Anime and Body Inflation, something I can't help but notice.

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Anime and Body Inflation, something I can't help but notice.

I'm sure this thread will seem kinda pointless, but this has been on my mind for a while and I can't help but ask.

While I am aware that anime has become more mainstream in recent years, I have always noticed that this fairly niche community has quite a large amount of anime fans (almost all the artists and people I have spoken to with this fetish are into anime), so I am wondering, is there some sort of (and this is a stretch but whatever) connection between our fetish and anime? I can't believe I am asking something that must sound immensely stupid and strange, but I would like to know other's opinions on this matter.

For the record, I love anime. 


Not sure if this is the link, but I can't help noticing Anime is mostly about great attention to the internal thoughts and feelings of the characters as they interact, and dramatizing everything in exaggerated fashion. While inflation is about great attention to what inflatee feels and thinks during expansion and challenging his/her limits - not to mention the dramatic experience they undergo. There's an obvious overlap.

I'm still not sure if this matters though, or is it really something else.


The majority of inflation art I usually come across is mostly always anime even though I don't necessarily hunt for it. There's definitely a large amount of anime fans in the inflation community and I think it may have something to do with the nature of certain shows, I've seen clips of anime where breasts inflate and even some belly expansions! I'm not a fan of it myself but I believe anime fans play a key role in the community by supplying us with spectacular art. I'd say the anime community is much bigger than the furry and definitely brony communities within the inflation fetish as a whole so there is a good reason to question the link.


The majority of belly expansion comes from hentai anime (cum inflation with tentacles). Though there are a few that feature some lovely full body stuff (Moeyo Ken and Dororon Enma-Kun for instance), and some other more brief ones. The Evangelion scene was one of the first anime inflation scenes I ever saw.



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I've come across inflation scenes in silly, humoristic anime like Excel Saga and Hare+Guu. It's a pretty common gag in cartoons, both Western and Japanese.

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Love inflation, frikin hate animay.

Torterra Inflation

This comment here is the number one way to start an Internet flame war. cx


A fluffy, squishy war? bouncing on each other?


In my case, I prefer Western animation from the 40's

But even though my main field is animation, my favourites inflations happen when Live Action uses cartoon visual gags.


A lot of inflation "porn" is represented in drawings because most types of inflation are impossible in real life.  So if a lot of inflation fetishists consume inflation artwork, it would make sense if they are fans of artwork and animation in general.

Anime tends to take on adult themes, whereas American animation is still mostly aimed at children.  The fact that we are adults who are capable of finding drawings and animations erotic might mean we can more easily enjoy adult-themed animation.


Even though I'm not a big anime fan, I gotta admit this scene pointed recently is very interesting:

And something curious about it is that, although anime usually runs at 8 drawings per second(while the average of USA cartoons is 12 per second), right when the woman's suit starts inflating, the cartoon runs at 24 per second during a little while, which gives a quite amusing effect.

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I hate anime and its culture with every fiber of my being (I like DragonBall though). I dont say this to start a flame war, anyway I can say whatever I want, if you are offended by me dislinking something you like you have serious issues. But it just disproves the supposition that this fetish has anything to do with anime. Anime has become very popular in recent years, so its obvious many inflationists look to its style to represent their fetish. That doesnt mean theres a link between both things.

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Wasn't really implying that, just something I noticed from interacting with others in this community.


And there is absolutely nothing wrong with hating anime, it would be stupid for someone to even bash you for your opinion. 

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I'd always assumed that it was just kids in general that were into anime. That said I don't really know anything about the anime community, I'd noticed that there are a hell of a lot of anime fans in the community but never thought that perhaps there were more anime fans in our community than in general life.

A few years ago I did get the impression that a lot of the people who were 'into' inflation were anime fans and didn't seem to be into inflation for any sexual reason. I wondered if maybe (and I'm assuming that anime fans are more subceptible than usual to follow trends) some of these didn't really have any fetish, but thought it was the latest cool thing from Japan. Doesn't seem so much like that now though.