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Once Deli

Has anyone gone onto youtube a looked up "Once Deli" 

she could inflate, to huge sizes! And i mean, HUGE, actually inflating, she totally blows the others out of the water.

only problem is, she disappeared from youtube :( 

her last video was published 2/3 years ago...its sad, because she was so amazing, does anyone know what happened to her?

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I love Once Deli's videos! I'd say theyre the best inflation videos on youtube.

Theres a bit of specualtion in the comments that her disappearance is health related. Given how big she inflates herself i'd say that must be the reason. It can't be healthy to get that big :(


Awww, i really hope shes ok :(

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I haven't seen these in a long time. Still very impressive. I do hope she's still out there somewhere.

She must have a redundant colon or something to allow her to get that huge. I wish I could do that.

Just a little more. You can take it...I hope...


Amazing indeed. I'd agree no other real inflation vids out there come close.

Given it's been a few years since there was any activity on her youtube channel I'd say she's gone for good and it's unlikely we'll ever know exactly why. Her vids have never been take  down though so there's always a glimmer of hope.

I like to think she met and settled down with fellow fan of inflation. She still inflates, but now it's just for an audience of one.

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Then things got too spicy for the couple and she popped.

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Holy necropost, Batman!


Also, I see people constantly make this claim but as far as I know there's literally no evidence for it outside of speculation.

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Oops no discussion on irl stuff gtfo of here

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