Cool Under Pressure

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Cool Under Pressure

Kate shivered slightly with excitement as she pulled the canister from its hiding place under her bed. She'd been waiting for a moment like this to use it, and now that it was here, she felt butterflies in her stomach. It was for good reason, though; Paul would soon be over. And when he was, she wanted him to see her at her very best.

She had always been a slender girl, and her transition from girl to woman to functional member of society had not laid any excess flesh on her spare frame. Kate was too proud to submit herself to plastic surgery, and besides, large breasts would look out of place on her skinny torso. Her friends moaned about every calorie they consumed and envied Kate's waifish figure, but she too envied them for their feminine curves.

The canister promised to be something to end all that. She'd bought it at a live demonstration, where it was touted as a way to transform unassuming women into, well... bigger women. Bustier, hippier, just all-around more, Kate had seen the woman on stage subtly plump up and then had been one of the first in line to buy the product.

The canister itself wasn't very large, about the size of a football, with a mask to go over her mouth. According to the instructions, just a few breaths would be enough to effect the change she wanted, which would last several hours before the gas naturally leached out of her body. But for those few hours, she would have a shape she'd only dreamed of in the past.

The pamphlet included with the gas had been written by someone who knew of its intended purpose, and made no mistakes about its contents. There were several paragraphs about safety precautions (a complex chart detailing the maximum safe consumption in a 24-hour period, based on height and weight) and recommended use in indoor and outdoor areas. Kate glossed over the words, her mind fixated on the way the demonstration model had filled out her clothing, imagining her own body filling the same way. According to the directions, she was better off putting on her clothing now in an uninflated state and letting herself grow into them than she would be trying to put clothes on over her new curves.

This would be Kate's fourth date with Paul, and the plan was that they would go to a fancy restaurant. She had a dress all lined up for this: a slim number in green, with thin straps over the shoulders. Ordinarily, such a dress would just hang on her, as indeed it did when she pulled it over her head. It wouldn't stay that way for long.

She went back to the directions and placed the mask portion over her mouth and sucked at the air within until it stuck over her lips and cheeks, then turned the small valve on the bottle. She kept her mouth shut and breathed through her nose as she held the mask to her face, allowing the mask to pressurize.

Kate silently counted to ten while the mask filled, trembling with anticipation. On “ten,” she turned the valve off, letting none of the gas escape. With a slight smile, she took a deep breath through her mouth, feeling the thick gas surge down her throat, into her lungs... and beyond.

A feeling of warmth passed through her, and she felt an immediate change. Her breasts grew from mere bumps on her chest to full, ripe orbs, rounding up and out. Her hips crept outwards to the sides as her thighs and rear swelled. Kate breathed in again, taking in all the gas from the mask. She felt her entire body shifting and making room as again her curves expanded. The dress slid about her as her body grew, showing off her newly ample cleavage and hugging her rounded rear.

“Oh, my God!” she whispered, dropping the bottle on her bed. She held her new bosom in her hands and squeezed her firm breasts with delight. She felt a warm thrill gathering within her, and she rubbed a hand down her side, reveling in how her arm moved out, then in, then out again along her curvaceous form. To Hell with the recommendations about the clothes; she had to see herself in the mirror before Paul did.

Kate picked up the canister and took it with her into her bathroom, then pulled the dress off over her head and hung it on the towel rack. She didn't recognize herself: her face was now atop a buxom woman's body, with large breasts and curvy hips; but it was undeniably her, with all her freckles and the tiny scars of life. She looked down, past her breasts, and saw a small belly pooching out from her midsection. It was almost inconsequential compared to the rest of her, but it was definitely new... and something she wasn't prepared for.

“That model must have been wearing a corset or something under her clothes,” she muttered. “She sure didn't get chubbier during the demonstration.”

The warm flush that had filled her from the moment she breathed in the gas was still there. In fact, now that the rush of actually inflating was over, she felt it growing stronger. It was hardly uncomfortable, but it was definitely noticeable, and she didn't want any further distractions while she was with Paul tonight.

“Maybe a shower would help me calm down,” she thought. In a moment she was in warm, steamy water. The steam was soothing, and she leaned against the wall, letting the water run down her. Kate closed her eyes, reveling in the feeling of the warm water running down her skin. She cupped a breast in one hand, using the other to gently caress her new fullness. Her thumb trailed around her suddenly-erect nipple, and she felt another flush of heat building within her, accompanied by--did something move?

Kate thought for a moment that her hand had twitched, but she opened her eyes and saw that, no, her nipple had slid under her hand as her beasts began to plump again. Instead of becoming fuller and pendulous, they were filling up like balloons, becoming rounder and more spherical. That heat was building, too, and she felt slightly light-headed. She could feel her hip pressing against the wall more insistently as more and more skin came into contact with it; her thighs and waistline were swelling once more as well. She gasped at the thought that she was still growing, inhaling in a lungful of wet, steamy air, and felt the gas within her surge just a bit.

This heat, she thought. I can't pass out in the shower. I might fall and hurt myself. She grabbed for the shower's temperature control and yanked it over to the right, then reached up and grasped the shower head pipe for support as the water quickly turned from hot to tepid to downright freezing. The shock of the sudden cold brought her to her senses, and even as she stood in the spray she could feel her body's new growth slowing, stopping, and actually reversing a little. Her breasts shrank back slightly, and her belly—bigger now than it had been before stepping into the shower—receded.

She realized that this reversal had to be something to do with the cold water, so she tipped her head back and drank deeply from the shower, feeling the coolness plunging down her throat and into her stomach. Sure enough, her body slimmed down as she drank. She stopped after a few moments, feeling the water slosh in her now-only-slightly pudgy belly, then turned off the shower. She stood there for a minute, trying hard to pay attention to any more signs of a change in her size, but for the moment she seemed to be safe.

What the hell had that been? Why hadn't there been a warning? She quickly toweled off and looked at herself in the mirror. She was bigger than she'd been when she got into the shower, and while large breasts were always in demand, the way the rest of her had bulked up was somewhat unwelcome. She knew Paul would notice, and then what could she possibly say to explain? Actually, forget Paul; she thought she might be too big to wear anything in her closet that would work on a date night. The green dress was right out.

She returned to her bedroom and found the instructional pamphlet that had come with the gas. She hadn't over-indulged, so that wasn't the problem... What could have caused her to start blowing up in the shower? Near the bottom, in the standard safety fine print that most household products have, she discovered something interesting. “Store in a cool or room-temperature place at all times,” it read, with a special emphasis on the last three words.

Certainly the inside of the human body was warmer than room temperature. Does that mean they'd known about this? Had the demonstration been a trick somehow, with the model taking a smaller dose than was suggested in the instructions? Kate felt cheated, lied to. She felt a rush of anger, which only grew stronger when she noticed that the heat of her frustration was causing the gas' expansion to kick in yet again.

She stormed back into the shower and stood under the cool water, simmering. Truth be told, blowing up like this had felt good, but she just couldn't allow it tonight. Was the blame on the liars who hadn't disclosed the full effects of the gas, or on her for not trying the gas out before her big night? Maybe it was a little of both, and she felt a twinge of shame for being less than completely careful.

There was no way out, then. She'd have to cancel her date until she could figure out how long this growth lasted, and how to mitigate the side effects of heat on the gas inside her. She turned off the shower and dried off, this time paying attention to how her thighs and belly slowly crept outwards even in the ambient warmth of the bathroom while she did so.

She called up Paul and put on a nasal voice, claiming that she must have picked up a bug at work and was feeling under the weather. She'd surely be feeling better in a day or two, three tops, and was so sorry that she had to cancel their date. Paul sounded disappointed, and they promised that they'd meet up again when she was over it.

That done, Kate lay back on her bed and stretched, letting her whole body air out. She'd continued inflating slowly but surely while she'd been on the phone. Her new-found belly in particular refused to stay down, steadily increasing her waistline along with her formerly slender hips. When she was younger, she'd secretly wondered what it would be like to be fat. But that was just daydreaming, and she'd decided that she rather liked the way she looked and felt as a thin person better than the possible risks of an unhealthy lifestyle...but maybe now, and with her whole night suddenly free...? She looked over at the canister, unconsciously cradling her midsection with her arms.

Oh, what the hell. She reached for the mask and repeated the process, breathing in a single maskful of the gas. As before, the change was immediate and gradual, but this time she was lying down nude instead of wearing her dress. Her breasts quivered and rose dome-like from her chest before tipping to her sides. When they did, Kate had a perfect view of her belly steadily heaving upwards, her sides pushing out to accompany the sudden expansion within her. She felt more than saw her hips rush to her left and right, and her thighs pushed together until her legs began spreading of their own accord. She arched her back, grabbing at her buttocks as she felt them swelling underneath her hands into a roundness that met her hips and then some. She stretched downward, feeling her own ass becoming rounder and softer in her grasp, then they were just too big, the lower reaches of her cheeks out of arms' reach but still filling.

Kate sighed as her rear end escaped her hands. Feeling her own body growing like this was more than just a new sensation, it was downright stimulating. With a devilish smile, she gave up on trying to reach her butt and brought a hand around to her front, only to be thwarted by her own belly, which had spread her waistline up and out so far that she was unable to reach around to pleasure herself.

Damn! Kate thought, I got too big to even masturbate properly! The very idea was ludicrous, but it had just happened. The thought of getting so huge, so quickly, hadn't even occurred to her; she hadn't actually thought that this would be such a turn-on until it was happening, and by then it was too late to do anything about. Next time, she would have to be better prepared. And there would be a next time, she decided.

Her growth seemed to have subsided, so Kate allowed herself to relax and explore her new contours with her hands, at least what she could reach of them. She tried to raise her legs to see what they looked like now, but could only lift them what felt like a few inches before colliding with the underside of her roundness. Was she really that big now, or were her legs so much larger around that she couldn't move them that far? She couldn't even see them, but she wiggled her toes and rubbed one foot along her other leg's calf, feeling her thighs rub together almost all the way down to her knee as she did so. She stretched out with her hand, creeping up the mountain of her belly. She could feel her belly button with her finger, up at the hidden summit, almost completely an arms' length away. She noted with a smile that her arms hadn't been spared the inflation that had overtaken her legs, though nothing that seemed to impede her mobility. Aside from the rest of her body getting in the way, that is.

Kate contentedly cradled a breast in one elbow as she continued to rub the upper reaches of her belly with the other hand. She wondered why she'd never heard of this before, even with all the horrible click-bait websites she tended to visit. It was so weird, and yet so amazing, that surely somebody would have talked about it. She was lost in thoughts like these when her phone rang. She briefly considered letting it go to voicemail, but in the end she fumbled for it on the nightstand. It was Paul... Shit.

“Hello?” she asked on answering it. “I told you, I'll be fine. I just need a day or two in bed and I'll be feeling better.” That, at least, was true, even though she was actually feeling just fine right now.

“I felt bad that we had to cancel our reservation at the restaurant,” Paul said. “And with you feeling under the weather, I figured that you could at least use a good meal. So I'm going to pick up some soup for you and we'll have a night in and watch a movie. What do you say?”

"I...” Kate stumbled for a moment. “I don't want you to see me like this,” she said with complete truthfulness. “But thank you." 

“Well, tell you what,” he said. “I'll just grab the soup and bring it over, and if you still don't feel like having company, I'll head home so you can get your beauty rest.”

Damn, damn, damn. She really liked Paul, she really did, but how could she make sure he didn't come over without pushing him away? “I think I'll try to fall asleep now, actually,” she said with a grimace. That was an awful excuse, and she knew it.

“I'm not taking no for an answer,” Paul replied. “I'll be at your place in half an hour. See you there!”

He hung up before she could even get in another word.

This was bad. They'd have to have a talk about boundaries and no meaning no, but he probably thought he was being sweet by bringing a meal to his sick lady friend. One currently in that tempestuous point in a potential relationship where they had to consider making things long-term, no less. That didn't stop the fact that he was going to be over in less than thirty minutes and she was so huge and oh God what could she do!?

A moment of panic took her, and she felt her body shift and expand just a bit with the heat of her embarrassment. Heat again... That was it! She'd have to get as cold as possible before he showed up, and maybe that would shrink her down to a size that she could at least conceal for the moment she opened the door and took Paul's soup delivery before sending him on his way. It was a crazy plan, but as they said in poorly written short stories, it just might work.

Kate had to push to roll herself out of bed, feeling the gas within her belly briefly force its way to other parts of her body as she put her weight on it. Knowing that she could at least compress herself was something of a relief, because as she eyed the doorway to the hall she seriously thought that she might be too big to get through easily. Now that she was standing, she felt her belly actually grow slightly smaller as her ass took in some of the gas that had been pressed out of it while she was lying in bed.

She experimentally tried to shove her way through the door, but her hips were too wide to clear the jamb, and she couldn't risk getting stuck. To think that an hour ago, she'd been such a thin girl, and now she was having trouble making it out of her own room! It was crazy.

Now that her belly had shrunk after standing up, she was able to reach around it with both hands and lace her fingers together along the thickest part of her midsection. With a grunt, she pulled with both arms while leaning forward against the wall, forcing herself to squeeze the gas out of her immense front. She felt the change immediately. Her breasts swelled rapidly, blocking her arms from sight, and her thighs squeezed against one another even as they grew out to her sides. Panting with exertion, Kate managed to shuffle sideways through the door without scraping her knuckles. Even as she did so, she could feel her belly protesting as the exercise warmed her and the gas began to expand within her. With grim determination she continued to crab-walk down the short hall and into the bathroom, having something of a tougher time with that doorway as her rear decided to push into uncharted territories. Once fully in the bathroom, she released her grip and gasped as the pressure stabilized within her body. Her belly surged forward, knocking her arms away, and her breasts and hips shrank back.

This was the first time since leaving the bathroom that Kate was able to see herself in the mirror, before taking that second hit from the inflating gas, and she was stunned. She had assumed that her body was filling up her breasts, hips, thighs, and ass while it was making her stomach expand outwards like a pregnancy, but this went further than that. Instead of giving her a massive paunch, her lower body had expanded to accept the girth of her belly, rounding out her entire torso from her bustline to her groin. Her hips and ass still flared out to the sides and rear from that globe, her thighs thick cones that tapered down at her kneeline with slightly bulging calves beneath them. Her belly button was no longer along her—well, her “equator” might be an accurate term—and it pointed up slightly with the majority of the gas pushing her body out of shape below.

Kate didn't know how long she was lost in staring at her own reflection, and it was with a start that she realized that she had begun blowing up yet again after her exercise in pushing her way through the doors. Her breasts were nearly spherical and managed to give her cleavage without even being restrained in a bra, and she could actually see her thighs expanding, what little space remaining between them disappearing.

Seeing herself in the mirror made Kate realize that there was no way she could hide her inflation. She turned back to look down the hall into her bedroom, where her phone remained on the nightstand, but she knew that she'd never be able to shove through the doors a second time. She did, however, see the thermostat controls. Thank God for central air. She was able to easily reach the air conditioning settings and press the Down arrow until the digital control beeped angrily. She wondered what the lower limit on it was, and then wondered how bad her next electric bill would be.

There was no time for that, though. She was able to step into the shower without incident, though the curtain lay across her side once she shut it. For the third time tonight, she stood under the freezing rain from the shower head, feeling herself shrinking even as she shivered. How small could she make herself? She'd only had two servings of the gas, so the gas itself couldn't be taking up that much room in her. Whatever it was doing to her, though, was causing her to blow up more than sheer air pressure. But if she could control it somehow through the temperature, that was a good sign.

After ten minutes under the frigid water, she satisfied herself that she wasn't going to get any smaller and turned the shower off. The air in the room was downright cold, though the AC was still working hard to bring the temperature down, and she steeled herself against the chill when she got out. Shivering was the body's natural reaction to chill as it worked to produce heat, and she tried her hardest to keep herself from doing so. She saw in the mirror that she had slimmed down quite a bit, though that was of course relative to her previous size. Now she merely seemed like a fat woman you might see every day walking down the street, though her “fat” was strangely light, making her round instead of obeying gravity and hanging down. Perhaps she more resembled a plus-size model who was also pregnant. She looked more or less like a normal person could look, yes, but she didn't look like herself and she knew it. She'd still have to find a way to cover up.

Moving slowly to stay cool, she walked to the bedroom (passing the doorways with ease, she noted with some amusement) and to her closet. She needed to wear something that was large enough to cover her body without being thick enough to warm her up too much. Unfortunately, the majority of her baggy clothing was also hot. Sweatshirts were right out, as was the fluffy robe she always wore when she actually had a cold. With some patient digging, she discovered a huge t-shirt that she must have bought for some early-90s-themed party. She put it on and decided that it would work to conceal her gut if she was careful not to stand sideways, though the neckline might be a little too revealing for comfort considering her new breast size. If she didn't wear a bra, though, they might stay down and out of sight. As if she even owned a bra that would fit now, anyway.

Now for the rest of her... Kate found an old pair of underwear, not caring that the elastic popped as she slipped the waistband over her hips. She'd still have to cover her thighs and sizable rear. Actually, maybe she didn't! Near the back of the closet, she found a thin robe. It wouldn't be silk, but it was lightweight and would hang down to near the floor when she wore it. She put it on and cinched the belt around her, not liking the way it accentuated her bulging belly. She was either still too big, or she wasn't cold enough.

With that thought in mind, she went into the kitchen and took out several ice packs from the freezer. Thanks to her pack-rat nature and a former boyfriend who had believed that delivered flowers made up for his lack of empathy, she had a rather impressive stockpile of frozen packs. She looked at the clock; Paul had called twenty-five minutes ago. She slipped one small icepack under each breast, which were still large enough to hold the packs in place. She opened the robe and placed two more packs against her belly, using the robe's belt to hold them in place. She held one more thoughtfully, then slipped it down the back of her underwear to chill her rear.

She stood for the moment with the freezer door open, letting the cold air run down her neckline as the ice worked its magic against her body. She sighed with relief as she felt her belly reducing in size, and pulled the belt tighter to keep the ice packs from falling out. She shut the freezer door and gave herself a once-over, noticing with relief that her breasts and ass were noticeably smaller, though her nipples were standing at full attention from the cold and pressing against the thin material of the robe.

There was a knock at the door. Kate realized that this was the moment of truth. She had to convince Paul to go away without hurting his feelings. She went over to the door and looked out the peephole; it was Paul, who looked a little nervous standing on his own with a cardboard container in one hand and a Redbox DVD in the other. He was wearing jeans and a decent shirt; obviously he'd changed out of something else once Kate had canceled their restaurant date.

Kate took a few deep breaths, even now feeling heat from her nerves starting to counteract all she'd done to slim down. She opened the door, staying careful to remain standing behind the door to hide herself, then smiled in what she hoped was a convincing impression of mild disease.

“Hi, Paul,” she said. “I'm sorry you came all this way, but I think I'd like to be alone tonight. Thanks for the soup, it was very nice of you.” She took the container from him.

“It's hot and sour from the Chinese place a couple of blocks away,” Paul said. “I find that the little hole-in-the-wall mom and pop places tend to have the best comfort food, and that soup always blasts away my sinuses whenever I'm feeling congested.”

“I'll make sure to have some later,” Kate continued. “I was just going to go to sleep, so I'll have to pass on the movie, but we'll have to do this some other time when we're both feeling better.” She could feel her breasts inching up as she lied, and her midsection tightened against the robe's belt with the heat from the soup radiating into her.

“You're welcome,” he answered, but then frowned. “I have to say, Kate, it's freezing in there. Are you sure you're okay?”

“I'll be fine,” she said. “You know how it is with colds. One minute you're shivering, and the next you're roasting and turning the air on.”

“Yeah, but...” he raised a hand and pressed the back of it against her forehead before she could react. “You're actually cold and you're sweating! I think this is worse than just a cold.”

“Paul, I'm going to go to bed and then I'll be fine,” Kate began, but Paul stepped into the apartment. If she'd held the door firm and refused to let him in, maybe he would have gotten the message and left without any hard feelings. But he was convincing himself of being The Protector for a woman he was trying to woo, and so he slipped inside and made his way to the thermostat.

“You have this set for sixty degrees!” he said. “No wonder you're so cold. That can't possibly be good for you.” He turned the air conditioning off and turned back to her

“Paul, please,” she said, holding the soup in front of her in both hands to keep it from contacting her body. “I'm asking you to go.”

For the first time, Paul realized that he had intruded on Kate's privacy, perhaps overstepping her bounds so much that their nascent relationship was done for. “I-I'm sorry. I shouldn't have...” He picked a fleece blanket up from the couch and draped it around Kate's shoulders. “You are very cold, though. I'll leave. ...Maybe you can call me in a few days?”

“All right,” Kate said. “I'm not holding this against you, but I just want to be by myself now.”

“You got it,” he answered. He tucked the blanket around Kate again, trapping her arms (and the soup) against her chest. “I hope you feel better.” He leaned forward and hugged her, then kissed her lightly on the forehead.

The blanket, the burning hot coal of the soup against her chest, and now this... it was too much. Kate could feel herself swelling, her belly straining against the robe's belt before the belt slipped upward, freeing her growth. Her breasts were unrestricted, growing until they pressed against the heavy, hot container with such force that she was sure she would be able to take her hands off it and it would remain in place, pinched by the sheer pressure of them. That heat, in turn, only encouraged their growth.

Her belly rushed forward within the baggy t-shirt, pushing the blanket out of the way and pressing against Paul, making him take a step backwards. “What's happening to you?” he asked, his eyes wide.

Kate spun around in embarrassment. “Just go, please!” she cried. “I don't want you to see me like this!” Even as she did, she could feel her hips and butt filling once again. It was sure to be noticeable from behind even under the blanket, especially now that Paul's full attention was on her.

“Like... Like what? I don't know what's... Has this happened before?”

“I'll be fine,” she bit back, feeling tears of shame welling behind her eyes. If she had to look at him again, if she saw his face, she knew that he would be surprised, maybe even disgusted at what was happening to her. How could he possibly understand? “Just shut the door on your way out.”

Kate heard Paul shut the door, but he spoke up again. “If you're trying to hide some part of yourself from me, you don't have to.” His voice was distant. She snuck a peek over her shoulder; he was facing away from her, making sure she knew that he wasn't watching. His voice was shaking. “If this is something I... we... have to deal with if we're going to be together, I'd like you to know that we can talk about it. Maybe it'll be too much for me to handle, but that's my problem, not yours. But whatever my reaction is, that's on me. So can we try to deal with it?”

Kate sagged slightly. Paul thought that this was something she did all the time, maybe on her own, like an allergic reaction. He didn't know that it was because she'd been playing around, trying to impress him. And yet he was still trying to make things work between them. She could admire him for that, and now the feeling in her eyes was for tears not of embarrassment, but of gratitude.

“All right,” she said, turning back around. She let the blanket fall the the floor. “Get your eyeful, and we'll figure out if it's too much for us.”

Paul turned back to her and stopped, mouth open in astonishment. Kate supposed that she must be an amazing sight, even without the romantic problems involved. Her belly pushed out hugely, almost as big as it had been during her struggle to get to the shower. The belt of the robe was hitched under her breasts, still holding the ice packs, and the shirt was riding up as well. The packs under her breasts were still there, sandwiched between the globes of her chest and the increasing sphere of her lower half. From the elastic tension around her hips, Kate knew that her thighs and butt were continuing to grow. The ice pack down her underwear still seemed to be working a little, even though she could feel it was now being held vertically between her cheeks instead of flat in the seat. The carton of soup was encased in her breasts, held firmly as they continued to inflate. She lowered her hands from it to place them on either side of her belly, and sure enough, the container remained against her chest.

“What the hell?” Paul asked incredulously.

Kate sighed. “I did something stupid, and I'm getting bigger. I don't know how big I'll get. It shouldn't be for very long, and once it's over I'll go back to normal, and I'm not going to do it again.” Maybe.

Paul reached out a shaking hand. “How do you feel? Can I touch you?”

Kate looked down. “It feels... really good. But look at me! I can't be this way!”

Paul's fingers lightly touched the farthest point of her belly, a spot below Kate's belly button that she was unable to reach herself. “If you like it, and it's not hurting anyone, maybe there's no reason why you should stop. Is this why it was so cold in here?”

She nodded. “The cold...seemed to hold it back. But when you came in, with the soup, and the blanket, and...” And the kiss, she wanted to say, but instead finished with “and everything, I just couldn't keep it in.” And she was still growing, Kate knew. She wondered how much bigger she'd be right now without the ice packs against her skin, not that they seemed to be doing much good now.

“I'm sorry,” he said. “If I'd known, I...” he licked his lips. “But you didn't want me to know. And I pushed my way in here and forced this on you. Maybe I should go.” He reached for the door.

“Wait,” Kate said. “Before you do, tell me: could you ever see me again, now that you've seen me like this?” She reached under the shirt, under her breasts and with some difficulty pulled out the ice packs. They clattered on the floor where she dropped them.

Paul turned back to her. There was a strange look in his eyes that she didn't recognize. “Honestly,” he said, “I'm going to have trouble looking at any other woman ever again.”

Kate laughed, but he continued. “I think this is...amazing. I liked you for you before, and now seeing this... I don't know why, but it's incredibly sexy. And watching you grow just now was possibly the most incredible thing I've ever seen.”

He placed his hands against her, reaching around her body to take both her hands on either side of the globe in front of her. “You're still getting bigger now, aren't you? Your tits, your legs, your stomach... You're still swelling up.” Now she recognized that look. It was that of someone being confronted with a wish they hadn't dared hope to express.

She was shocked at this realization. That he was willing to accept what was happening to her was astonishing enough, but that he was actively interested in it was just too much.

“Yes,” she whispered, and that was when a tortured pop came from her chest. Her breasts had been squeezing against the carton of soup all this time, and at this moment the plastic lid flew off, hot liquid gushing out to wash over her entire front, plastering the shirt to her breasts where they weren't already straining at the material.

“Aah!” she bellowed. “It's so hot, it—Aaaaah...!” Actually, the soup hadn't been hot enough to hurt. Most of the heat seemed to have been lost in the struggle between the ice packs under her breasts and the carton between them. But it was still quite warm, warmer than her first shower of the day, and her second shout had been at the sudden surge of growth as the gas in her body expanded again.

“Kate!” shouted Paul. He moved around to her side and pulled the broken soup carton out from between her breasts. There was still a good amount left, though it trailed through cracks in the cardboard and ran down her body. He put the stricken container in the sink and turned back to watch her grow, seemingly at a loss of what to do.

The force against the robe's belt was finally too much for it, and the lazy knot she had tied gave way. The ice packs it had held slipped down to join the others on the floor, and her belly swelled outwards, downwards, upwards... it seemed every part of her was trying to outdo itself now, and she was shocked by the severity and speed at which she was suddenly rendered almost immobile by the forces within her. It didn't hurt, and there was no feeling of pressure (pleasure, yes), but the sheer size of her thighs and the rest of her body were nearly pinning her in place. The globe of her front was coming down towards her legs, her thighs pressed against one another, and her mighty ass, nearly forgotten, was pushing her legs forward as it swelled downwards.

Kate tottered forward a few delicate paces, then stopped. “Paul, please,” she said. “I need you to get me to the couch, and then clean this off of me. And then cool me down again.”

She felt him take her arm with one hand and place the other between her shoulders. “All right,” he said. “Let's just stay calm, and we'll get this soup cleaned up.”

He half-pushed, half-led her to the couch. Her legs at this point wouldn't bend enough to allow her to sit, so he leaned her against the edge until she rolled up into it. As on the bed, her rear was squeezed by the act of her weight pressing down on it, and the gas began to move to her other inflated parts, causing them to bulge and expand even more. Paul peeled the robe and shirt off of her, then went off to the bathroom, leaving Kate alone.

Kate felt ridiculous and helpless, trapped in this giant inflated bag that she had become, but it was also somehow thrilling. It still felt amazing, and she considered that if it hadn't been preceded by the frustration and humiliation of trying to hide it, she would be very much enjoying this. Preferably alone, and preferably with some way to touch herself... all over.

But, gauging from Paul's reaction, maybe they'd be able to give this another try. She'd like that. She closed her eyes allowed herself a small smile, when she felt something slap between her breasts and slither over them. She opened her eyes in surprise and saw Paul rubbing her chest down with a wet washcloth from the linen cabinet, a bowl of soapy water in the other hand.

“Look, this might be crude,” Paul said, “and it might be the wrong time to say it. But doing this, touching you this way, is getting me so goddamned hard.” His hand guided the cloth into the crevice under one exaggerated breast. She felt him caress her breast—he probably thought he was being subtle—and suppressed a shiver of pleasure, feeling dull heat rise slightly within her.

“Oh, yeah?” Kate said, closing her eyes again. “Keep talking.”

He leaned over her, this time with a dry towel to catch any water before it trickled down her massive body onto the couch. “Your body, filling up like that, it was so... 'Erotic' is the only word I can think of for it. You were getting bigger and bigger, pushing out, getting rounder and rounder. You were out of control, afraid of yourself and what you might do, but you wanted to see how far you could go.” The soapy washcloth ran across her belly, slick and warm, the touch of it against her skin so tantalizing that she rolled her head back and sighed quietly. She could feel herself growing as her pulse quickened, and she knew that he could see it.

“You still want to be bigger, rounder, more. And the thought that you're not alone, but that you have someone by your side who wants to see you do it, who gets so much pleasure out of watching it...” He stopped, and his breathing grew ragged for a second. Over the next several minutes, the wet cloth slid down her side, around her front, and back up the other side. His hands moved in circles, ostensibly to clean her, but it had the effect of the most sensual massage she had ever had on skin that had never felt more sensitive. He gently rubbed at her body until she was smooth and soft and clean again, buffing her impossibly inflated form with the towel like a museum curator polishing a delicate marble goddess, not just out of care but with something approaching reverence. All the while she had felt the heat building and her body still somehow swelling in reaction.

“Paul,” she whispered, flailing blindly out with one hand. He took it and moved around to her side so she could see him.


“Do you really think that this... that I'm what you want?”

He leaned forward, bending over her to bring his face next to hers. “I never realized it could exist, but now that I do, I don't want anything or anyone else.” She could feel him slightly resting on her, his weight pushing against the gas making her so huge, the hard poke of his excitement against her skin throbbing rhythmically with his pulse.

Kate smiled. “There's... a canister with a mask on my bed. Go get it, and the instructions.” She licked her lips nervously. “Let's see how much I can take.”

He laughed, then pushed against her enough to kiss her. “No pressure, right?”


Author's Note: 

Why is "hot and sour soup" a keyword? Because I think it's funny to have it as one. It'll stand out, for sure!

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