Jamie's Balloons

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Jamie kicked off her shoes as she wandered idly into her bedroom. After an exhausting day at work, and with her friend's birthday party that evening, she'd decided about half way through the day that her brief window of time between the two events would be spent taking a well-deserved nap. Her loose-fitting white T-shirt and slim jeans weren't what she'd usually wear to bed, but she was tired past the point of caring. It had been a busy day at the party store where she worked, but she was the only member of staff working at the register. It would have been blissful if it weren't for all the customers. Jamie unhooked her bra, a white C-cup, pulled it out through her sleeve, and threw it to her bedframe, the familiar sweet release at the end of a day's work.

The slender redhead flopped onto her bed, landing comfortably on her back, her arms and legs partially outstretched. Her mind briefly raced with thoughts of what she'd be doing at her friend's party, but the internal excitement soon faded as she fell into a deep sleep.


Jamie found herself standing in what seemed to be a field, or, at the very least, a long stretch of grass. Around her she could observe various balloons, all equally sized and ranging greatly in colour. She felt strangely contented and safe - nothing here felt unusual to her. She observed how the balloons would float and bounce aimlessly - occasionally, two would come together and the light impact would send them floating away again. Truly a thing of beauty, Jamie thought to herself.

Soon enough, she felt an odd feeling of weightlessness in her chest. She couldn't feel much, but she could observe, and she could definitely observe her chest expanding outwards. She could see perfect spheres filling out her T-shirt, and she could hear the accompanying slight frictional squeaking. Even a slight smell of latex permeated the air around her. Still, she felt contented with the situation. Glancing up at the clear blue sky, and back down to see that her shirt had completely disappeared, Jamie's lips slowly curled to form an immensely satisfied expression. She was familiar with the situation and happy to be here again. 

The spheres protruding from her chest continued to increase rapidly in their size and circumference; Jamie ran her fingernails, painted a bold shade of red, gently along their smooth surfaces, admiring the way the light would gleam slightly from the spheres. With her small and slender frame, it didn't take long for the weightless expansions to obscure her stomach. Jamie flicked her hair to the side, reminiscent of a glamour model showing off on the catwalk - her breasts, reacting to the sudden movement, bounced together. The left one bounced buoyantly off the right one with a light squeak; as they expanded, the two came back together to form a spacious cleavage on her chest. Jamie continued to tap lightly on the surfaces of her helium-filled breasts, creating more light squeaking sounds. In this quiet and barren atmosphere, she could hear every squeak clearly, and she loved it. She swayed her hips and revelled in the sensation of her steadily inflating breasts mimicking her movements with a delay. Getting bigger, bigger, biggeeeeeeeeeer, aaaand...


"No!" Jamie exclaimed, pausing briefly and giggling to herself as she realised she'd just said "no" out loud. The fantasy usually goes on for longer than that, she thought to herself. The balloon dream was a familiar one for her, and with good reason. Jamie would often zone out at work to imagine her breasts slowly inflating right there and right now. Coworkers would ask what she's thinking about, and she'd come up with some random thought of the day. Her fantasy typically ended with a loud pop and a return to reality. Slightly disappointed, she leapt up energetically from her bed, feeling invigorated from the nap.

Jamie heard a loud squeak as she stood up - no sooner had she registered the sight of herself in the mirror. Just like in her dream, her shirt was gone and her chest really did seem to be filled with helium. Jamie giggled to herself.

"I know this is still a dream!" she announced loudly as she ran her fingers along her chest. But the tingling sensation that permeated through her breasts as they was all too real. They really were filled to capacity with helium. Jamie couldn't take her eyes off herself in the mirror. Almost perfect spheres attached to her chest - her nipples were definitely bigger too, with huge pale-pink areolae. Staring blankly, her mind reeled with questions - how? Why? Who, even?

At that moment, the red light from her alarm clock caught Jamie's attention and she looked over. "Shit!" she exclaimed. 5:59PM. "Lily's birthday party is at half past six!"

Jamie soon entered a state of panic. An hour and a half to her best friend's birthday party, and she was stood topless with a chest full of helium. What would Lily think? Three hours ago, Jamie had a pair of B-cups tucked away in a baggy T-shirt. Her first instinct was to pop them; maybe this is all a dream and the pop would bring her back to reality like usual. However, she found herself caressing them, admiring their perfect form. The swirling movements of her fingers sent tingles through her breasts, right to the ends of her nipples. Really, she knew full well that she didn't want rid of them. This was what she'd always fantasised about, after all. She'd thought about it enough that it felt natural to her. Maybe she could just have a little fun with it.

Jamie strutted over to her wardrobe, her breasts bouncing off each other with her movements. What could she wear? Picking an outfit with her new "enhancements" wasn't going to be easy. Summer dresses? Wouldn't work. Blouses? Wouldn't work. Tank tops? Why even try. Jamie pulled out a stretchy dark purple T-shirt and pulled it on slowly over her body - with her new and improved boobs, the stretchiness only brought it to just above her navel. The thin fibers stretched around her chest created a slight translucency that exposed tantalising traces of her nipples. But still, it covered her and that was good enough. Brushing her wavy hair off her shoulders, she grabbed her keys and left for the party.


"You like 'em?" said Jamie confidently. As planned, she was the first to arrive at Lily's party - after all, what kind of best friend wouldn't arrive first? Swaying back and forth, Jamie proudly demonstrated the airy physics of her chest balloons.

Lily watched in a stunned silence. "I..." 

"-absolutely love it, right?" Jamie announced, cutting off her friend before she could even attempt to say something.

"Actually, I do..."

Jamie was slightly taken aback. She'd expected Lily to react in any number of ways; confusion, embarrassment, laughter, maybe even playful teasing, but not like that.

Lily's slight blush deepened. "I've always liked the idea of something like this..." she said, extending a slightly quivering arm out to run her fingers across one of Jamie's breasts. The slight squeak permeated the quiet, pre-party atmosphere. Lily uttered a soft "wow" as she tugged the zipper of Jamie's hoodie down, freeing the barely-concealed extremities. Jamie could see that Lily was truly enamoured - her eyes were widened, she was breathing deeply and she had licked her lips as soon as she heard the first soft squeak of fingertips across latex. Lily handled them expertly, pressing down firmly but carefully at the same time, admiring their weightlessness and buoyancy.

"Wait right here" said Lily, as she walked up the stairs, seemingly determined. Jamie stood still, her floaty breasts glistening slightly in the heavy room lighting. Lily returned, clutching something and looking extremely excited about it.

"An air pump?" said Jamie, feigning confusion - really, she knew what was coming.

"Yeah..." Lily's anticipating expression turned to one of expectant mischief. "..this is only the start."

Author's Note: 

This was written as an art trade and was posted with permission from the author. This is part one of a three-part story arc. 

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Where did part 2 go?

Where did part 2 go?

LutherVKane's picture
It's at the author's DA account

Here: Jamie's Balloons Part 2

Part 3?

What about the alluded to 3rd part of the series?