Ayame's Round Suprise

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It was a friday morning, and Ayame quickly wakes up due to a rustling noise coming from her side. Inuyasha heard none of it, and stayed asleep. Ayame walks to a line of bushes from outside the house they were sleeping in, and finds nothing. "what the...," Ayame questioned, keeping her cool. "It must have been the wind..". The noise comes back again, and this time, it was louder. Ayame slowly starts to get nervous, thinking it might be an old foe. 

Somebody got out from under the leaves, and right as his head and arms began poking out, Ayame drop kicked the person, knocking him out. She looked at his unconcious body, figuring out he was nobody she's known. "oh, god... im so sorry!," she quietly yelled. Ayame dragged him into the house, but found something in his pocket. It resembled the Playstation Move but with a fat TV remote plastered with buttons. She didnt know what it did, but as she dragged the conked traveller in the house, she snagged the remote from his jacket pocket. 
Inuyasha was still sleeping as Ayame heads for him as fast as possible. "Inuyasha!!" she screamed. "Wake up!!" Inuyasha turns to his side, like he hasnt heard a thing. Ayame began to get impatient, so she tried the new remote without waking him. Instead she aimed the remote right at Inuyasha, and said, "please dont be a death ray...". She first zapped inuyasha's blanket to make sure it wasnt deadly, but at first she thought it was broken. "grrr... This thing is a dud!" The blanket quickly rounded out, like a balloon was inside the blanket. She began to giggle at the now puffed up blanket and it bounced off of inuyasha, and off the walls. Inuyasha started to shiver and acted like he was trying to get a blanket, with no luck. Ayame kept on giggling, causing him to finally wake up. Inuyasha attempted to force his eyes open, saying, "alright, whats the big deal, Ayame? what do you have against-". He stopped talking and saw his blanket bouncing slightly like a fabric beach ball. "uhhh.... what did you do?"
Ayame looks at the remote, and giggles a bit more. Inuyasha looks at the remote, assuming that caused his blanket to puff up. "And where did you get that toy?" he asked. Ayame didnt know what to do, but she let Inuyasha look at the remote. "I dont know what this is. i just found it," she said. Inuyasha laughs at the thought of what the remote can do. "hehe, it looks like a neat toy, then. if it can do THAT to a blanket, what could it do with us? Ayame looks at Inuyasha, thinking about him as a balloon, and develops a Joker-esque grin. She aimed the remote and zapped inuyasha right away. Inuyasha jumped, but shook it off. "hmm... How come it didnt hurt?" Ayame waited for inuyasha's body to blimp out, when his belly began to extend and expand. "Oh my! Inuyasha, its working!" she joyfully said. Inuyasha's belly and thighs began to inflate, tightening his robe with every second. His breath started to go heavy as the expansion was spreading from his butt to his cheeks. Ayame stood and watched as Inuyasha slowly resembled a yoga ball with limbs. "This is so wierd! But why does this feel nice?" Inuyasha stutters, feeling his belly and body inflate as his arms thicken. His robe really starts to tighten to the point where the whole robe is no longer baggy and loose. 
Ayame continues to watch Inuyasha round out, and she finally walks up to his round, inflating body. "Hehe, I'm guessing you like this?" she asked, blushing as she looked at Inuyasha's puffy cheeks. Inuyasha muffled, "pretty much. This feels so much better than I thought!" Ayame blushed a bit more, and then she poked Inuyasha's balloon belly. Inuyasha yelped at first, causing him to roll back. "whoa... that felt really wierd..." inuyasha said, trying to relax. "hehe, not used to being the ball, inuyasha?" Ayame teased. "squirm all you want but you wont be moving anywhere." Ayame had a playful grin on her face, and she rolled Inuyasha back up to where their heads were level. Inuyasha's eyes started to swirl from the feeling of being rolled. "Awe, Inuyasha. you look adorable all puffed up." Ayame said, hugging inuyasha's  now completely rounded body. Inuyasha could only speak muffled from his cheeks being so big. Ayame gave Inuyasha a kiss, and right away, Inuyasha blushed and was almost as red as a cherry.
Ayame continued to tease and roll around Inuyasha, rubbing his belly and sides from under his tight robe, and even lying down on top of him. "I could just keep you like this forever," Ayame said, enjoying every second of it. Inuyasha muffled a bit as Ayame jumped back down. As her right foot hit the ground, she stepped on the center button on the inflation remote, causing it to shoot a beam that bounced off the walls, and hit her butt. "uh oh..." she said, looking down at her butt. Inuyasha's face was pointed directly at Ayame, giving him a full view of her expansion. Because the beam zapped her butt, it immediately began to inflate, causing her white fur skirt to lift up, revealing her also white panties. Inuyasha's eyes widened as big as his cheeks while Ayame's butt and thighs expanded. She placed her hands on her hips and butt, feeling the expansion take place, when suddenly her belly began to inflate next. Right as her belly got to the size of a beach ball, her breasts then followed. Ayame continued to rub her inflating body until her arms started to thicken. 
As soon as Ayame started rounding out, her skirt tore off, showing all of her panties. Her shirt and drape began to tear up at the center. She flapped her hands while her cheeks inflated. She started blushing from Inuyasha watching her inflate, and with her cheeks inflated, she could only speak muffled too. Inuyasha chuckled, trying to tell Ayame that she looked hot inflated. Ayame muffles back that she wants to be cuddled as a balloon. Inuyasha and Ayame continued to tease/muffle to each other, but the knocked out traveller Ayame left started to wake up. He put his right hand in his pocket, figuring out his remote was missing. He heard the muffled speech from the room to his right, and there it was, on the floor. The traveller then walked into the room while the two balloons continued their sweet talk. He picked up the remote from the floor and left the room without being seen.
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Interesting concept!

Very interesting magic slash technology, and characters rich enough to live in their world.

mearsob (not verified)
Well it's based off a TV

Well it's based off a TV character/anime character "Inuyasha". So really the characters are pre-created. It would be good for you to research it.

Who is Ayame, though?

Who is Ayame, though?

mearsob (not verified)
Ah, my dear friend, well it

Ah, my dear friend, well it seems like you haven't watched the anime version either. In the manga version there IS no Ayame, buuuuuuuuuuut *anime ranting*

mearsob (not verified)
Ah, my dear friend, well it

*double post*

airtankgirl5's picture

Your grammar, punctuation and structure are awful. But on the plus side, you also didn't actually create any characters at all.

mearsob (not verified)
"On the plus side" they

"On the plus side" they didn't create any characters of their own? Why this bitchiness? What makes you persist in making such caustic comments? Did you have a bad day? It seems that you believe you are superior to this person. Who are you to judge? Are you God?

airtankgirl5's picture
Who's talking to you?

Do I believe I'm superior to this person?  No.  But your suggestion of it indicates that you have some major inferiority issues.

Who am I to judge?  I'm one of the people that read this.  If it gets put out in public, it gets judged.  Anyone that actually contributes anything knows this.  Learn to cope. 

Am I God?  No, I'm just not a frikin idiot, so I can see how you'd be confused.

You want to spend your time attacking me?  Get bent.