Marie's Big Boob Job Checkup

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"Hi, Cherry I guess? I'm here for THEIR appointment..." smile Marie, a stunningly beautiful red head entering the laboratory. Tall, stunning and curvy, she point to her unavoidable and most striking feature: her HUMONGOUS chest.  As cute and sexy as she is, Marie sport ridiculously large breasts implants, ballooning each of her boobs to about the size of full-blown beach balls.

"I grew tired of those smaller implants and want to get bigger ones, like I already did a few times as you can guest, and my doctor want them checked before I can go any bigger" smile Marie, sitting on a lab shelf while sending obscene waves of bouncing and sloshing on her gigantic rack, seemingly threatening the very existence of the layer of clothes covering them.

She's speaking to Cherry, also a red head, but smaller, more athletically built with a smart and sassy wink on her eyes. Those eyes, at the moment, are quite naturally firmly pinned to Marie's whooping jugs.

"So, I guess I let them loose so you can start?" casually ask Marie to Cherry, lifting her hands as to unbutton her distended blouse...

"Ah, you must be Marie! let's get started!" Cherry greeted her guest with a smile, but inside she wasn't very happy! Piston may have left her in charge of the lab while he was away, but he didn't say anything about taking clients! And this girl wants her giant boobs blown even bigger? well, whatever! "Yeah let's just take a look at those... WOW" they where stunningly huge!! "O.K, let's begin!"

"Right then!" gleefully answer Marie, unceremoniously unbuttoning her shirt, letting loose her tremendous chest bounce off from her clothes, showing a whooping, dangerously distended bra.

"My doctor wasn't really sure about my next operation, he fear my implants may explode if they get any bigger..." muse Marie to Cherry as she get her hand over her back to untie her large bra. "So he sent me here so you can properly measure me all around, test my breath, muscle and overall chest capabilities - something about my implants again, new ones may have to get designed to accommodate the size I want to grow to - I'm sure it's all routine really. It's not like my boobies were THAT big to begin with anyway, they're not exactly zeppelins, aren't they?!" ask Marie, casually popping her incredibly large and round balloon boobs out of her gigantic bra. They're so full, large and tight, sporting cute little pointed-up pink nipples, that each of her cartoonisly large breast barely drop when leaving to restrain of her specially-designed bra.

Since Marie's sitting on the desk, her overgrown fake boobs are now standing, bare and unavoidable, right at the height of Cherry's eyes...

"N-no, they're not THAT big! lets measure you, first." Cherry took Marie's measurements, then said, "Ok, let's see you with your chest fully distend, take as deep of a breath you can and hold it!" Marie inhaled greatly, blowing up her huge chest even further! Cherry had to back up to avoid being knocked out by the bloated boobies. "W-whoa.. those thing look fit to burst... Um.. right, let's test your lungs by seeing how long you can hold this..."

"M'kay" managed to muffle Marie, holding her breath further, clenching her fist and pushing her incredibly large bust even further. As Cherry meticulously counted the seconds while starring at Marie's incredible bosom, the big boobs red head held her breath longer, longer and longer. As she held, held and held, a faint but continuous breath found is way up in her nose. Surely, almost menacingly, her breasts steadily, slowly inflated  bigger, bigger and bigger. As she grew and held more, her pale, freckled face flushed from pink to fire engine red. As she turned redder and redder, bead of sweat starting pearling on her brow, and her balloon-like boobs only grew, bigger, bigger and bigger still. Cherry couldn't help but gasp as Marie reached a point a point where she looked she achieved her absolute, absolute  bursting point, her boobs so large they stopped inflating. And still she held, held and held... until...

"GASP!" thundered Marie, finally breathing, letting was seemed like a metric tons of air from her lungs and gigantic pneumatic tits. Breathing heavily, sending what seemed like obscene bounce and wobbling through her round balloon chest, her face slowly turned back to a pinkish hue. "How did a do? Not bad I hope? I wouldn't want my doctor to stop me having bigger boobies..." she gasped, breathless yet happy...

"O-oh my god! That was incredible!" Cherry stood in awe of Marie's display. She was stunned by what she had just seen, Piston would have loved it, his loss! She regained her composure. "W-well, that was enlightening, it looks like you have a lot of give. You should be able to get those implants... but we need to be sure."

Cherry went and got a air tank. "we could pump you up to the absolute limit using this... or I could do it using more.. 'hands on' methods" Piston must be rubbing off on her, but she was obsessed with blowing up this big-boobied red head! "your choice..."

Marie, slowly getting is normal breathing pace back and resting her hands on her deflated, yet enormous boobs. "Oh, of course, if it's what needed to convince my surgeon. Beside, it'll be fun to have some 'practice' at being bigger. It's so fun to have them grow bigger and bigger... one of my favorite feeling is getting back from the doctor  still a bit groggy from anesthesia and try my older clothes, bra and shirt just to see how much bigger I got. On my best boob job I managed to burst out my older bra! I was so proud. Can wait to feel this feeling again... That being said, what exactly do you mean by the 'hand on' method?" ask Marie, bubbly and joyful, as she take Cherry hand into hers.

"Here, let me show you..." Cherry then took a deep breath of her own, filling her breasts out. she was no stranger to inflation, but that's what you get when you work for one the leading inventors in inflation technology. She took in enough air to begin ripping seams on her shirt, then she brought Marie close, and planted a large kiss on her lips! She held the kiss for a moment, then Cherry blew. First Maries cheeks puffed out, then sure enough, her boobs begin to swell! Cherry blew until she was all out of air, leaving Marie with a much larger chest, although not nearly as large as before. "Mmm, that was just a taste!" Cherry said, licking her lips. "what do you say, you want more?"

"Oh... Okay" told Marie, a little surprised. "You have good lungs - look how much my boobies grew with a single kiss!" witnessed Marie, satisfied. Cupping her large bust, she calculated "I was larger when I took my deep breath, and this is meant to puff me up as large as I can get to see just how big my new implant can get, isn't it?" Cherry nodded, still mesmerized by her visitor pneumatic asset.

"Then go on and puff me as large as you can - and that I can take - that way I can maybe skip one operation or two in my breast expansion venture!" enthusiastically told Marie to Cherry, as the she bent forward and pushed up her pouty lips in an inviting grin...

"Ok, then, you asked for it!!" Cherry took a huge, deep breath, swelling herself up like a balloon. she filled and filled, bloating up her chest. Then... she blew into Marie again. Marie's pneumatic bust swelled bigger and bigger at an alarming rate! Creaking and groaning, she inflated so big that Cherry had to rest on top of Marie's boobs just to keep blowing! Finally, her breasts reached the size they were at previously. "Yeah, this seems to be your limit," Cherry said, not breaking the kiss, "but let's see what one more puff does!" before Marie could protest, Cherry blew into her one last time... then Cherry's eyes shot open! something was wrong!

Marie, her eyes closing shut, pinched her nose in a frenzy, her face flushed red and her cheek puffed up explosively as big as handballs - a millisecond before her chest almost doubled in size in a mere instant... For a second she seemed twice as big she could ever get and doomed to pop, yet before Cherry could flick her wide shot eyes, Marie cheek and mighty puffed-up bust deflated like a balloon and all the air ran thought the duets sealed kiss...

Marie, letting go her nose while rubbing it, distractly exclaimed to Cherry "Oh, sorry, I tried to warn you I was about to sneeze..."

Opening her eyes, she gasped! All the air, which seemed like enough to blow a hot air balloon, went into Cherry, who now was enormous! Cherry, her eyes still shot wide, gasping, was running her hand across her newly ballooned curves, amazed... "Oh, poor girl! Are you alright?" cried Marie, jumping up, her topless breasts bouncing like big mound of tight jelly. Looking around the lab in a rush, she asked "Oh sweetie! How can I help you? Oh, there, maybe this thing can deflate you back to normal?"

Cherry stood dumbfounded, admiring her new size. "whoa, was not expecting that? bless you, I guess!" she was so enamored with her new curves she didn't notice what Marie had in her hands! "No, WAIT! I know it looks like that vacuum thing will deflate me, but it can only in -MPHP!!!" before she could finish protesting, Marie jammed a nozzle into her mouth and switched on the machine. Cherry's cheeks puffed up and air began flowing into her! "MMHP! HPPH!!!"

Soon, it was much more than Cherry cheeks that puffed; her already swollen body steadily rounded up, her bust filling up like balloon and her waist enlarging massively, down to her hips and buttock which were obscenely getting bigger, bigger and bigger over the heavy motor hum of the device she got stuck in her mouth.

"See, all fine now!" triumphantly jolted Marie, looking at the device's control "you'll soon get back to..." but she was cut short by a flight of buttons popping from Cherry's lab coat. "Oh no! I made a big, big mistake! You're getting even bigger! How do I turn this thing OFF? Oh no, you're getting HUGE!" panicked Marie, trying to find a button to turn off the one-way lab air pump she just stuck at full blast between poor Cherry's sealed lips from which intelligible "MMHP! HPPH!" filtered to no avail.

Steadily, poor Cherry blew, blew and blew, getting bigger, bigger and bigger. Her expanding frame and overgrown breast had already exploded through her lab coat and all of her clothes were now bursting at the seams. Her eyes round and helpless, she could but inflate while watching a clumsy, red haired bimbo with gigantic tits running around her lab without much help. Inexorably, she inflated bigger and bigger...

Creaks could be heard around the room as Cherry's inflation continued. She tried to blow out the pump, but this only caused her cheeks to swell bigger and turn redder. Marie looked on in fear as Cherry's boobs soon eclipsed her own tits at their biggest size! Cherry winced as the speed of her growth began to slow, signaling her limit quickly being reached! Her form was outgrowing the room, pressing Marie close, and squeezing her massive melons. "MMHPP! MHPPH!!!" Cherry flailed her useless arms, hoping that the pump's limited air supply will run out before she runs out of room!

"Ooohhh, poor thing! I'm so sorry! How do I stop this damn thing? It's not fair - I should be the ones blowing out like this - Can you imagine just how big my new implants could have been with such a demonstration? My surgeon and the implants company would comply to ANYTHING I could ask them - just imagine... Damn, I think I envy you..." though Marie, first frantically working on the super pump only to get distracted and measure in awe Cherry's ever-expanding bust. Mesmerized by the sheer, obscene size of the lab techie inflating breasts, Marie and her own record-size tits soon get smooched to the wall by the uncontrollably inflating mass of Cherry's balloon body!

"MMHPP! MHPPH!!!" try to scream Cherry, her whole face now flushed fire-engine red, her cheek blown out like basketballs, throwing on top of a zeppelin-sized body still growing larger, larger and larger... So large, the side of her elephant-sized tits began touching on the walls and ceiling, squeezing Marie tight.

"Oh, poor girl, I think you're getting... TIGHT! Sorry I got distracted by your wonderful boobies, they're sooo BIIIG, I couldn't help... I think I really should do something, not the be alarming or anything, but I fear, you know, if we let this thing run... you might POP of something!" manage to say Marie, squeezed hard on the lab wall by Cherry's still enlarging, monstrously oversized breasts, that just keep getting bigger and bigger, tighter and tighter..."Oh dear, I think I can't reach it!" moan Marie, smooched by a hot-air balloon sized breast, helplessly trying to waves her arms past it, just as a muffled "MMHPP! MHPPH!!!" faintly come from above the growing flesh balloon, as Cherry grows, grows and grows...

Creaking and shaking, Cherry swelled bigger and bigger. She felt herself run out of room as her body pulsed. Hearing Marie say the word "pop", muffled by her boobs, she realized that she was going to blow! She closed her eyes, waiting for the BOOM - but it never came! She looked down at the pump, and saw that it was out! She was safe! of course, she was still inflated to her limit, but she wasn't still blowing up, so she could try to figure a way out of this mess!

"Oh, you look fit to BURST but you're still in one piece! Don't worry girl, I'll fix this!" breathe Marie, who also thought the explosion was inevitable. Powerfully smothered to the lab wall by Cherry room-filling bosom, she got herself to climb, twist and turns up to Cherry's head to disconnect her to the one-way pump. On her way, the topless redhead unwittingly rubbed her own massive boobs obscenely against Cherry's mountainous pairs. Sweating and panting, she managed to get on top of Cherry's mound to crawl some more, squeezed between the ceiling and Cherry's outgrown mammary glands.

At this moment, a flush of panic ran thought Cherry; "MMHPP!!!" she tried to scream, as Marie sharp high heels dangerously rubbed against her distended skin. Her red, almost purple face with melons sized cheeks, still connecting to the devilish super lab pump bobbed from one side to another, as she felt certain the implant-obsessed bimbo was about to pop her like a kid popping balloon with a pin... Once more, she closed her eyes shut, certain to go with a BANG...

PLOP! she didn't burst, the pump flew off her mouth! Marie had managed, helped by the sweat covering her half-naked body, and despite her own tremendous boobs, the get herself on top of Cherry canyon-deep cleavage and unplug the lab techie from the accursed pump. Since the pump stopped, the pressure felt just enough to allow Marie to detach it.

Immediately, Cherry felt a rush of compressed air flew between her lips, and while tremendously over-inflated, she felt the pressure take off a nod down the "imminent explosion" scale.

Marie was ecstatic, despite her awkward squeezed position between Cherry's balloon body and the ceiling "say girl, about the 'hands on' method you showed me earlier, how about you REALLY go on and puff me as large as you can - if you got this BIG, I sure can!"

"Ugh... that's all you can think about, at a time like this?! Your worse than Piston... fine, anything to get some of this air out of me! Get over here and give me a kiss!" Marie made her way over to Cherry's lips, and planted a kiss on her. Eager to get rid of her excess air, Cherry began blowing at once. Marie began to swell up as Cherry deflated, her boobs growing huge as the rest of her followed suit...

"Ooohhh, Ooohhh, that's... that's PERFECT!" managed to moan Marie as she blew, blew and blew, engulfing Cherry titanic breath of what seemed like several metric ton of pressured air. "MORE! MORE! Oh, THAT WILL DO IT! MOOOOOORE!" she screamed as she grow bigger, bigger and bigger and then again even BIGGER...


"Hope you're not too disappointed?" asked Cherry, impeccably dresses a classic lab coat and impeccable hair and glasses, looking very dignified and academic.

"No, thanks for asking, but to be honest I'm not surprised they didn't let me..." answered Marie, who's  back to a "normal" size, perfectly clad in a superb executive suit that managed to make her incredibly large bosom appear casual, sober yet breathlessly sexy.

Both redhead girl are walking off an office corridors, their hands heavy with attaché-case, thick pile of dossier and laptop.

"I mean, we built a bulletproof case that not only your implants, but your whole body could hold your current boob job size tenfold without beginning to strain and yet they won't have you go more than two time your current size! That's absurd!  Me and Piston worked overnight (not that HE complained) to design you a specially adapted pair of implant not only able to grow to accommodate your need, but deflate as well so you could occupy any size from your current one to about the volume of a small house... Not only we fulfilled your initial test but went above and beyond  to show just how much you could take" complained Cherry, looking at Marie as they walked out.

"Don't worry Cherry, I know you and Piston stacked the best dossier I could ever have - My surgeons and doctors are just too square to let me get as big I REALLY want. Beside, implants twice as big as those is already quite an honest growth... " she paused, looking down her already ridiculously large boobs. Soon carried away and smiling, Marie took a deep breath, swelling around the chest like a balloon.

As Marie ballooned up in her own reverie, and the seams of her classy executive suit begun to crack under the tremendous pressure, Cherry dared to ask "Marie, I would perform back those tests anytime - apart maybe for the part where I got blown up - same thing for the long hours at the lab to design your super-inflatable implants - this is just a fascinating and daring medical & scientific challenge to meet. Yet, may I dare to ask you a question, even if it may sound odd at this point, but..."

"No problem Cherry, go on!" answer Marie, caught mid-breath, her rack now visibly bigger and tighter in her power suit, as the tallest and the bustiest of the two redhead gave all her attention to her smaller, brainier friend.

"Just why you love getting your tits SO DAMN HUGE? As I got inflated I didn't found it particularly enjoyable, yet you begged me to do it to you! Why?" finally asked Cherry to her pneumatic friend.

"Oh... I just like it - I guess it's a fetish at this point, You see, it first started as..." Marie stopped mid-sentence, thinking "Cherry, sweetie, do you still have that supercharged, one-way lab pump back at your research facility? My new boob job is not anytime soon, and if you want I can show you just why I love it soooo much in FULL details. Using your very own "hand-on" method so you fully understand, naturally!" wink the cartoonishly top-heavy redhead to her friend.

"Oh... Sure Marie. A fetish at this point? You went way over that point a few cups ago girl! Maybe we should drop of your new suit at your place do, I wouldn't want you to rip it open and ruin it..." play along Cherry, mischievous.

"Already done - besides, I doubt any clothes, apart maybe a pair of parachute sail would be able to cover me when your trough with me..." exclaim Marie, hugging Cherry with joy, trapping her friend head between her balloon boobs, each one roughly the size of an exercise ball - for the moment...

Author's Note: 

A collaborative breast expansion story by me and Kirbykid feathuring two redheaded-girls, one with really large breast implants that need to be checked before she get can have a new expansion surgery. Inflation hijinks insues. Written over role-playing session, posted here with slight edits.

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This came out great and was so much fun! we gotta do it again sometime!

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