Maiden, The

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Once upon an eve at sundown, my love got a thorough rundown
Of the things she could expect while we our new toy would explore.
As we looked down on the beach and waves that seemed almost in reach
She donned her slim bikini - size too small - which seemed like quite a chore.
“Dear God!” I said.  “Your bust is huge!  Supporting those must be a chore.”
Quoth the maiden, “Get the door.”
Her cleavage was kept safely hidden while we had to the lobby ridden
Down an elevator, stepping out onto the lobby floor.
Her favorite sundress gleamed quite brightly while it hugged her figure tightly,
Shielding would-be gawkers from the slinky swimsuit that she wore.
“Why not show it off?” I asked.  “I would be proud of what I wore.”
Tisk’d the maiden, “I’m no whore.”
Onto the old boardwalk walking, with the sun the horizon stalking,
We held hands and smiled as our feet stepped onto the sandy shore.
My love took a breath and sighed; it made her more at ease inside
That we were by ourselves, no wand’ring eyes to see what was in store
Except my own; I was excited to see what would be in store.
Smirked the maiden, “Let’s do four.”
I reached into my backpack deeply, watching waves crash rather steeply
On the rocks and fishing pier a little ways up on the shore.
Finding four small cans of air, I looked up, pausing, frozen there;
The sundress, on my love before, had fallen limply to the beach floor,
And my love, bikini-clad, was stretched out on the sandy floor.
Smiled the maiden, “Do your chore.”
Approaching her, four cans in hand, I knelt beside her in the sand
And eyed the contours of the body that would soon grow like a spore.
As I pondered my preference my love looked up with deference
Waiting with anxiety to try something not done before.
“I must inquire,” I said, “do you want belly first, or breasts before?”
Shrugged the maiden, “Either or.”
Taking charge, I made my choice and, with a firm, decisive voice,
I said, “I will start with the belly.  Then we’ll spread it out some more.”
Four cans, with a hose attaching, would be rapidly dispatching
Compressed air, the likes of which could make my love’s fair figure sore.
I plugged the hose in gently, hoping it would not make her too sore.
Cursed the maiden, “Oops, I swore.”
“I apologize,” I said, and patted her atop her head.
“The worst is over.  Now the rest cannot possibly be a bore.”
Standing up, I got my pump, its hose now leading from her rump
Through all four cans of compressed air ready to start their hissy chore.
I lifted up the handle and began my repetitious chore.
Sighed the maiden, “I implore.”
At first it was a tiny mound that sought to rise above the ground,
But soon her belly looked quite pregnant, growing higher from the shore.
Then what grew next?  Her boobs, posthaste, eager to be more like her waist,
Testing the construction of the dainty swimsuit top she wore.
She loved that her cleavage overflowed the swimsuit that she wore.
Bragged the maiden, “Boobs galore!”
Her belly, not to be outdone, sought to be feature number one,
Outgrowing its J-cup neighbors in a bid to tie the score.
She nearly looked too large for twins; I could have stopped, but just for grins
I kept on pumping, watching as she grew far too large to ignore.
From ground up she reached my waist, her body too large to ignore.
Cooed the maiden, “Ooh… yes, more!”
Breasts like beach balls and still growing, her face damp and slightly glowing,
She massaged her bust and belly, eager to her form explore.
Seconds later, with a rip, her breasts into fresh air did slip,
Bouncing freely from their confines, puffy nipples to the fore.
My jaw dropped at how much, too, her belly had grown to the fore.
Blushed the maiden, “My suit tore.”
Firm and fast I pumped and grunted while into her more air I shunted,
Wiping beads of sweat while she her grand curves did quite much adore.
Fingers plied her belly button gently, when all of a sudden,
Arms and legs plumped rapidly and she could touch herself no more.
At first they simply looked bloated, but then they swelled up even more.
Cried the maiden, “More, more, more!”
She moaned, punch drunk with desire while inflating like a tire,
Straining to hold in the massive pressure that her body bore.
Her bikini bottoms broke, and with her modesty revoked,
She could not wait to be a rounded blimp girl with a hollow core.
Such a thought aroused her so, it gave her tingles to her core.
Wailed the maiden, “Coming... more!”
Although her state was quite unstable, her tight body made her able
To explode (figuratively) with much pleasure on the shore.
The pump hissed, its end announcing; she, a sphere, was nearly bouncing
Up and down in place; helpless arousal seeped from every pore.
Feeling huge, tight, light, and round made her ooze joy from every pore.
She, for once, spoke nevermore.
My work done, around I surveyed, proud of the air I had purveyed.
My love’s giant breasts were all that hearkened to her shape of yore.
The rest of her was smooth and round and made a satisfying sound
When I patted, tapped, or poked her; each touch made her senses soar.
With some effort, I climbed ten feet up, atop my love to soar.
This blimp girl was spoken for.
Navigating her huge curves, her tan lines made commanding swerves
Across her former torso, leaving clues to what she’d been before.
Her dome-shaped breasts were firm but soft, her nipples pointing high aloft;
Her cleavage held me gently on the ball of flesh that was my floor.
I lay there for a moment, savoring the soft warmth of that floor.
Her new shape, I did adore.

I rolled her ‘round to find her face, her gaze stuck in a far-off place
Until I kissed her deeply, hoping to her consciousness restore.
She grinned up at me, mesmerized, realizing she was paralyzed,
And said, “I love this body so much more than how I was before.”
“We have more cans of air,” I said.  She gave a look I’d seen before.
Begged the maiden, “Pump some more.”
Author's Note: 

My first, and probably only, attempt at inflation poetry.

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The Raven to the The Maiden

Very interesting how you made a reference to Poe's The Raven. Pretty cool.