Turkish Trouble

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Allanah Potts was an ordinary sort of girl, with ginger hair, freckles and green tinted eyes. She was 5 feet 10 inches high and was slightly chubby with round belly nice enough to squeeze, a nice big behind with a nice pair of DD breasts round the front to match. Aside from this ordinary girl on the outside she had an odd craving from within, she longed for the taste of Turkish delight. Allanah was usually a very frugal eater but when it came to Turkish delight she was eat it like a cow on grass, she absolutely loved the stuff and was willing to try any flavour.

But this day would be no ordinary day of eating Turkish delight it would be a very memorable to her, for all the wrong reasons.


Allanah was walking round her local park late one evening, the park was quiet as it was holiday season and most of her mates had gone away to catch a tan.

“What can I do with myself” she thought.  It may be worth pointing out to you at this point that Allanah was very out going with what she wore and didn’t bother what other peoples thought were about her either. She was wearing blue tight lycra boob tube and tube miniskirt and then red strapless bra and string thong and also a red belt, this shoed off all her assets clearly also showing off her belly, she always liked to wear red and blue with no relation to anything that was going to happen to her tonight.


So all Allanah did on her own was walk the paths of the park. The gravel crunching as she dragged her feet.

“Living here is so boring, there’s nothing to do here or at home.” Then a packet caught Allanah’s board persona. “Hey what’s that.” as she walked over to the purple glistening packet. She bent down to pick it up, it was purple in colour. “Wonka’s Blueberry Turkish delight, oh Turkish delight, I hope its still sealed as I would like to try it.” This was Allanah’s weak point she just couldn’t resist the temptation and she read the packet as it were the back cover of a novel.

 “Contains 100% Blueberry Juice. !!!BEWARE!!! Wonka does not accept any liability for any effects this product may cause, hmm why does it say that, its just a sweet but I don’t see anything wrong with it..” Allanah teared back the wrapped and took one bite out the bar which was divided into eight squares. “Mmm this tastes so nice it’s like eating real Blue Berry’s.” Allanah took another bit then another until she had eaten the whole packet.

“Mmmhh, Wow that was amazing but hey, I can still taste and feel the juice running down my throat, ooh.” Allanah grabbed her bare midsection. “I feel bloated.” The feeling then went away. Allanah then continued to walk in the park; she then came to a wire fence around a wooded area with a pond, feeling curious she squeezed herself through the fence and went to investigate. She went to the pond which was empty and walked across the dry bed to the once island in the centre covered in grass, which once housed a fountain. Allanah felt her stomach again “Ooh that bloated feeling.” Then after withdrawing her hands from her midsection her stomach growled, she then caught her finger tips in the corner of her eye, she brought them up to her face. “What the hell, my fingers are turning blue no not blue a pupil, violet colour?  It’s spreading its going up my arms.”


After only a few moments Allanah was completely blue from heat to toe and was feeling her bare midsection. “My skin feels the same even though its blue but I feel clammy like I have been sweating.” Then as Allanah was rubbing her sides she felt a movement in her chest, then before her eyes her boobs began swelling past her original DD size. “Wow my boobs there growing.” She cupped her hands around her breasts to feel the growth which was starting to create a noticeable cleavage in her tight boob tube. Then while she was occupied with her boobs she suddenly felt her skirt getting tight. “What my bum, it’s growing too.” Then she looked down at her belly it went from bing nicly curvy to podgy and was still growing.


Allanah just stood there slowly wobbling while she came to terms with this new experience, she was going through. “What am I filling up with its like a liquid? What can it be its not water.” Then Allanah remembered a film from her child hood “Wait a minuet, I’m violet, I had some blueberry flavoured Turkish delight, no I can’t be, I’m turning into a Blueberry girl!” Now she had swollen up to be around a meter on her waste with boobs and a butt like 4 beach balls on her but as if her body was listening it realised her thoughts and sped up the expansion.


As her bum and her boobs grew even larger her crop top and her skirt got thinner and thinner until the seams began to come apart, and with a loud RIPP both the skirt and top fell off Allanah, revealing her also rather stressed underwear. “Wow I’m getting big now its kinda feels nice being big and round.” With this the swelling sped up and she quickly grew to 5 meters wide with her belly now looking more and more spherical engulfing her arms and legs. She continued to grow ever larger until she was lifted off the ground by her crotch “Oooh that feels good.” Allanah muttered to herself, giving out a little moan as she rubbed against the floor.


Her bra had now turned to string as to had her thong which was beginning to explore Allanah’s womanly cavities in way she didn’t want them to be explored “Ah god it feels like I’m getting a wedgie that’s tearing me in half.” As Allanah reached 10 meters the sound of whips being cracked could be heard as both her under garments snapped with such force. “Wow now that’s better, now my vagina isn’t being flossed this is really great I’m really enjoying become a blueberry girl I wonder how big I could get?” The swelling then increased again with Allanah growing to around 15 meters high then 20 in quick succession. “all this juice, it feels like there is a water fall flowing inside me filling me up, all the pressure pushing out on my skin.”. Allanah grew to 35 meters with out any fuss or bother but all this time as her belly grew rounder and her butt and boobs increased in size her arms and legs were getting shorter and shorter and as we all know blueberry girls can’t grow forever which Allanah was about to find out for herself.


“Oooh I feel different now, I can feel more pressure inside me and I’m not swelling as quickly as I was before I must be getting full/” Allanah was right she was getting full, of blueberry juice. The swelling continued causing more discomfort to Allanah. “Oooh my skin it feels odd, all tingerly and sensitive I must be like 40 meters up in there air here and my hands there gone or I can’t see them I hope I stop swelling soon.”

The swelling continued more and more with Allanah’s figure ballooning out more and more with her limbs now gone and the orbs of her bum and breasts increasing in size and as she approached 45 meters height she started to realise what was happening.


“AHHHH my skin it hurts! I keep getting pains all over me now I need to stop growing now what did the packet say?” Allanah had a sudden flash back of reading the packet it said below the nice glossy advert on the side that “Some females who eat this product may need this number to be dealt with.” now Allanah thinking back to the 2005 film of Charlie and the chocolate factory finally put two and two together.

“I have turned into a blueberry girl and I am now filling up, so I need to be juiced, but I am now the size of a hot air balloon and the packet has long since blown into the park or is wedged under my body.” Allanah then made her second conclusion “If I keep swelling as I am I will run out of skin, which will make my skin rip, no that means that ill burst!!!”


With this realisation Allanah began to swell again more and more juice flowed into her ever tightening body. She grew to 50 meters high.

“Ah oh god it hurts owe my hands and feet are in agony.” Then with 4 little pops each of her hands and feet were absorbed by her body leaving 4 deep craters’ in her body where they once were, taking up the skin for more growing room, other parts of Allanah were also being taken up to provide more room.

“Ah my belly button its being stretched out, AHH so are my nipples god it hurts there the sides of pizzas, no no not my gnnnnaaaa vagina please stop!!!” With this Allanah got some more room and grew to 60 meters in pain but then the extra room ran out and the swelling slowed to a crawl. “ Is it stopping I’m not getting as big as I was but gnnnnnaaa what’s that.” Allanah was still swelling but her skin had lost its elasticity and was now getting thinner and thinner. “Ah I’m like in my own little creator here I can’t see out any more and wow.” Allanah looked at her skin; it was now so thin she could see the juice bubbling around inside her. “Help I’m getting too near now GNNNNN.” then Allanah got sudden pains all over her body as stretch marks began to appear. “GNNN no I don’t want to burst, GNNNNN but these stretch marks I have run out of skin, I can’t take it for much longer.” Allanah continued to struggle and fight against the swelling reaching 75 meters then the pressure inside her climbed drastically. Then as the juice had no ware to go Allanah began to shake violently. “GNNNNN no I’m gona burst, I GNNNNN CAN’T GNNNNN HOLD GNNNNNN ANY GNNNNN MORE GNNNNN JUCIE!!!!!!! “ Then a sensation of tiny pin pricks engulfed Allanah’s body “IM GNNNNN GONA GNNNNN EXSPLODE!!!!!! GNNNNNNNAAAAA.” BOOOOOOOM!!!!!!


With that a huge mushroom cloud of juice launched into the air and then rained down onto the dry lake In the park filling it up to is original height with streams running the fountain in the centre spraying blueberry juice.


But then the water began to stir with air bubble bobbing to the surface and a wave running toward one side of the lake then as if lifting her self out of a swimming pool Allanah appeared out of the water totally naked but unharmed and she got out and lye on the bank “Owe that really hurt it was like giving birth to a whale ahh.” Then she found the packet and read the last part “Please do not be alarmed if not reached in time you will experience emence pain but once you have exploded our juice will help regenerate your physical form back to how it was with one or two side effects which may take a day or two to ware off.” Reading this Allanah looked down at herself and she was still violet. “Ah rite so this is what it means by side effect, oh well lots of sleeping to do till it goes/” Allanah then got up plave one hand over her boobs and one over her crotch and ran off home making sure she wouldn’t be seen as a naked blue girl.


Author's Note: 

Baced on a story about me girlfriend please enjoy.

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Due to how the story has been veiwed and recived there will be a sequal under the working title Turkish Trouble 2 featuring 2 girls this time.

watch out for it