Tina's Wish

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Warning deals with inflation fetish, graphic, extreme transformations and is for mature readers only. Proceed at your own risk.

Tina stares at the magic coin, gently rubs it with her thumb, and makes a wish. "I wish to inflate into a big, round balloon." A hissing sounds, the pressure builds, and a soft creaking sounds as her belly begins to push outward. Excitedly she rubs her hands across her swelling belly and it squeaks softly. She can't stop herself from smiling as the pressure builds in her and she stretches bigger than nine months pregnant.

Tina finds her walk hindered as her legs plump slightly and her breasts stretch larger. She moans as her breasts squeak past volleyball size and sensations flood into her mind. "Mmm boobies."

Looking in the mirror, Tina watches as her butt swells larger and rounder. Her up arms plump with air and she gently swats her inflated rear and it issues a hollow thumb. "Ghetto booty."

Tina feels herself grow tighter as her back swells outward and merges with her large butt. A creaking sounds as Tina's sides swell outward and she watches in the mirror as her swelling belly merges with her inflated sides. Her belly swells upward as her breast slowly grow larger. She finds she can't move her over pumped inflated legs and struggles to bend her arms to reach her belly. Her belly squeaks softly as she gently rubs her hands on it and the swelling sphere of her torso begins to merge with her inflating breasts. She moans as she squeezes her inflated belly and her arms creak as they puff up. The pressure increases and she moans as it becomes more difficult to keep her hands touching her swelling belly. The magic coin feels cold against her balloon belly and slowly the air pressure in her arms pull her hands away from her belly.

Tina watches as her breasts are stretched flat against her inflating sphere body and her legs and arms are absorbed into it to the elbows and knees. The pressure increases as her body groans larger and slowly engulfs the rest of her arms, legs, and neck. Her sphere body reaches her wrists and ankles, groaning loudly as pressure builds and very slowly swells larger. "I'm huge."

Tina's chin touches the taut curve of her sphere balloon body and it creaks in angry protest. A troubling thought hits her and she slowly rubs the magic coin intending to make another wish. Several loud thumps sound as her hands and feet are stretched suddenly flat against her sphere body and the coin falls to the floor. "Shit!" She moans as her body groans angrily and she fears bursting is very near. Tina's expansion slows to a crawl, gets even slower, and completely stops expanding. "Oh God...." The groaning grows louder, the pressure increases, and she closes her eyes.

Suddenly the pressure stops increasing and slowly Tina opens her eyes. Soft creaks sound as she takes shallow breathes and dares not breathe deeper for fear of popping. Feeling impossibly tight and full, Tina stares into the mirror at her sphere body with her head atop it. She smiles at her reflection, having got her wish, and a sadness lurks in her eyes as she struggles with the reality of being a totally helpless balloon. She struggles with feelings of panic as she tries to enjoy the blissful sensations of being full and tight while staring into the mirror.

Sometime later, a soft squeak sounds as one of Tina's friends, Stacy, gently prods her balloon body with a finger and she moans. Tina watches as Stacy looks down at the magic coin in her hand and to Tina's balloon body trying to process the sight before her and the explanation she was given.

Stacy looks at her plump four foot figure in the mirror, standing next to the balloon body of her friend, and gently prods the tight balloon friend again with her finger. Soft squeaks fill the room again and Stacy looks down at the magic coin in her hand. She rubs it and makes a wish. "I wish I was taller." Slowly a strange sensation overcomes her and her body stretches upward. Stacy smiles as she watches her reflection change in the mirror and she reaches seven foot tall. "Holy shit! It works!"

Tina laughs, "I told you it would."

Stacy smiles as she rubs the coin again, "I wish I was skinny." A tightening pulls across Stacy as her potbelly sucks in and her figure slims. She rubs her newly flat stomach, "Wow." She rubs the coin again and wishes, "I wish I had long red hair." Stacy watches as her bowl cut brown hair turns a shiny bright red, stretches back into a ponytail, and drops down to her small butt. Frowning at her small rump, she rubs the coin, and wishes ,"I wish my butt was bigger." A pressure builds in her butt and her checks swell outward and round out. She slaps her new rear as she studies it in the mirror, "Nice."

Tina smirks, "Are you almost done?"

Stacy laughs, "I'm off to a good start." She stares down at her b-cup breasts, rubs the coin, and wishes, "I wish my boobs were bigger." A pressure builds in her chest and like balloons inflating her breasts rise up off her chest to an f-cup size. Stacy notes how they defy gravity and shakes them back and forth. She smiles as her left hand squeezes a boob and looks over at Tina. "Well, what do you think?"

Tina smiles, "You're kinda looking like a fetish porn star."

Stacy laughs, "Yeah I could start a website." She begins rubbing the coin again and wishes, "I wish I had a sexy rubber outfit." The sounds of rubber freaking fills the air as her clothes change and reform. A low cut blue rubber jumpsuit with thigh high black rubber boots takes shape on her and she rubs the coin again. "I wish I had elf ears." She feels a tugging on her ears and she watches their points stretch upwards. Stacy studies her figure and smiles, "Hmmm." She rubs the coin and wishes, "I wish my hips were a little wider." Her hips swell outward and the sounds of her rubber clothes stretching fill the room. She looks at her reflection and smiles, "Time to rock my boyfriend's world." Tina's body creaks and squeaks as Stacy pushes on her balloon body and smiles, "Alright I'm going to go have some fun. Don't pop."

"I'll be here."

Sometime later, Stacy returns with her boyfriend Mark and she's still wearing her blue rubber jump suit. Mark gently poke Tina's sphere body and it squeaks loudly. Mark laughs, "That's unbelievable."

Stacy picks up the magic coin and rubs it. "I wish my breasts were bigger." Like two balloons inflating on her chest, her breasts swell to the size of basketballs and she turns to her boyfriend. Her breasts bounce gently with every step towards him, "Are these more to your liking, baby?"

Mark squeezes her newly enlarge boobs and takes the magic coin into his hands. Stacy moans as he squeezes her boobs and he tucks the coin into his shirt pocket.

Stacy watches as Mark unbuckles his pants, "Oh yeah, baby." The pants drops to the floor and confusion spreads across her face as Mark turns away and walks toward Stacy. "Baby, what are you doing?"

"I've always wanted to do a living blowup doll."

Stacy bounces over to him, "Baby, what are you doing? I made myself look this way for you."

"I've always wanted to do a blowup doll. Don't worry."

Stacy slips the coin out of his shirt pocket and rubs it. "I wish I was a living blowup doll." A creaking and squeaking sounds as Stacy becomes inflatable and a valve pops out where her belly button was. "I'm your blowup doll now, baby."

Mark smiles as her as he takes the coin back and squeaks sound as he squeezes her. Dropping the coin into his pocket, he tugs open the valve on Stacy's belly and she moans as air rushes out of her. He watches as her basketball size breasts shrink away and he turns away from her.

Stacy moans as she feels herself growing weak and the air rushing out of her. She watches in shock as Mark walks away from her, "Baby? Baby, I'm your dream girl. Don't cheat on me."

Mark laughs as he strokes his hard member and rolls Tina backward for access. "She's a balloon and you're a blowup doll. I can't cheat on you. You're not human anymore."

The words are heart breaking to Stacy as she continues to deflate and a rubber squeak sounds as her boyfriend's member enters Tina. Rapid squeaks and groans fill the room and silent tears stream down Stacy's rubber face. Slowly she returns her valve to its place, stopping her deflation, and in her half deflated form on the floor she watches her boyfriend cheat on her with her roommate.

Tina cries out in ecstasy and Mark groans shorty there after. A loud squeak with mild wet pop sounds as he slides his member out of a Tina and walks over to the window. Tina gasps, "Oh....oh god. I'm sorry, Stacy."

Mark laughs, "There's nothing to be sorry about." Stacy glares at him from her spot on the floor and he takes out the magic coin. He gently rubs the coin, "I wish I was a vampire." His skin turns icy pale white, long black hair falls down around his shoulders, and his teeth elongate. He smiles, showing his fangs and feeling power flowing through him. The sun feels warm against his flesh and he smiles as he looks at his place hands. Smoke slowly rises from his skin and shock fills him as pain assaults his mind. "Oh shit!" Flames rise up on his skin and he turns away from the window. "Oh fuck!" Mark doesn't make it far and is quickly reduced to a pile of ash on the floor.

Stacy glares at the pile of ash on the floor, "It serves you right asshole." Slowly, she brings her thumb to her mouth, takes a deep breath, and blows into her thumb. Warm air swirls into her filling her and she repeats this process until her body is filled out to her previous deflated proportions. Stacy strides over to the ash pile, her basketball size breasts bouncing, and she retrieves the magic coin from the ash pile. She rubs the coin, "I wish I was unpoppable." A creaking sounds across her body, she strides over to a nearby table, and picks up a pair of scissors. With a quick stab at her left basketball size boob, a loud squeak sounds, but she doesn't pop. She smiles, "It looks like I can't pop. This is going to be interesting."

Author's Note: 

Older story of mine. I thought might be enjoyed on here.

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If we're doing wishes here, I

If we're doing wishes here, I wish there was a sequel xD

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Maybe I'll write one sometime. :)


Why does he wish he was a vampire..?

He is one of those people

He is one of those people heavily into vampires and I also liked the idea of him getting exactly what he wishes for to not be a good thing.

hmm....... I would wish first


I would wish first to be unpoppable

just to be safe...............