It Has Zombies

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Jack leaps over the fence and lands in the grass beside Shelly. He cautiously looks back over the four foot tall wood fence and doesn't see anything out of the ordinary. He breathes a sigh of relief and sits next to Shelly.

Shelly half winces and smiles as she holds the side of her belly, "That went well."

Jack pulls aside her hand and sees the bite mark. Worry and concern fills his eyes, "No, no, no."

Shelly returns her hand to the wound, "I got bit."

"That's not what I want to hear, Shelly. This can't happen! Not you!" Tears run from his eyes as he remembers growing up with her. The fun times of friendship and now the end of it is staring him in the face. "I...I can't lose you."

"I'm sorry. You know the bites infect."

"I know." He wipes the years from his face and thinks of all the events that they've gone through since the zombie apocalypse started two days ago. Why did this have to happen to her? Why did any of this have to happen? Damn it!

Suddenly, Jack sees Jennifer running down the sidewalk in a panic. Her brown hair swings wildly in a ponytail behind her head and blood is splatter against her emotionless face. He calls to her and waves his hands, but she doesn't even look at him as she runs down thw sidewalk on the other side of the fence. He quickly ducks back down as he sees the zombies giving chase and hopes Jennifer keeps ahead of their grasp.

Shelly groans as she feels a pressure in her stomach, "Oh! I don't think I'm going to make it, Jack."

"Don't say that."

Suddenly a hissing sounds and Shelly's stomach pushes outward to the sounds of stretching rubber. Shelly feels her belly pushing outward, "Oh.....oh. Jack, stop it!"

Jack looks into her eyes, "No! There's no quitting. You can do this, Shelly." He looks around the yard as the hissing continues and the sides of Shelly's belly bloat outward. "I've never seen a bite do this. Your body may be coping to make sure you survive."

The groans of rubber grow louder as Shelly grows bigger and her legs plump to fill her pants. A tearing sounds as her butt inflates, splitting her pants, and her thighs bulge, popping seams. The button of her pants pops off and is lost into the grass as her belly pushes outward, unzipping her pants. "I'm getting so big."

Jack moves off to fight a zombie attracted by the hissing sounds and sounds of rubber stretching. He kicks the zombie and it stumbles back as he looks for a weapon. "Just hang on!"

Shelly hears a loud squeaking and watches as her shirt is strained by her inflating breasts. Her upper arms and shoulders bloat. A tearing sounds as the shirt is defeated by her inflating body. She moans as the pressure builds and her torso becomes spherical. "I'm turning into a blimp." A thump sounds as one of her breasts is stretched flat and another thump sounds as the other follows. Her back rounds and her pants are pushed off as her sphere body absorbs her bloated legs and bloated arms. "So...much pressure."

Jack slams the gardening hoe into the zombies head and watches as it falls motionless to the ground. He wipes the blood from his face and sees another incoming zombie. "Damn another one."

Shelly's face redden from strain as her sphere body swallows her arms to her elbows and her legs to the knees. She feels her neck bloat with pressure, "So....much....pressure. Gonna pop, Jack!"

Jack pushes the zombie aside, "Don't talk like that! You're going to be fine!"

Shelly groans as the pressure pushes her bigger, "I don't feel fine."

Jack struggles with two zombies, "You'll be fine!" He sees a neighbor named Fred Wilson staring at him on the other side of the fence and growling. He takes down one of the zombies with thw gardening hoe and blood splatters his shirt. He blocks the other's attack, "Everything is fine!"

Four thumps sound as hands and feet are absorbed into Shelly's expanding sphere body. Her face reddens as her body groans horrible rubber groans and her neck is slowly swallowed. "Go....gonna.....POP!"

Jack takes down a zombie as two more rush toward him, "You're fine, keep going!"

Shelly closes her eyes as the pressure becomes unbearable and her head is stretched flat on her sphere body. "Ja.....Jack!!"

Jack growls as blood splashes his face and another motionless zombie falls. "Come on!!" He frowns as he notices a faint shadow of a circle around him and he wipes blood from his face. He turns to see Shelly is a round, trembling, twelve foot tall, semi transparent, sphere, "Oh shit!"

Suddenly a horrible shriek of rubber sounds and in a flash Shelly is gone. A gust of wind blows across the grass and Jack as flakes of rubber flutter through the air. He drops to his knees with gardening hoe in hand and watches as blood drips from his chin onto the ground between his knees. "Shelly..."

Fred Wilson's voice yells, "What the hell is wrong with you, son? You act like your best friend just died."

Jack slowly looks up to see Fred Wilson no longer a zombie and he wipes at the blood on his face. He notices it's mud he is wiping free and flashes of realization hit him. Jennifer jogging with head phones in and no zombies chasing her. Shelly his best friend, pleading she couldn't take anymore and him blowing her up bigger. Why? Why didn't he see there were no zombies? He remembers growing up with Shelly and now remembers blowing up his imaginary friend until she popped. Tears run from his eyes and he wonders why he couldn't be satisfied with just a little bigger.

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Tried something with zombies. Hopefully it is enjoyed.

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best description of the pop so far

Suddenly a horrible shriek of rubber sounds and in a flash Shelly is gone. A gust of wind blows across the grass and Jack as flakes of rubber flutter through the air.


It's appreciated

Thanks!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

airtankgirl5's picture

While I'm not actually a fan of popping, I liked the zombie take and I applaud your used of proper writing structure.  The characterization was, limited though.  Keep it up, keep practising.


Thanks,airtankgirl5.  I appreciate your feedback and will try to keep it mind while I practice. :)