Olivia, the Inflatable Dancer

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She hurried down the hall into her room, she locked the door and bit her lip holding the potion she had purchased from the market place. Trembling, she placed the bottle of magic she bought on the table and changed into something more, suitable. She put on her black silk dancing outfit, that only flimsily wrapped around her breasts and a white thong around her legs.

Olivia wasn't the bustiest girl, with only 34 C cup breasts, and a small squishy butt. She was a dancer, and her body was flawlessly slim and smooth. She had gorgeous pink, long flowing hair, and blue eyes are bright as the ocean.

After she had changed, Olivia sat on her couch and examined the bottle, it said, "BElieve in beauty" and below it read "unleash your inner beauty as this magic potion can bring out the biggest, sexiest, naughtiest curves of you're body"

Olivia made sure her door was looked, which it was, and held the potion. She popped the cap off of the bottle and a faint pink mist arose from it. Olivia smelt the pink liquid inside and smiled, it smelt really good, like strawberries. As she raised the bottle too her lips, she felt the creamy tasting potion splash into her mouth, letting it fill her cheeks, she swallowed the potion, and let out a soft coo as it slides down her throat.

Olivia drank two more sips of the potion until she felt a odd sensation in her butt

"hm, thats strange..." Olivia thought it might just have been gas, she relaxed in the couch examine the pink, delicious potion, when she self consciously grabbed her butt and squeaked, she shot out of her seat and rushed into her room, looking at the head to toe mirror and saw that her butt was starting to puff up!

"I-its working! But..." She squeezed her new butt, it has increased in plumpness, but it stopped. "Aw, thats it..." She giggles seeing her gold bordered white thong being stretched by the force of her new butt, she also noticed her thighs swelled up a bit "ooh, it feels so good" she coos in delight.

After playing with her new butt and thighs, she went back to the couch, her new lower body squished against the soft pillows of the couch. Olivia reaches over and grabbed the magical drink "but...i want bigger...breasts" she traces the outline of her C cup breasts. She pops open the potion, watching the delicious pink mist float up. "Please...big breasts, big breasts" olivia closes her eyes and smiled as the strawberry tasting potion filled her cheeks, she enjoyed this odd sensation of wanting to be bigger, it was something totally different, but she enjoyed wanting more.

She put the potion back on the table after two more sips, she cupped her breasts, "nothing.." She pouted. The main reason she bought the potion was to have a bigger chest more than anything, but it looked like that wasn't going to happen...until

Olivia squeaked as she felt her breasts swelling in her hands, getting fuller and rounder, she couldn't believe her eyes, she sat back, and bit her lip, as her breasts became milkier and bigger. She found the expansion quite arousing, and fondled her new set of twins and moaned softly, biting her finger lightly.

"I-i can't believe this is happening...mmmmhh" Olivia stopped gropping her breasts, she grabbed the potion "bigger...i need more" she opened the bottle, heart racing, she lifted it to her soft lips and started drinking, she moaned as the creamy sweet potion slide down her throat, she felt her smooth cheeks, filled with the magic beverage, she almost finished the whole bottle. Olivia's butt and breasts tingled, she rubbed her body all over.

"Oh, oh gods, my ass" she felt her butt start to raise her a little, forming the perfect pillow, then, her breasts began swelling again, Olivia used both hands to grope and squeeze her boobs as they inflated "o-oh...mmmmhh...yes~" Olivia flowed a soft, smooth hand onto her pussy, she rubbed it as she moaned louder, reaching the peak of horniness. "A-aaahhh~!" She stopped, the tingling moved somewhere else. Into her belly.

"Mmh...my belly...please swell, pleeeeaaase" olivia begged to be inflated, she needed more, she was craving inflating, it all felt too good. Her belly started to swell and Olivia rubbed it, her figure inflating into an over inflated pregnant woman, with big milky tits, and a big swollen ass.

"Y-yes! Oh fuck yes~!" She moaned as her belly started to pass 9 months of pregnancy, her dancing black silk outfit was soon torn to threads, along with her white thong. She was now just a horny, inflating, dancer.

Olivia moved a hand back down to her pussy, and found out on the inside, it was swelling like a small balloon inside! She moaned out in pleasure, as her g-spot was the size of a golf ball, a small, ballooning, golf ball, she felt her climax building higher and higher, she used one hand to roughly grope her milky tits.

"A-aahh!! I-im gonna cum!!!" She moaned loudly, her neck lost behind her tits, and her puffy nipples leaked milk, she held them shut and they swelled tightly, this caused Olivia to throw her head back and moan as she exploded into a mindless origasm, spraying her womanly juices everywhere. But that didnt stop her inflation.

Olivia's breasts, belly, and butt continued to inflate at a slow pace, making her body very sensitive, she rubbed her taught belly as it pushed her breasts over her neck, she didn't want it to end, but then, she heard a creaking, and her heart stopped, she tried to push her body back into it's normal, slim state, but to no avail, the creaking grew louder.

"N-no....i-im gonna pop!" She moaned her belly grew tight, her ass felt like a giant cushion that was going to pop if it keep up. "A-aaaaahhh!!" She screamed and then the creaking stopped, then she heard a sound that horrified her more than popping, someone had entered her house, and she knew that the only other person who had a key to her house was her boyfriend, Robin.

"Olivia?" Robin called out, she didnt dare make any noise, but the young man soon found his way into her room, and saw the naked, pink haired dancer, inflated like a balloon, Olivia could feel his gaze from across the room, she poked her eyes up "h-hi sweetie..." Her face grew turned pinker than her hair, and so did Robin's. He was taller than Olivia and had long white hair, with warm chocolatey eyes that made Olivia's heart flutter when she saw them.

"O-olivia?" Robin slowly approached his ballooned up sweetheart "what happened to you?" He couldn't take his eyes off of her swollen breasts. "U-um....i wanted to surprise you when you got home, and...I bought this potion that makes me...bigger" olivia blushed, her original intention had been to get a better, bouncier hourglass for her lover, but she drank a bit too much of the potion.

"Your body...it's..." Olivia blushed bright and brighter as her white haired boyfriend rubbed her belly "r-robin...." He didn't say anything, but he sat next to Olivia on the couch "did you do this for me?" He smiled, Olivia felt his hand caress her breasts as Robin climbed onto her swollen figure "i-im sorry babe! I-i didn't think i'd get so carried away...but..." She was cut off by the feeling of her boyfriend rubbing and hugging her belly, she giggled lightly "im talking hun" he looked up blushing "s-sorry...its just.." Robin adjusted his position on Olivia, she didn't understand why, until she felt something poke her belly, and she immediately knew what it was, Robin was hard, harder than normal. "Robin...i felt that." Olivia's face blushed more, Robins face meet hers, his face just as blushed "you're turning me on just being like this Liv.." He leaned in and pressed his lips against Olivia's lips.

Olivia's mind was racing, then she had a devious smirk "Robin~" she purred and pushed him away "y-yeah?" Robin brushed some of his white hair back, Olivia pointed to the bottle on the table "theres more in the bottle, if you want me bigger" Olivia smiled warmly, Robin quickly grabbed the magic potion and poured it into his lover's mouth, she moaned as she swallowed, her belly began to gurgle and Olivia pressed Robin into her, Robin quickly fumbled tore his clothes off, his hot muscles beaming with sweat, his hard rod rubbing against Olivia's ballooned up pussy "I-I'm ready Robin" Olivia blushed brighter, Robin smirked and shut the lights off.

Author's Note: 

Hi everyone!

this is my first story, and, some of you may know these two characters very well. I hope you all enjoy, i may continue with stories like this, bye bye \^.^/ *kisses*

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TheNewInflator's picture
Great story

Hey for your first story,its pretty great. *****

He have a new inflator in this place and this was me. Im THENEWINFLATOR!

Very cute character

Thanks for a realistic girlish character, you made Olivia alive on this page. Very detailed, so real, and I laughed at her predicament.

I'd love to do that with Maria if we were imaginary characters.

And best wishes to *your* Robin.

airtankgirl5's picture
Couldn't finish it

Needs grammar and writing structure.


AshyPie's picture
Yay! =P

Aww! That was so cute! =P

I'm a pretty kitty~


An enjoyable read.  I like it. Nice job.

The dark one
Heh 1st story. This is 2 good

Heh 1st story. This is 2 good 2 be a first story.

Torterra Inflation
Woo! ^^

Yeah-hah! Some love for Fire Emblem! ^^

Love it!