Melany's Messy Wish

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“You pathetic mortals! I have been summoned! Show me your sacrifice and I will grant…” Satanis started to say until he realized that there was only one girl in here, just because Satanis was a demonic god living in the underworld didn’t mean he didn’t have to grant people’s wishes when they summoned him. But he was really hard to summon and most of the time, the wishes that people asked were ridiculous! Satanis couldn’t give someone eternal life, and even if he wanted too, he wouldn’t do something as dumb as that! The worst part was the people he got, most of the time they were stupid teenagers that tried to give him some store bought garbage.

“For f***’s sake, why do I always get the teenagers? What do you want…?” Satanis said,
“Melany, its Melany.” The girl said in a very irritated tone, she had straight, long, jet black hair, and usually wore a sleeveless turtleneck with a skirt that went down to the top of her feet,
“All right Melody-” Satanis started until he was interrupted by Melany correcting him,
“Melany!” She said,
“Whatever, what is it you want?” Satanis asked,
“I’m sick and tired of this world, I want to leave it.” Melany said.

“Is that it? Is that really all? You want to leave this world? You could just commit suicide and be in the underworld or the afterworld in no time! This is the dumbest wish I have ever heard!” Satanis started to rant on,
“Well, my parents always find ways to ‘save me from my unfortunate demise’ and continue my ‘happy life’.” Melany explained,
“Well then, I’ll show you, I’ll give you a demise that you’ll wish you never summoned me in the first place. Well then, do you have the sacrifice for me?” Satanis said and Melany showed him a fresh severed goat’s head,
‘Well, at least it’s fresh and not the store bought s*** idiots usually try to pass off to me…’ Satanis thought to himself,
“Fine I will grant you your wish! Now, off we go!” And the two disappeared.

The two teleported to a large dining room in the afterworld and Melany was wearing a black bodysuit with a black widow symbol on her chest under the clothes she was wearing, “What are we doing here?” Melany asked,
“This wasn’t my wish at all!” She started to yell until she was silenced by Satanis,
“You said you wanted to leave the world, and you will! But I want to have some fun with this, so you’re going out with a bang!” Satanis said,
“What is that supposed to mean!?” Melany said in an irritated and angry tone,
“You’ll see! Bring out the feast!” Satanis demanded and a banquet of food appeared before them.

“What’s going on!? What are you-! Eep!” Melany cried as she was kicked into a chair by Satanis and felt her hands get chained down.
“I hope you’re hungry! Because you’re going to have a feast of all feasts! Open wide!” Satanis said as he stepped on Melany’s foot and caused her to open her mouth, only for Satanis shove a piece of super fattening fudge into her mouth. Satanis started to take any piece of food and feed it to Melany who was screaming and crying but was muffled by all the food in her mouth. She kept swallowing the food down make room for more and all of it went into her stomach.

The growing was visible and the two watched Melany’s stomach bulge out with all the food that was going into it.
“How does that feel Melody?” Satanis asked,
“It’s- mmff! Melany! Mmmffff! Please- mmmff! Stop!” Melany said trying to talk between bites,
“I don’t care! Just continue eating! We’ve got plenty of food for you until you pop-! I mean feel full!” Satanis said and Melany froze with fear,
He’s going to pop me! Like some overfilled water balloon! This isn’t what I wanted at all!’ Melany thought to herself in fear as Satanis kept shoveling more and more food into her. Melany groaned in pain and discomfort by the sizes of her stomach were being pushed to, Satanis took a bit of a break to wipe off the saliva,
“Ugh… please… stop… my… *URRP!* my belly… feels so… so tight…” Melany pleaded Satanis to stop, but Satanis ignored as he came back and shoved another piece of cake into her mouth and down her mouth.

After a while of feeding, Satanis stopped,
“This is going nowhere! I need to find another way to blow her up…” He said as looked at the severely stuffed Melany rubbing her 5 foot stomach in a feeble attempt to soothe the pain.
“I could just pop her here and now… no, I want to see her limits, I want to see how much she can take until she bursts like the greedy little tick she is… wait, I know, it’s obvious!” Satanis whispered and ran off. When he came back he was lugging two hoses the size of fire hoses, one of them had a strap attached to them,
“Open wide! Because here comes the train!” Satanis said and he shoved the hose with the strap into Melany’s mouth and secured the strap, it looked like she was wearing a gas mask with a large hose. The next hose Satanis shoved right where the sun don’t shine, in which Melany let out a muffled squeal,
“There! I hope you enjoy milk and pudding! Because you’re going to get plenty of both!” Satanis said and he pulled down on a lever and both hoses thickened quite a bit to hold their loads and the substances began to enter Melany.

Melany’s body reacted quite interestingly to the gallons upon gallons of milk and pudding entering her. Her bottom and breasts started to grow out to accompany her growing stomach. Soon Melany felt other new things growing, her limbs were looking a bit flabbier, Satanis then realized that Melany’s whole body was growing,
This girl can hold much more than I originally thought! I’ll have to flee and observe from a safe distance if she gets too big…’ Satanis thought, Melany was crying, her cries being muffled by the pudding entering her,
Why did I do this!? I just wanted to go quickly and silently! Not like this! What will happen to me once I explode!? I am in the afterworld after all! I’m afraid…’ Melany thought to herself.

Soon a sound was heard *RIIIIIIP!* *SNAP!* Melany’s shirt and skirt went flying off of her growing body causing her to flinch at the feeling of her body jiggling.
“Whelp! There goes those! Don’t worry about the bodysuit though, that is tested to stay on you until you go, POP!” Satanis said and he started to laugh, he was enjoying this a bit too much. The bodysuit on Melany stretched comfortably as the black widow symbol on her chest was getting stretched across by her growing breasts. Melany’s body was an easy 20 feet all around as the milk and pudding kept coming,
“Hmm… I think we need to speed this up a bit…” Satanis said and he took out a remote and pressed on it four times. The flow of the dairy products became a torrent as it rushed it into Melany, painfully forcing itself into Melany’s crotch and mouth, Melany gave up on screaming and accepted her fate.

After a couple of hours, Melany’s body was now 50 feet around with two 30 foot spheres that were her breasts, there were also 20 foot cones of body parts that Satanis could only guess were the limbs.
“Geez… how much can one girl take!?” Satanis was now getting impatient watching from behind a shield, Melany on the other hand seemed too actually to enjoy it,
You get used to it… and when you do… it’s the best feeling ever…’ Melany thought to herself, she wanted to get bigger, larger, she wanted to burst.
This is what I asked for… to leave this world…’ Melany continued to think, soon there was tingling sensation in her belly, and then all around her body; her body was 60 feet all around with her breasts now 40 feet each, and her supposed limbs 30 feet, both Satanis and Melany heard creaking and one thought came into their heads simultaneously,
Here it comes…

Melany’s body started to creak and groan louder and louder, the pain was starting to become greater in her body,
Ohhhhhh… this is it! I’m going to blow!’ Melany thought to herself, as the pain only became stronger, Melany started to moan in intense pain from behind her swelled cheeks. Satanis braced for impact, soon there was silence with the noise coming only from the orchestra of overtaxed skin. Then the creaking stopped, then…

BOOM! Satanis’s demonic shield barely protected him from the blast as Melany exploded, sending scraps of her everywhere, her scraps of skin though felt strange, like they were made from a cocoon.
“Perfect…” Satanis muttered to himself as he approached the middle of the whole mess. There lied Melany in her new body, a spider girl with the bottom half of a spider, and claws where her hands should be. Her skin was now a darkish purple. Her teeth now had more prominent upper K9s, and her eyes were now back with red pupils.
“Welcome to your new life Melody!” Satanis said picking the spider girl up,
“Melody…?” She said as if she forgot her name in the blast,
“Yeah, that’s your name, isn’t it?” Satanis said,
“I guess it is now… what can I do first in this new body?” Melody asked,
“Well… why don’t I show you? Come with me.” Satanis said and he took Melody to show her new home.

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Inflator Inator

I am amazed at how you wrote. Descriptive and with an interesting plot. I'd be sure to read another written in a similar manner. Keep up the good work!

GaryMega77's picture
Thank you for the kind words.

Thank you for the kind words.