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Pete was a tall, buff, blonde haired guy, with a beard looking much like a blonde version of Lou Ferrigno from back in his Hercules days. Pete was a mechanic, the term being used lightly, as to the annoyance of his coworkers Pete was a real slacker. Pete was always on his phone or chatting up the female customers who came in, entrancing them with his bulging biceps or how his shirt strained against the movement of his rounded pecs or even with his sheer height as he beamed down at them his white teeth and pale blue eyes. The other problem with Pete was that with all the protein shakes he drank he farted something chronic and there was nothing the apprentices or even the head mechanic, Barry, could do about it as the owner was never in, leaving them unfortunately to their own devices and with Pete being bigger than all of them had rule over the workshop.

Strutting in this one particular morning, late as per usual Pete dropped his protein shake on a bench and headed to the bathroom, phone in hand of course. The apprentices moved aside for the brute as he moved towards the back Barry with Pete gone, quietly watched and waited until he heard the bathroom door close behind Pete. Hurrying over to the unguarded protein shake, Barry removed a box of pills that were meant to help prevent excessive farting and dropped them into the bottle, before shaking it for good measure to make sure the tablets were fully dissolved. Barry didn’t care if he had over done it with the pills, he just wanted a day without Pete farting and gloating as everyone else suffered. Barry had wondered if such an overdose would hurt Pete but at the same time he didn’t care, the boss never did anything about Pete so it was only fitting that as head mechanic Barry did something himself.

Pete emerged from the bathroom 10 minutes later, shook his drink again and downed it, not even noticing any kind of trace of the tablets Barry had slipped in. The other workers simply stood back and waited to see if they worked, Barry having filled them all in. It took a while before Pete felt things moved and they noticed his body language change in the usual manner it usually did before he let off a fart and there was almost a dead silence as they waited. The two apprentices even holding their breath in prayer hoping the pills worked. There was a brrrrtttt sound but it sounded deeper inside than a fart should and Pete shrugged it off, but to the elation of the others there was no smell or gloating from Pete, he just kept going about his work.

Throughout the rest of the day, Pete would make quiet occasional brrrtt sounds deep in his gut and he even began to feel cramped and bloated. He shook it off thinking perhaps something he ate wasn’t agreeing with him. Clocking off early, as he often did, Pete got in his truck and headed home unaware at the jubilation of his coworkers. Pleased that their plan had worked even if it was somewhat tarnished by the wonderment of how long their liberation would last. The two apprentices expected things to be back to normal tomorrow while Barry was less concerned, having a stock pile of those pills he intended to keep Pete dosed up as long as his supply lasted. Barry did allow a smirk at the internal rumblings they occasional heard whine from Pete, though again he thought of what negative side effects there might be as he could’ve sworn Pete looked a little bloated by the time he had shot out the door.

Pete getting home, laid out on the couch, his massive feet resting on his wooden coffee table, a box of left over pizza beside him and a few cans of beer to chug as he watched TV. After finishing a can of beer, Pete felt the usually rumblings in his tummy and lifted a well muscled leg to vent but again there was brrrrtt from in his gut rather than the usual venting from his butt and Pete frowned, before once again shrugging it off, even though he could’ve sworn he saw his abs push his shirt up a bit creating a small wedge of exposed flesh between his white tank top and the shorts he’d changed into after work. After polishing off a few more cans and going to fart once again, Pete just heard another brrrrrrttttt and this time he watched as the mound forming on his abs swelled, exposing more of his treasure trail and diminishing abs. “Jesus… all the crap I ate in the last few days must be wreaking havoc on my guts…” Pete grumbled to himself, feeling the mound that had formed. Rubbing it tenderly, Pete decided perhaps was best just to sleep it off. Lumbering up his stairs, Pete stripped down to his jocks and hopped into bed, lying on his back to ease the pressure on the ball of tightness centered on his bloated gut.

As the sun finally begun to peak through Pete’s blinds, heralding a new day, Pete stretched and squirmed in his bed and with a grin went to do his morning fart only to be jolted fully awake as he heard the grumbling, familiar brrrrrrttt sound in his gut and felt the pressure mount more. “What the fuck…..” Pete growled seeing the bulge of his gut was now even bigger than the night before, it almost eclipsed his impressive morning wood bulge from view. Putting a massive paw on his distended gut, Pete grunted as he pushed and worked the mound trying to dissipate the gas and the pressure but nothing worked. Deciding perhaps the bathroom was a better call, Pete headed into his bathroom, glowering at his reflection as his perfect figure was ruined by the beer gut sticking out. Seating himself on the toilet he went about his morning business thinking maybe something he ate had blocked him but everything was working fine in that department. It only confused and aggravated the big man further and he pushed harder, making his face turn red as he tried to vent the gas but all that occurred was another deep brrrrrttt and Pete gasped as his belly bulged out even more making it the biggest bloat he had ever seen on a guy. Changing tact, Pete tried to belch instead hoping that would clear the gas inside but again another deep brrrrt, which left Pete panting his hands pressing against the tight ball trying to push back its expanding circumference.

Sitting there confused Pete decided that maybe the best idea was to go to the gym, he hoped all that movement, tension and exercise would finally unblock him. Throwing on his skin tight workout shirt and shorts Pete could see the near basketball sized globe all too well bulging within the shirt, straining its fabric. So Pete threw on a hoodie over his shirt which lessened the obvious bulge. Getting into his truck Pete sped off to the gym, eager to find a solution to his growing problem.

Striding into the gym Pete headed straight to the treadmills for a warm up, all the while his mind on his bloated belly as it protested against the jostling about, until Pete couldn’t take it anymore and hit the squat rack. Pete knew there was nothing like balls to floor deep squats to get some gas venting and loading the bar up, he removed it from the rack, lying the bar across his thick traps before beginning to squat as deep as he could go, which wasn’t as deep as he was used to as his gut pushed against his muscular thighs. Like any normal workout, Pete ignored the discomfort and tried to push past it, working his glutes and thighs which each deep rep. However, the bulge wasn’t diminishing beneath his hoodie nor did he feel any closer to a much needed release of the pressure inside him.

Frustrated, Pete put the barbell back on the rack, collected his belongings and stormed off to the lockers to get changed. It was embarrassing for him as he struggled to get his gym shoes and shorts off and replace them with work gear his gut limiting his movements. It was thanks to his gut that Pete even slid on his overalls, which he never wore since they were so baggy they hid most of his well sculpted physique, but now the front was a tight fit thanks to his protruding belly. Storming off to his truck, Pete was in a foul mood as he downed his protein shake and was so lost in confusion and rage he forgot the real source of his problem and went to let out a loud belch he felt building but instead all he heard was a loud bbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttt from inside him and he felt the shoulder straps of the overalls pinch as they struggled to contain his swelling mound. Pete froze wide eyed, watching his gut pass basketball size and extended out to almost touching the steering wheel. He looked like he was pregnant with at least twins, his gut was so gigantic. Pete immediately gulped and took mental note not to do that again as another surge of growth would not only make his overalls tighter than they already were, he knew his gut would plough into the steering wheel. How big am I gonna get? Pete wondered to himself in horror, his mind still racking as to how he came to be in this predicament.

Sliding his seat further back to allow his gut more space, even though it made driving slightly more awkward, Pete headed off to work, dreading what his coworkers were going to say about his blown up belly as there was no way he could hide it when he looked so pregnant. It also worried him about how taut he felt inside the overalls and he wondered if the shoulder straps were going to last the day the way they were strained so tight trying to hold him in. Arriving at the workshop, Pete came in without saying a word and went straight to work, even though he could feel the gazes of the other mechanics instantly home in on him, more specifically his huge gut.

Pete was simmering with rage as he knew their hushed whispers were about him and when they had finally gone off for a smoke break he waddled to the bathroom to take a leak. Getting the shoulder straps unclipped was as difficult as Pete had dreaded, fearing he was going to pop them right off if he wasn’t careful, until they were at last undone and he could edge them down over his globe so he could reach down to his cock and relieve himself. This in itself was also a struggled as Pete had to feel around to find it as his cock was well and truly hidden by his bulbous belly. Standing there, at last relieving at least one need, Pete heard his coworkers whispering and sniggering and the more he listened the angrier he got as he overheard Barry admitting to putting tablets in his protein shake the day previous, which was the cause for his current condition.

Done with the bathroom, Pete stormed out of the workshop and headed across to the supermarket on the opposite side of the street. Pete was going to show them who was boss and have the last laugh as a he formulated a plan, they had essentially dammed him up but if he could build up enough pressure he should be able to clear it and make them sorry. Lumbering down to the can food aisle, Pete brushed off the stares he got from other customers as they looked at the frightening bulge of his gut barging past. Reaching the baked beans he swept up an armful and headed to the checkouts. After having paid for the beans, Pete didn’t even wait to getting back to the workshop before he started downing the cans hungrily, adding fuel to the fire inside him.

Pete walked into the workshop just as the others came in from the other side returning from their smoke break. “What’s with all the beans?” asked Barry, his tone clearly worried

“Well since you blocked me up with your stupid tablets I figure I should unblock myself to teach you little bitches not to fuck with me.” snarled Pete, raising both hands up and giving them the finger after dropping the emptied cans into the bin beside him. Right on que a rumble growled inside Pete and a loud brrrrrrrrrrrtttttt groaned from in his gut and he immediately grimaced as his shoulder straps bore even more tightly into his thick shoulders as his belly ballooned outwards. It looked like he had a gym ball swelling underneath his overalls. Pete began to pant feeling the pressure build when another brrrrrrrrrrrtttt growled inside him, forcing him to hold his belly and with a whining pop his shoulder straps blew. Pete moaned with relief, while the others looked on in shock as Pete’s overalls fell away exposing his growing belly, his tight white V-neck not even covering half of the swelling globe. “Fuck….look at it bitches…. It’s all… gonna get free…” moaned Pete, as with another bbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttt his stomach growled and stretched again the pressure mounting more as he begun to feel front heavy. He could no longer reach the front of his gut.

“What have you done?” gasped Barry, watching the panting big man struggle against his belly which with another grumbling brrrrrrrrrrrrtttt swelled even larger, it was more than half the big man’s size and growing with each internal rumble, soon stretching from his pecs to his thighs, his neck to his calves and it still kept swelling bigger. “That block…. It’s gonna… give….” Pete grunted through clenched teeth, half gloating half trying to convince himself as with another loud and deeper brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttttttt Pete’s belly swelled bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. The big man was forced against the bench behind him as his belly swelled to the floor and soared above his head. The concrete felt cool to the hot, throbbing globe, electrifying the sensitive super taut skin that fought to keep stretching. “Oh fuck….” Pete moaned as he now could no longer see his coworkers over his gut and with another brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttt it swelled even bigger! Pete felt his gut pushing against the two cars they had in the work place, pressing against them, making them tilt as it swelled even bigger.

The others stood in shock and horror as their workplace was being quickly filled by a hairy, skin colored blimp of a belly. “Fuck….. it’s getting… TOO MUCH!!!” Pete struggled to grunt through gritted teeth the pressure inside his gigantic globe becoming greater and greater with each moment, it was so intense and he was so helpless. He couldn’t even move anymore as he was now being lifted up by the inflation. Mentally he tried struggled to hold back each brrrrrrrrttt but they kept coming and he kept inflating bigger and bigger. “Someone…. Help… fuck…. I’m gonna…. Explode!” Pete cried out, thinking of how much he was like an overfilled balloon now and now in a panic of how many cans of baked beans he had gorged on. He didn’t care about pride as he felt the cars at last flipped by his gut and he knew he’d soon be pressing at the walls and ceiling of the large workshop. Each brrrrrrrtttt now sounded with an ever deeper more thunderous, more threatening growl, which only grew louder and more ominous the more Pete swelled. The other mechanics shaking themselves free of the towering tummy, knew what was coming as the globe that was Pete’s belly shuddered and growled more feverishly, the once smooth stretching now ragged and quivering as it struggled to swell more.

Closing the back door behind them, the other mechanics left Pete to his fate. Even with their fingers in their ears they could hear Pete’s growing, growling gut and his cursing as he struggled against his plight. Crashing and crunching could be heard about the workshop as more was enveloped by Pete’s mass, his throbbing, quivering globe now viewable in the rear top windows as it approached the ceiling. “Fuck…. So tight…. So much pressure…it’s… not… fucking… stopping!” Pete groaned as his body rumbled and whined as it pressed against the ceiling and he could hear a creaking. Pete begun to wonder whether he’d outgrow the workshop, thinking it was the walls he could hear creaking, when it was in fact his body giving one last signal before with a might KABOOOOOMMMMMM Pete exploded.

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Amazing Story

Super hot story. I love the whole premise. Would have been amazing with illustrations. Could you imagine how bad that garage must have stunk after he exploded? And how cruel for his coworkers to just walk away! lol