Inflating Me

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Hi, my name is Carry. I'm kinda special. You see a few years ago I happened to have something happen to me. I was inflated by accident. Now I can will myself to inflate. It's rather fun sometimes. It can scare some people and excite others. I myself find it amusing.

I was walking downtown in the city I live in, coming home from work. I work at a toy store. My apartment is a few blocks away so I just always walk there. I normally pass a party store that sells costumes, balloons and assorted fun stuff. That evening I thought I'd go in and have a look around.

Entering the store I saw something that caught my attention. It was a full bodysuit. It was teal, had leggings with feet, full long sleeves with finger gloves and a hood with an open face. Kinda of a catsuit.

I asked the clerk about it. He told me it was a one of a kind costume. It was designed to conform to the wearer. I asked that that meant. He told me that whoever wears it can make it do whatever they want. I had to have it. It wasn't cheap, but I got it!

It was only a block to my modest apartment. I quickly opened .the door and ran down the hall shedding my coat and shoes. As I flopped onto my bed I took the suit out of the bag and examined it closer.

It felt silky smooth,cool to the touch and was very light weight. In fact, it was so light that when I saw a piece of paper in the hood and took it out to examine it, the suit hung in the air after I set it down. I was stunned! It was floating inches above my bed.

I started to read the paper. It was an instruction manual. It said:

To whoever owns this suit, it will do what you want when you want, but beware, it will create a new you. Put it on and think of what you want. The suit well forever be able to do that task over and over. It is only capable of repeating the same task that you first ask it to do so choose wisely.

This peaked my interest and I started to think about what I wanted the suit to do for me. I have an inflation fetish, a desire to change my appearance and perform body know sex changes. I've always wondered what it's like to be a guy. I prefer inflating but was curious about the other stuff.

Getting up from the bed, I was excited about my find. Pacing the room, I'd finally came to a conclusion. I quickly removed my socks, skirt blouse. As I stood in front of my full length closet mirror, I saw myself: long platinum blonde hair, perkey size B breasts and a runner's lean body. I've always prided myself on being lean and fit. My boyfriend is always telling me I needed to become a fashion model.

Returning to my bed, I grabbed the suit and looked for a way to put it on. There wasn't a zipper or any visible way to get into it so I put my foot into the neck hole and pulled it up my leg. As I pulled it up my leg, I felt a tingling sensation. My foot went into the leg and as it entered the foot area, my leg felt as though it wanted to float. It took some effort to keep my weight on the floor. Then came the left leg. As it went into the suit, I had to sit down on my bed. To my surprise, my right leg lifted off the ground and floated in front of me. I continued with my left leg and received another stronger tingle course thru my body. Left leg in!

By now I had the suit on both my legs and they both were outstretched as though resting on a foot stool. It was with some effort that I was able to pull my legs down and stand up. It felt like I was standing in a swimming pool with balloons tied to my feet. I felt so buoyant! It was a challenge to keep my balance. I bent over to gather the top half when I lost my balance and fell with a THUD; flat on my face. Ouch that hurt. Rolling over on my bottom my feet and legs lifted into the air. I was latterly laying on my back, feet and legs skyward.

My heart was racing. I laid there trying to figure how to pull the body over my bottom and get my arms into the sleeves. So I slid across the floor and pulled myself onto my bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed, legs outstretched, I bounced and managed to pull the bottom over my waist and hips. This is when I felt as though I would be lifted off the bed. I was so light. It felt as though I were a balloon with just enough lift to hover. My heart went into over drive. I was shaking with anticipation as I slipped my left arm into the sleeve and put my hand into the glove. I dipped my shoulder into the suit and did the same with my right arm and shoulder. That's when the suit stood me up. I had no choice, the lift was so intense! I stood there on my toe tips, so buoyant, so light.

Then came the last piece, the hood. By this point I was barely able to keep in one spot. The ceiling fan was creating a draft in the room and I was like a ballet dancer on my toes drifting around. Trembling with anticipation, I pulled the hood over my head. Earlier I noticed the hood had a hole on the back so I'd put my hair into a pony tail. As I lifted the hood and inserted the pony tail into the hole, my toes released from the ground. I was floating just above the floor. I couldn't believe what was happening. When the hood fitted over my head something happened that I hadn't anticipated.

All my weight returned and I fell to the floor. Then something else happened, the suit disappeared, there I stood in my panties and bra aghast at what was going on. I just stood there staring at myself in the mirror. I couldn't believe I'd been duped. $3000 gone. Putting on my sweats and a baggy t-shirt I went back to the store, fuming the whole way.

No sooner had I stepped outside when I realized something was happening to me. I had jumped off the curb to cross the street when I felt it, I was losing weight. My step was lighter than normal and I could feel my chest pulling upwards. Placing my hands on my chest, I couldn't feel anything happening. I stopped walking and jumped up. My return to the ground was anything but normal. I hung in the air for a couple seconds, then like a three day old balloon I slowly returned.

This startled me to say the least. I felt a panic well up inside me. The consequences of me getting lighter than air while outside...well lets say, not good. Turning around I started to run towards the door. With each step I found myself bouncing higher and covering more ground. Soon enough I was back inside my building. That's when I noticed my expansion.

My baggy shirt wasn't so baggy. My chest looked like there were two 18" balloons under my shirt. Reaching behind me it felt like my panties were giving me a most uncomfortable wedgie. My behind, legs and calves were filling my sweat pants and growing, even my shoulders felt blown up. Patting my chest felt like bopping two balloons. The sound was hollow. As I was exploring my new pneumatic self, I suddenly realized my feet weren't on the ground. I was slowly rising towards the ceiling. My pants couldn't contain my butt or legs and with a long slow rip they burst apart at the seams. The waist band held together, but the legs tore. My breasts had pulled my shirt up and it looked as though I were wearing a crop top shirt or a tent. The next thing I knew I had reached the ceiling and was pinned up against it.

That's when he entered the building. Looking up at me with a huge grin on his face was my boyfriend. He reached up grabbed my leg and pulled. I floated down into his arms and he wrapped them around my normal sized waist. I put my arms around his neck and buried his face with my balloon boobs. Reaching around his body with my legs I could feel the strength of my inflation trying to lift him. He seemed very pleased with my situation as he walked me into my apartment. Finding some string he tied it around my leg then to the sofa. I just floated like a toy balloon.

He asked what happened and I told him the story. He laughed at my predicament and asked how I'd plan on getting down. All I could think was to just let the gas escape naturally. I told him that it should naturally deflate. When I said deflate, I began to feel gas escaping from my rear and burps from my mouth. Slowly I could feel myself sinking to the floor and as my feet touched down I could feel my weight returning.

Now you know my story. I've learned to control my inflationary assets. I'm loving each aspect. I've also learned I can inflate other people too. My boyfriend has enjoyed that.

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A fun inflation story

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Inflator Inator

Hilariously awesome.