Creepy Inflation

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I can feel the cool, wet, morning air as I walk down the rain soaked street and soft rain drops collide with my umbrella. A few cars pass me as I stroll on the wet, street and puddles of rain. A couple of the cars splash me or honk and I try not the get angry at them. The splashing makes the umbrella almost completely useless to me, but I take a deep breath persevere. Lightning flashes in the sky above and thunder soon greets my ears. I smile and enjoy the weather as I remind myself it’s better than being stuck inside my dreary apartment. The rain has been constant that last few weeks and my apartment has become my prison or that’s how it feels.

I cross into the park and listen to the rain drops as they fall on the leaves of the trees. Lightning flashes and thunder crackles as I slowly stroll down the pathway to the pond. I see ducks huddled under the wood decking at the edge of one side of the pond and even more curious is I see a few ducks huddled under the curve of the water from the fountain in the center of the pond. I wonder, did this protect them from the rain? Perhaps they are just daffy. They are ducks after all. Part of me wishes I had brought some bread to feed them with, but at the same time they don’t look terribly interested in dealing with me. The rain pours harder as I stand and stare out at the pond. Somethings calming about the rain and this place. I feel myself relax and my mind begin to clear.

Suddenly my heart stops as my eyes catch sight of a woman’s hand just below the surface of the water and some distance out. I take a step forward and struggle to see what it is I’m really looking at. Is it my mind playing tricks on me? Is it a trick of light from the storm? My heart doesn’t beat and I just now realize I’m holding my breath. My eyes confirm it’s a woman’s hand and my heart races as I let the breath I have been holding out. Without thinking I drop my umbrella to the side and leap into the cold water. I don’t feel any wetter as the rain pounds down from the dark sky as I swim through the pond’s cold waters. Is she still alive? I didn’t know, but I hope that she is. I reach her, grip hold of her hand, and I struggle to pull her head out of water, but something is holding her. The ducks start quacking loudly as I struggle to bring the woman up and I curse them for mocking me. I sigh and dive under water to search what has a hold of her. The water is dark and impossible to see, but I can feel with my hands. I frown as my hand comes into something slimy wrapped around her waist and it reminds me of what an octopus tentacle might feel like.

Suddenly the tentacle tenses and pulls us down into the depths of the pond. My mind screams at me to release the woman and swim to the surface, but I don’t and I’m pulled down with her. Is she dead? Fear screams in my mind as something primal panics about what could be the owner of the tentacle. My heart races and my muscles ache as they scream for oxygen. I fight against the tentacle to free the woman and I can feel my strength leaving me. My efforts become less and less as the world grows distant and I struggle to keep my breath. I curse my stupidity and silently grateful the jerks above can’t see me die…..damn ducks. Probably quacking their asses off right now and unable to resist, my mouth begins to open to release my breath.

Suddenly, the woman jerks alive and presses her lips into mine. Her lips are warm and full of life as something warm and slimy flows into my throat. I can’t see in these dark murky waters and I’m unable to fight against this woman because I have become so week. I’m going to drown with a woman kissing me and I know even if I could escape I would be out of breath before I reach the surface. My heart races as my belly pushes out with whatever is filling my belly and the woman is jerked away from me into the depths. Reflexively I take a deep breath and my mouth doesn’t open to do so. I feel my limps and torso bloat with air and I slowly start ascending to the surface. How is this possible? I didn’t know, but there’s no time to lose. I start taking deeper and deeper breaths and I feel my body inflation like a balloon against the water pressure. My torso rounds as I ascend faster toward the surface and I don’t worry about what is happening to my body, but I worry about reaching the surface.

A loud splash sounds as my inflated body breaks the surface of the pond and I bob up and down on my back as the rain continues to pour. Several squeaks sound as I struggle to bend my bloated arms and reach my torso, but find I can’t. Helplessly I float in the rain spread out like a starfish and I feel like an unwanted pool toy. I can’t believe what has become of me as I float and feel the rain hitting my bloated body. The sound of the rain on my body sounds hollow as I float and feel my skin is stretched tight. I feel strangely empty and yet strangely full at the same time. My mind swirls with questions and the only thing I know for sure is I would have drown if that woman hadn’t done something, but what did she do to me.

Anger rises in me as a defiant duck lands with a squeak on my bloated belly and quacks. Another soon joins the first and they both stand staring into my eyes. I frown as I yell and try to scare them off, but they remain unmoving. Now I am so interesting they are willing to sit on me. An idea occurs to me and without thinking I start taking deep breaths. My body squeaks and creaks as I begin inflating outward again and the ducks remain in their spot. I smile as my face reddens from effort and my torso curves outward and begins swallowing my arms and legs. I try not think of how I will live or what the consequences of my actions are, but I focus on becoming so round the ducks will no longer be able to sit upon me. It’s a mad plan and it didn’t quite make sense in my head, but it is my plan and those damn bread eaters will pay.

My body creaks and groans as the pressure swirls around inside both stretching my skin thinner and making me bigger. Loud squeaks sound as my sphere body inflates around my hands and feet and I feel the curve press against my chin. I can feel myself super tight and super big, but I don’t stop. I can feel the ducks still on me as parts of my sphere body turns transparent and my skin develops a shiny redness. My swelling slows and my face hurts as the efforts to breath deeper and deeper become harder and harder. My body screeches loudly as a shove more air into a balloon that is past having no room and I stretch a little bigger. I groan as I shove a final breath in and a horrible, deafening, straining of rubber sounds as I stretch a tiny bit bigger and the ducks fly off. I scream with victory as they fly away and I relax my face, but feel horribly tense and tight in my body. I feel fit to burst and take a breath to try and relief my tightness, and a rubber groaning sounds from the effort, but when I release the breath I feel no less tight. The rain thumps against my inflated, bloated, form and I gently float in the pond. I know I’m super full and tight, but I don’t fear I will pop like a balloon. Someone will surely find me after the storm passes.

Suddenly, a tentacle shoots out of the murky waters of the pond and wraps around my sphere body. A wet, rubber, groaning sounds as the tentacle squeezes my inflated, sphere body and the pressure is displaced. My head squeaks horribly loud as it inflates from displaced pressure and the tentacle squeezes harder without yielding. I feel more of the pressure displaced in my sphere body and like a gale rushes into my distorting head. I wince as I feel my lower hemisphere below the tentacle shriek in loud protest as more pressure is displaced into it and I know I’m at my limit. Just like a party balloon a loud, shriek, of rubber startles the ducks and a loud, thunderous, kaboom sounds as I burst into pieces. The victorious tentacle slips back into the depths as pieces of me flutter to the ground and it continues to rain as the ducks quack loudly…..jerks.

Author's Note: 

Tried a kind of horror styled one and different perspective. Hopefully it is enjoyed.

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Unusual and nice

I'd add - not only unusual perspective. Also, the style you used for this piece is rather unusual for your stories.

Tentaclie beast... Have you been watching/rereading the scene at the gates of Moria in the Fellowship of the Ring recently?

All in all, gave me an impression of a cosy evening by the fireplace with a dog, a glass of wine and a good ol' scary fairy-tale/heroic fantasy book. ^_^ That sort of thing.

"jerks" - says it all. Just like "Fish?..." of Alec Deluxe or "Meh... Okay" of LimitBurster

It an expierment

I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) Yeah I usually don't do this kind of perspective which you have noted, but for this story I felt it was called for. I thought it up walking past the pond in the park and the story was partly inspired by the movie In the mouth of Madness.

Actually I was picturing a beast similar to that in Fellow ship of the ring, but black and more menacing.

Thanks for your comment :)

Also good to hear from you