Chemical Chaos

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“Let’s see here… if I combine these two compounds I get this strange combination which has unknown but possibly adverse effects.” Jazette shook around the vial full of the unknown liquid. She brushed her black hair done in braids back to avoid them getting in the way. Her floral print sleeveless cheongsam was her favorite piece of clothing as it was a gift from her tailor aunt who personally designed it for her. The stockings she wore doubled as shoes thanks to the padding on the feet beneath it. Her lab coat was outfitted with harnesses and cartridge belts holding sealed vials and syringes filled with dangerous chemicals for self-defense. It was commonplace for her to be wearing a surgical mask.

"They never even explained to me what it was supposed to do. Why do I always have to do the dangerous things around here? First, it was planning the research team to go and observe Adrenaland, now its test what these strange chemicals found on the Shambling Isles do. Ever since she’s gone missing, mom and dad haven’t been the same…” She complained out loud. Jazette sighed in frustration and slight sadness. She had to stay focused on the project at hand no matter how much crazy stuff was going on in her life.

“I can’t wait until the next time where I’m told to test a new chemical weapon that I have no idea what it does and just have faith in it. It could even contain Atom for all I know.” She ranted on, not paying attention to the vial as she shook it harder and harder as her anger rose.

“I could even be told to go check out a Lurker nest where I could be eat-!” The chemical liquid splashed all over Jazette and her lab coat.

“This… this is why they shouldn’t be putting all these dangerous responsibilities to me…” She sighed in frustration at herself.

“Better go clean myself off.” She took off her lab coat and hung it up. Her face took the brunt of the liquid but it surprisingly appeared as clean as it was before the liquid got onto her.

“Strange… I should note this down.” She headed over to her research terminal and typed away. She noted that she felt strangely parched all of a sudden before stopping.

“All this researching sure does make a girl thirsty.” She stood up and looked around for a sink but her eyes were instead set upon a soda machine they found at Adrenaland.

“I don't see why I couldn't just have a little sip from it… after all, they did say it was just a harmless soda machine." She waltzed over and observed it carefully. They had found with the machine a hose that split into several more that was enough for the eight soda pop flavors there were. She attached the hose to the machine and nervously eyed it with thirst,

“I mean… this wouldn’t be professional…” Jazette took up the hose, she carefully lowered her surgical mask and slipped the hose into her mouth.

Jazette reached for one of the flavors only to be surprised by a clamp suddenly activating and closing down on all of the levers and another strap wrapping itself around Jazette’s head and tightening itself. The soda began filling up the hoses and making its way to her her mouth. Quickly she tried to pry the hose from her mouth before this got out of hand but the hose wouldn’t budge. She struggled continuously but she there was nothing she could do about it, the soda entered her mouth and forced its way into her stomach. Jazette gulped down the fizzy treat regretting the choices she made that led up to this happening.

How could I be so stupid to let this happen!? Ohhhh nooooo…. How am I going to explain this to the others? Well, if this doesn’t happen to…  JAZETTE DON’T THINK ABOUT IT!’ She nearly freaked out and panicked but regained composure,

I just need to stay calm and find a way to stop this.’ She tried to assure herself but her growing stomach wasn’t helping calm her nerves. Jazette had never been in a situation like this and nobody ever told her what to do if you were being forced to down tons of soda.

Those idiots so owe me big time if I survive this! I did not agree to this! They’re lucky that I accepted this room as my own private laboratory…’ The soda machine tank hummed surprisingly quietly letting Jazette think to herself without much distraction. She looked around in an attempt to find anything to get the soda machine to stop. Much to her dismay nothing in the lab looked like it was meant to stop the thing.

Typical AggrasonLabs… not giving me anything to help out my current situation…’ She huffed the best she could with the hose in her mouth. Jazette caressed her stomach which had begun stretching out the fabric of her dress.

I really hope this doesn’t destroy my dress.’ Jazette thought worriedly.

As the soda continued to pour into her body, Jazette began noticing other body parts of her anatomy were beginning to expand.

Is my body already beginning to adapt to the amount of fat this is going to produce if my body is allowed to keep taking in this much soda.’ She cupped her breasts which had started a test to see how much strain her dress could take. Quickly her hands flew to her hips in which were also indeed growing at a slow but steady rate.

Aunt is going to be so disappointed that I destroyed my favorite dress of hers because I was too careless with a chemical. What am I going to-?’ The hose suddenly came loose with a click allowing Jazette to remove it from her mouth. She noticed the soda machine had run dry causing her to sigh in relief. She slipped her surgical mask back on and uncomfortably waddled over to the machine as her dress strained against her constricted nine-month large stomach.

“You had me worried there for a moment. Luckily there wasn’t that much left in you *BURP*!” She blushed as her stomach began rumbling and groaning louder than ever,

“Good grief, the soda wasn’t that fizzy- ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?” Jazette looked down to notice that her stomach was actually once again growing out.

“How is this happening? Is the soda inside my system reacting to the chemical compound? This better not last for long.” She complained as her stomach pressed against her dress ever more painfully, there was nothing that Jazette could do except wait and hope for the best that this wasn’t going to be her final minutes.

Her stomach groaned relentlessly as it ballooned outwards ever more along with her breasts and hips which resumed their steady rate. It became harder and harder for Jazette to breathe as the dress was desperately fighting against the expanding ball of flesh that was her stomach. She moaned and clenched her teeth in extreme pain until…

*RIIIP* the abdomen part of Jazette’s dress finally gave away to her expanding stomach. The very few threads that remained spread apart making her now bare stomach prominent,

“Now I’ve got to find more thread of this kind to repair this special dress.” She whined.

“I hope my dress can withstand my breasts and hips. I am SO going to kill someone if the rest of my dress is ruined.” Jazette claimed. At this point, her stomach began expanding at a tremendous rate without the confines of Jazette's dress holding it back. It rumbled and gurgled like there was no tomorrow as the soda bubbles inside her stomach began gooifying into slime which would only make more bubbles, but Jazette knew none of this so the girl was forced to wait until this chemical concoction hopefully wore off.

“I have to find out what’s going on and find a way stop it before this gets too out of hand, and I… OH MY GOD I’M THINKING ABOUT IT AGAIN!” Jazette freaked out thinking about her possible fate. She couldn’t stand the thought of it all ending here.

As Jazette rubbed her arm she could feel something rather off, her skin was strangely stretchy. Stunned, she observed closer as the skin had quite some give to it,

“This is intriguing…” She was mesmerized by the stretchiness of her skin,

“The effect this chemical is having on my skin needs to be further investigated.” Her breasts bobbed up and down as she kneaded them.

“You know, this is actually kind of fun to play around with my breasts.” She lifted them up and let them drop causing them to jiggle. She put a hand on her hips which had also grown just as soft and jiggly. It would’ve felt quite nice if there wasn’t the threat of possibly exploding.

“Maybe… I could… play around with this if I survive it. My stomach isn’t hurting and it feels nice and soft.” She kneaded her stomach happily. Her skin felt like it still had plenty of room left to grow and it could go all day if it could.

“As nice as it feels, I should get to work on a way to reverse this as quick as possible before I play around with it anymore.” Jazette reached for a clipboard and jotted that note down. Her expanding breasts posed some troubles but she was able to get it done in the end.

“My dress is holding up well in the chest and butt regions, they don’t even show any signs of strain. Does this chemical also affect fabrics? We’ll need to look into that study as well. Luckily all that’ll cost us is some cheap clothes.” She joked to herself.

A while later and Jazette's body had seemed to slow its rate of growing over that time. Despite her stomach now as large as a blimp her hips and breasts seemed to slow they're expanding to the point that she assumed that they stopped growing. Though her stomach now sounded like it couldn't take much more making growling sounds that could've been mistaken for roaring and violent gurgling that intensified every passing minute. It all worried Jazette that her fate was about to be met.

“Please… please… calm down there… you can take it… I don’t want this all to end here…” She tried to talking to it as if it would calm it down. The final moments were dawning upon her as her belly reached its climax. The roaring grew and grew, Jazette clenched her eyes shut and tears streamed down as the rumbling finally stopped and…

“*Urp*” Jazette let out a tiny burp and her stomach finally calmed down.  "It's… It's all over… That nerve-racking incident can finally be put behind me on this one hell of an anti-climactic ending. I survived it, and now I can continue my research on it.” She jiggled her breasts once more before breaking out into great laughter.

The door to her lab suddenly opened up and shut.

“What did I say about barging in here!?” She yelled at the intruder,

“I’m so sorry niece! I forgot about that! I just wanted to check… in…” A woman with long black hair that went down to her heels and wore a sleeveless dress with a whitish-pink sleeveless turtleneck sweater.

“What kind of chemicals did they give you?” The woman asked,

“Aunt Tulissa! It’s so nice to see you! I’m sorry you had to catch me at a time like this. I was just testing new chemicals and this happened to occur.” Tulissa walked over and rubbed Jazette’s stomach causing her to giggle in joy.

“I’m so sorry that this happened.” She said sorrowful,

“Sorry? This is amazing! We need to document this immediately! Please, go over to my computer and help type down these observations.” She pointed to her computer before feeling her plush behind once more, there was something that made it impossible not to feel how soft it was every five minutes,

“Very well. Anything for my one of my favorite nieces.” She walked over and sat down,

"You just tell me what to write and I'll get it down," Tulissa explained,

“Thank you. Now…” Jazette cleared her throat and began her observations. No day in the labs for Jazette was a dull day, and this one was one of the most exciting for sure.

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this story is awsome

it really is awsome, although it would be helpful to explain why she decided to stick the soda hose in her mouth. wther then that it was awsome!