Maria's Special Gift

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Gary was sitting on the couch icing his hip from last week after he got ripped in half by an unsavory creature after inflating a certain someone with the HCP Potion. It would’ve killed him if it wasn’t for one thing, he already died once and he became a demon when the devil kicked him out of hell which meant he was immortal. He dragged the two halves of his body to the emergency room after Slenderman left and he had to get metal clips on his hips and was advised to ice it often. After that he was always in a very sour mood and didn’t want to explain to anyone what happened. But when Akemi came back right now she asked,
“Why are you icing your hip?”
“I don’t want to talk about it.” Gary answered,
 “It’ll make you feel better” Akemi said.

“No it won’t!” Gary blurted out and the two started arguing. Just then Shadow came through the door looking glum and sat on the couch.
“What’s the matter, Shadow?” Gary asked, ignoring Akemi,
“Oh, it’s just that I miss Maria.” Shadow answered glumly,
“Will you forget about her Shadow? You said you two were done.” Akemi said,
“I know, but I feel so lonely without her and I feel really bad about what I said back there and I want to make it up to her in some way!” Shadow said, this sparked an idea in Gary’s head and he said,
“Well it’s your lucky day! I have something for you to give to Maria in the bedroom!”
“Really!? You’re going to help make it up to Maria!? Thank you so much!” Shadow said excitedly.

“Gary, you better not be thinking about having Shadow give his ex-wife a potion that will blow her up like a blimp!” Akemi whispered under her breath to make sure Shadow didn’t hear it.
“Don’t worry! I’m not going to do that, I wasn’t even thinking of it!” Gary said lying as he really was going to do that. After his experience with Victoria, Gary thought that sometimes you can make love by comforting them about what just happened as it did work with Victoria. Gary led Shadow into the bedroom where Gary put the potion in a box and gave it to Shadow.
“Here you go! Also stay around when your wife drinks the potion and make sure you’re in someplace big, very big.” Gary said.

“Okay, why?” Shadow asked,
“Because, the results of this potion are spectacular!” Gary said,
“But what does the potion-” Shadow started asking until he was pushed out of the house, “Okay now, now he’s gone, will you tell me why there are metal braces on your hips?” Akemi asked still wondering,
“FOT THE LAST F****** TIME WOMAN, I WILL NOT TELL YOU!!” Gary blurted out and the two started arguing again.

Shadow was on his way to Maria’s while writing a letter for her. Shadow and Maria have quite a history with each other, they met in the slave mines of Aldero, Maria was killed by a man named Ying, Shadow cut off Ying’s left arm in a duel, Maria was revived, and she and Shadow had two children before marrying and two more after that. Shadow felt stupid that he let their love get destroyed by a simple fight and was willing to do anything to get back together with her. Maria was a girl with a white dress robe with white hair with a hair band with hair bows at each end; she had an E cup and a nice butt to go with it like Akemi and Gabriella. She was feeding her four children lunch when she heard a knocking at the door, when she went to go answer it she was less than pleased to see Shadow at the door.

“What are you doing here?” Maria asked coldly still upset with Shadow about the fight,
“Now before you get hostile, I’ve come here to give you a special something, but we should go into the cave falls before I give it to you.” Shadow said,
“You really think I’m going to follow you? Yeah right that’s going to happen!” Maria said still upset with Shadow about the fight,
“Will you forget about the fight!? I have a present to give to you, okay? I’m very sorry about what I said back there and I miss you very much, and plus I think you’ll like this present very much!” Shadow said, reluctant at first, Maria finally relented and said,
“Fine! I’ll accept the present and I’ll follow you.”

“Thank you so much Maria! I can’t wait to be a family again!” Shadow said and he led Maria to the cave falls and gave her the potion.
“So all I have to do is drink this potion? It looks very interesting.” Maria said,
“Yes that it is all you have to do.” Shadow said,
“All right then! Here goes nothing!” Maria said and she drank the potion,
“I don’t see any difference.” Shadow said disappointed,
“Sometimes potions have slow reaction times.” Maria said happily but when she looked down that smile was wiped clean off.
“What’s the matter Maria?” Shadow asked worried,
“SHADOW, WHERE DID YOU GET THIS POTION!?!?” Maria asked as her belly was expanding at a rapid rate and looking she was 4 months pregnant.

“I got it from Gary, why do you ask?” Shadow asked as he turned around and immediately was shocked by what he saw, Maria’s stomach now looked 8 months pregnant.
“YOU GOT IT FROM GARY!? I’M GOING TO KILL THAT LITTLE PRICK!!” Maria said as her stomach now looked 9 months pregnant and she felt her breasts and hips start to expand as well. Maria continued to grow and grow and Shadow found her crying,
“Don’t worry Maria, I’m going to stay with you and comfort you until this potion wears off or something.” Shadow said,
“Really? Thank you Shadow but when will this potion wears off?” Maria asked.

“I don’t know when Gary gave me the potion he never explained anything about, I tried asking but he kicked me out of the house before I could ask.” Shadow said,
“This is why I hate Gary sometimes, he’ll just give you things without explaining to you what they do- SHADOW DO NOT LOOK DOWN THERE, YOU GOT IT!!!” Maria said as her panties were now showing and she was now deeply embarrassed.
“Don’t worry; I’m just going to keep looking up here at that beautiful face.” Shadow said and Maria blushed from Shadow’s comment and the fact her panties were showing.

After a while of growing, Maria’s growing finally stopped and she let out a big
“BEEEEEELCH!!!” Maria was now even more embarrassed, Shadow gave Maria a kiss on her bloated cheek and she blushed again.
“Oh Shadow, I remember now why I loved you so much, you were always so kind, humble, and willing to protect anyone, do you think we can still get remarried?” Maria asked,
“Of course, but after the potion wears off, ok?” Shadow said,
“Yes, my honey.” Maria said and the two started to make out,
“Oh yeah, one more thing, do you want to kill Gary after we get settled back in?” Maria asked,
“Yes, of course we should.” Shadow answered. After a week the potion wore off and Maria was back to normal and got back together, they also did get their revenge on Gary.

Author's Note: 

I'm going to be real honest with you all. All of these recent stories are old as heck, like these were the first ever stories I managed to finish old. So this explains why the writing isn't the best.

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this was pretty good but *get ready for constructive critisim*

but it was annoying that all the characters know what they are thinking.

GaryMega77's picture
Yeah, but this is a really

Yeah, but this is a really old story of mine, I've definitely improved going forward.