She's Our Winner

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            Today was the big day, and Angie was beautiful. A wonderful face, a youthful aura, and delicate smooth legs like those of a dancer. Despite all this, Angie felt she wasn’t beautiful like the others did. In her mind she lacked two important body aspects of a goddess, a large set of breasts and protruding hips. Not only was the pressure of having an adequate body heavy on her shoulders, but also, the pageant was coming up. How was she to beat the other girls in the contest with below-par curves? This question would be the one that made Angie take drastic measures.

         She was wearing her best dress that she owned. It was a light purple piece of prime cotton that seemed to shine as she passed you by. Along the edges was a small red flowery trim that gave the dress a very old-southern look. It flowed like water as the young girl moved. It was beautiful, and she was beautiful as well, but she didn’t believe she was. Angie reached over to the knob on her bedroom door, twisted it, and went downstairs to the living room.

“Are you ready, dear?” said her mother. She was a real old-money kind of woman who had just recovered from nose reconstructive surgery. She herself wore a dress similar to her daughters, yet it lacked the shiny charm and light, billowy charm that Angie’s dress did. Her mother held a mirror in her right hand and was looking obsessively at her new nose.

“Yes mother”, said the pretty girl in the purple dress nervously. Luckily for Angie, her mother would not be attending the event, due to a wine tasting event in a town a few hours up North.

“You know the way, don’t you?” said her mother

“Yes mom.” replied Angie. She did indeed know the way, and it was conveniently within walking distance from their comfortable home. The pageant was being held at a Recreational Center about two blocks away from where Angie and her mother lived.

“Alright Angela, I’ll see you tomorrow morning, I wont be back until very late, and I’m sure you’ll be just exhausted after the competition!”

“Bye Mom”, said Angie as her mother walked out the front door. Angie waited until she heard the car slip away. Now it was time, and she was going to win the competition.

The device was sitting in the corner of the living room. It was usually used for bicycles, but tonight, it was for Angie.  The pump was a semi-old fashioned one, not one for modern mountain bikes or road speedsters, more like a recreational oversized cartoon pump. Angie thought about her idea for a bit. Was this really necessary? Would this actually work? After about thirty seconds of contemplation, Angie reached for the pump with both hands and firmly placed the bottom between her two feet.

She put the end of the tube in her mouth and sealed her lips around it. This was the moment; she was going to do it. She started pumping. Hard. Her cheeks started to puff out rapidly but Angie could hold the air. The air started to move down to her hips, and bubbles of oxygen could be seen, protruding her body to lengths it had never been before. It was getting harder to pump the air through the hole and nozzle, as her body was naturally resisting the sudden major intake of air into Angie’s body. And then she felt it.

Angie’s breasts started to expand. They were expanding slowly at first, but the beautiful and determined girl pushed harder and harder to gain air. She kept pumping harder and harder, her cheeks ballooning like a blowfish. Finally, she reached the point of no more expansion, her wonderful purple dress expanded to great lengths, almost ready to tear off her delicate body. It had been done and her breasts and hips were large and voluptuous. Now the only problem was holding in the air.

How long could Angie hold her breath? Angie stored a lot of air in her cheeks but kept her lips firmly sealed to avoid leakage. She wanted to see how she looked. Angie walked over to the bathroom slowly, for she was not used to her new body yet. When she got to the mirror, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Her cheeks were massive, puffed out with air and her breasts and hips looked incredible. It was time to walk to the pageant.

Angie slid out the front door and began to walk. She was getting used to her new found buoyancy, and moved in a sort of skipping fashion that included little jumps that made her float along the sidewalk. Angie could hold her breath like no one else, and didn’t even feel like letting it out after the entire five -minute walk.

            The pageant was already under-way, meaning that Angie was late. Miraculously though, the judges recognized her from an earlier pageant that she entered last year, and signed her in without her needing to explain her self (for how could she? Her mouth was full of air.) She waited and waited. It was getting harder to hold her breath, but she was determined not to let out any of the air stored in her body.

Finally, it was her turn on the stage. She stumbled into the center of the stage, all eyes on her. Some of the audience members gasped at the sight of her, she looked like an inflatable doll. Others laughed, and a few minorities of the people there were getting really turned on.

“What’s your talent?” said the main male judge.

“Mmmmph…” struggled Angie.

“Oh I see now!” another female judge exclaimed and then followed up with a chuckle.

“Her talent is holding her breath! Look at her! She’s gonna pop!”

Not on her watch. She crossed her eyes triumphantly and peered around at the audience, confident in her abilities. She held her breath and her cheeks were ready to explode.

            Ten minutes passed and the audience was in complete awe of this beautiful young girl holding her breath. But everyone has a breaking point, you see. And Angie’s was a real “breaking point” because as the air tried to force itself out of her body, she began to expand even further! He dress began to rip for it was already distended farther than it was ever meant to stretch.

            Her clothes tore and the dress went flying into the audience, and some lucky member caught it. There she was, struggling on the stage, her cheeks distended and her body convulsing. Her face was a darker purple than her dress.


            Every volcano must erupt. She blew out all the air she held in rapidly and forcefully, causing a massive windstorm in the audience. The crowd erupted into loud cheer. Angie had won the pageant.

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Part 2? Can you make more

Part 2? Can you make more cheek related stuff?