building up rapidly. She felt her breasts stretching and beginning to tingle. She saw her veins beginning to pop out. She felt her bra digging seep into her skin. Casey heard a snap and felt her blue bra fall onto her lap.

The growth was too much for her thin white shirt, and it slipped off the top of her cleavage and landed around her neck, stretched out, like a scarf. Her breasts increased to three feet wide each, and were beginning to press up against the seat in front of her. All the first class leg room couldn’t save her. Casey put all the pressure she could with her hands on top, trying to push her growing breasts down. The pressure and stretching she felt was almost painful.

Casey tried to unbuckle herself from her seat. She tried to find her seatbelt, but she couldn't look down for obvious reasons. She fumbled around in a whimpering panic to find the buckle. Her breasts were now each four feet wide. Casey forced her hands under her boobs to reach the seatbelts. She finally felt it. As she pulled up the buckle to disengage it, it dug into the underside of her boob. She felt it might pop her if she continued to pull it up. What choice did she have?

She lifted the buckle up enough so it disengaged, but shouted in brief pain from the pressure in her boobs. She got up into the aisle. Each of her boobs were each five feet wide. How many times in a single day must I go through this, she wondered angrily? She forced her boobs through the seats and got to the door to the cock pit. Casey knocked on the door, and it opened. A man in an airline pilots unitofrm was there, and he stared wide eyed at Casey's growing, stretching, veiny boobs.

“Captain!” he yelled back. “Lower the altitude.”

Suddenly, the plane leveled out. Casey's bloated breasts were now each six feet wide, but at least they weren’t growing anymore. Casey's bust was so wide that it pinned her in place in the middle of the thin fuselage. They were still too big.

Casey whimpered as she begged the pilot to nose down just a little bit. The plane started to nose down, and Casey's breasts began to retract. She could move again. The captain said the plane had to fly at cruising altitude. There was no way for Casey to avoid her situation. She began to walk towards the pilots seat to convince him to stay low when some turbulence hit.

Casey was knocked off balance and fell into the lavatory, where the door closed behind her. She tried to find the handle to open it up again, but couldn’t. She was in utter terror again when she realized what her situation was. Her breasts were squished into a tight space, and she felt the pressure increase and her skin stretch and tingle as they were forced into a shape other than a sphere.

“Lady, if you don’t reply I'll have no choice but to resume normal flight!”

Casey struggled again to find the door handle, to no avail. She banged on the door and shouted, but for some reason nobody heard her. She felt the plane tip upwards and she felt the pressure inside her breasts increase and her skin stretch and begin to tingle, and her veins begin to bulge. Casey was banging on the door and sobbing. She stopped and tried to take some deep breaths. Every time Casey inhaled, it pressed her boobs against the already tight walls. She felt an almost painful increase in pressure in her boobs every time she inhaled. After a few minutes, Casey felt a constant pain in her breasts. She whimpered and grimaced at the tight pain the felt in her breasts, and was sure she would pop any time. Suddenly, the door handle to the lavatory wiggled. Somebody banged on the door, asking is anyone was inside. The door opened and Casey's breasts instantly shot out and pinned whoever was in front to the wall on the other side of the fuselage.

Casey’s breasts continued to expand. She had the sensation that the skin around her breasts was getting very thin. Suddenly, the captain poked his head out from behind the cockpit door and shouted in shock at the size of Casey's breasts. He cursed, and nosed the plain down. A few minutes later, as Casey was still stuck due to the size of her breasts, the captain said “You're very lucky I felt like prematurely landing at LAX to save your sorry ass.”

“Wasn’t LA the destination of this plane anyway?” Casey asked.

“You dumbass, we’re going to Hawaii.” The pilot said with a hateful chuckle.

Soon, the plane touched down, Casey's breasts reverted down to their “normal” size of two feet across per breast. She stretched her thin white shirt over her breasts, once again only just barely covering her nipples, with the bottom half of her breasts exposed to air. Casey had no bra, anymore. Her nipples were as think as a dollar coin and stuck out a full inch. Matt’s LA apartment was only a few miles from the airport. Casey's breasts wiggled wildly as she walked down the sidewalk.

Casey had finally made it to Matt’s place. She pressed her breasts against his door so she could lean over them and knock. Casey waited a full minute with no answer. ‘He must not be home.’ Casey turned around to find a hotel she could spend the night at and try again in the morning. As she turned around, she screamed as she discovered a shadowy figure standing behind her.

“Matt?” Casey asked. “Is that you?”

The figure lifted a hand, holding what looked like a gun, and pointed it at Casey's leg. Casey felt a dart puncture her leg and was falling towards the ground before she could think. She landed on her breasts. She winced in pain from the pressure and went out cold.

Casey awoke on her back. She was in a tall warehouse. It was completely empty. There was a loop of windows along the top of the wall, thirty feet up, letting in sunlight. It was day. Casey tried to move, but was held down by something. She tried to move her head and look, but her head was restrained too. Casey's wrists were restrained by curved pieces of metal bolted down into the concrete floor. There were metal bands around her ankles, thighs, wrists, arms, neck, and forehead. Casey was completely immobilized. Except her breasts. Casey's breasts stuck straight up, two feet from her body, per usual. Her thin white stretched shirt was gone, but the felt her tight leggings and black heels on.

Casey tried to call for help, but could only make muffled sounds. She discovered a tight gadget covering her mouth, wrapping around to the back of her head. Upon further inspection, there was a hose feeding into it. Casey followed the hose with her eyes and saw what it was hooked up to. A giant, clear cylinder of the boob enhancing blue liquid. It was probably two feet tall.

“I see you're up!” a woman's voice sounded from the edge of the room. Casey recognized that voice.

“Jordan!” Casey yelled. Any words the said were muffled out by the hose-fed contraption over her mouth. “Help me! I can't move!”

“Oh, I know” Said Jordan, softly, in her thick, British accent. “I put you here.”

“What?” muffled Casey. “Why?”

“Because I want Matt!” Jordan's voice boomed and echoed throughout the empty warehouse. Casey was silent. “Yes.” Jordan continued softly. “I'm the one he's cheating you on. He loves me now! And here's why.” Jorden unzipped her black track jacket, and her D-cup breasts poured out.

“You tried to become more beautiful!” Jorden continued on, her voice quavering for an unknown reason. “If you aren’t born beautiful… then you are not meant to be!” Jordan zipped her jacked up again. “You were my best friend. That’s why I gave you that serum. I watched you through the window to see what you would do. When I found out you were bigger than me…” Jordan pointed a finger at an immobile Casey on the ground. “ I knew you would get between me and Matt. I couldn’t let that happen. So I came to stop you.” Jordan paused and wiped a few tears away.

“Unfortunately…” Jordan whispered. “Thought you are my friend, I cannot let you leave this alive.”

Casey's eyes opened wide in shock. She produced a cacophony of muffled screams and pleads and begs, and she tried her best to wiggle around, but to no fruition. Jordan walked over to the big canister of blue liquid. She rested in it with one arm and pointed at the valve next to it with the other.

“You wanted to become bigger so badly! I'll fulfill your last dying wish!”

Jordan turned the valve to max. Casey say the level of liquid in the small silo begin the drop. Soon after, she felt a steady stream of liquid being forced down her throat.

“One drop of this stuff increases your boobs by two sizes. Let's see how four gallons treat you.”

Jordan pulled out a device. It looked like an I-Phone, but bigger, and thicker. She went up close to Casey's face and held the screen up to her. It read; ‘1000 APH.’

“A thousand atmospheres.” Jordan began to explain. “At you breasts current size, two feet across for each, the helium in them is as dense and compressed a thousand times more that that of Earth’s atmosphere.” Jordan paused, and pulled out a short knife. “If I popped your boobs right now, they would explode with similar force to a hand grenade.” Jordan smiled and put the knife back in her pocket.

Casey could see the four gallon tank. It was empty. Casey wiggle her abdomen a little. Her stomach felt bloated and liquid jostled loudly around inside. From another angle, it looked like Casey was nine months pregnant. Slowly, the liquid in her stomach was transferred to Casey's boobs, and her stomach flattened out again.

As Casey felt the pressure inside her breasts begin the increase, and her skin begin to groan and stretch, Jordan held the atmospheric pressure reader near Casey's face. The number was quickly rising. By the time her breasts were three feet wide each, the display read 2000. Casey whimpered and whined and shed a few tears as she saw the counter round 7000 and her breasts round eight feet each.

Soon, Casey's breasts were each fifteen feet wide. Casey could feel a titanic amount of pressure in her boobs. Her stretched out veins were bulging an inch out at places. She felt a constant tingle on the skin over her breasts.

“Your boobs have stopped growing.” Said Jordan. “It means they’ve reached their stretching point. Your boobs will no longer grow, but the pressure inside of you will continue to grow until you eventually pop. Your counter says 9500. Everyone else I've tried it on has popped at 10000.”

Casey began to struggle and yell and cry as she begged for life through her muffled sounds. She focused on the counter. 9600. 9700. 9800. 9900. 9950. Casey closed her eyes…

Nothing. Casey opened her eyes and reae the counter. 15000.

“Impressive.” Jordan commended.

1600. 1700. 1800. 1900. Casey breathed heavily. She was sure she would pop any second. 20000.

“20000! You have just passed twice the amount of pressure it took for everyone else to pop.”

Casey looked at her breasts. Her stretched out veins were bulging an inch out. She felt the pressure continuing to rise. She felt a constant tingling in he thin skin, almost stinging. She looked back at the display. 30000. 40000. 50000.

Jordan slowly walked over to Casey’s breasts. She poked them. Casey shouted in pain. The slightest touch anywhere on her boobs cause the pressure to displace and stretch her skin the the point of being painful.

“Your boobs are rock hard from all the pressure in them.”

Casey continued to look at the display. She had passed 100000. Casey eyed a fly heading towards her breasts. When the fly touched down, Casey winced. Cased wiggled her chest a little to shoo the fly away. Even the slightest wiggle displaces enough pressure to hurt.

Casey heard a door slam open. She turned her eyes and saw Matt walking towards her. Casey's eyes lit up, and darkened when she saw Matt and Jordan kiss. Matt told Jordan to go outside. Jordan left, and Matt walked over and knelt down next to Casey's face. He slid the back of his finger against her cheek. He pinched a lock of her brown and golden hair and tucked it behind her ear. Casey began to cry, softly begging to be let out. Matt didn’t understand her muffled begs.

“I'm sorry Case.” Matt said solemnly. “I gotta put you down.” He paused. “We can still be besties.” He said with weak enthusiasm.

“Please don't.” Muffled Casey. She began to sob.

Matt got up and walk around the circumference of Casey's breasts. 200000, Casey read. Matt began to lightly run his fingers alongside the circumference of one of Casey's breasts. She softly shouted in pain. Then, Matt gave her left breast a big bear hug. Casey screamed in pain. The pressure in her left breast was unbearably painful. The skin was stretched extremely painfully tight. Matt could lift 200 pounds, but even with all his might, he could only press his palms in an inch into Casey's left breast. As he pressed deeper and deeper, Casey screamed louder and higher. Her veins bulger more and more. Suddenly, Casey felt the skin at the top of her left breast, near her nipple, begin to tear.

“NO! MATT! PLEASE!” she let out a louse, high, muffled scream.

Casey felt the tear getting wider, until-

Matt was blown back thirty feet to the wall of the warehouse. Jordan came in, congratulated Matt, and they both left. All that was left on the warehouse floor were some small tatters of Casey's tight black leggings, and her black heels.

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This was really great! And I

This was really great! And I understand that it might be against what author likes, but messy ending could fit :)