[VIDEO] - All That, Randy Quench

All That, Episode Unknown

Randy Quench, Volunteer Firefighter, attempts to resuscitate a woman (who appears to be in no need of resuscitation) by strapping a mask to her and turning up the oxygen full blast. She inflates and eventually bursts. She gets better, but is none too happy about exploding.

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[VIDEO] - All That, Randy Quench
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Greatest female inflation as

Greatest female inflation as yet in my opinion.
This is another of the few images I gave 5 stars


But still my all time favourite is the one from "The Naked Gun 2 & 1/2: The smell of Fear", even though it is male.
PD about the Naked Gun:
I put "The Naked Gun" in Google translator between quotes, and it was translated into Spanish as "Agárralo como puedas" and "está el policía" as an alternate translation. What is interesting about that is that these aren't the literal translations, but the name the movies got in these Spanish speaking countries. I didn't know the movies were that popular to be included in Google translator. That makes me happy :)