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In a previous post, I looked into gender as it relates to inflation stories. This time around, I focus on the users.

There’s been much speculation about the gender ratio in the community. You can indicate gender in the current user profiles, but most haven’t. That’s not all that surprising; the feature’s only been there since 2011 and most accounts are older than that. But I do have about 1800 data points to deal with. That’s enough to have a bit of statistical fun.

First, the overall Gender breakdown:

Male: 79.6%
Female: 15.9%
Other: 4.5%

This gives us a male:female ratio of almost exactly 5:1. Yes, that’s pretty heavily skewed, but it could be worse.

This ratio has stayed fairly constant as long as I’ve been measuring it. The poll on the old site came up with nearly identical numbers. Why it’s so skewed, I can only speculate. But it raises a few (largely unanswerable) questions.

The big question is: Are these numbers representative of inflation fetishists in general? If the answer is yes, then the skewing is a natural consequence of more men being into inflation. If no, then the question remains as to why women are underrepresented.

Next, a look at Sexual Orientation:

Heterosexual: 67.6%
Bisexual: 15.1%
Other: 8.5%
Homosexual: 6.2%
Asexual: 2.5%

Most surveys I’ve seen on sexual orientation only include three options: Heterosexual, Homosexual, and Bisexual.

Basically, two out of three users identify as heterosexual. This is significantly lower than the general population. I can speculate as to what could be driving the disparity.

Heterosexuals under-reporting: Hetero is the default orientation, a privilege of being in the majority. People will generally assume that a given person is straight unless given reason to believe otherwise. Thus some heterosexuals may not feel the need to state their orientation.

Option bias: Most polls on sexual orientation that I’ve seen only include three options. The profile has five. And I could have added a few more if I’d felt so inclined. I included Asexual and Other, but I didn’t expect to see significant numbers there. It turns out there are a significant number of people who don’t consider themselves part of the straight/gay/bi trinary; combined, they’re over 10% of the user base. These are people who would otherwise have been excluded from the numbers.

Whatever the reason, we at appear to be a demographically peculiar bunch.

But wait, there’s more. Things get even more interesting when you break them down by gender.



















I didn’t crunch the numbers for Other. There’s not enough data to draw any meaningful conclusions. Not that meaningful conclusions are significantly easier for the Male and Female data.

The huge outlier here is bisexual women; bisexuality is the most common orientation listed by female users. This creates the rather interesting dynamic where the majority of both men and women on the site are sexually attracted to women.

I’m not ready to speculate as to why that might be, but I at this point I think I should address the elephant in the room: How many of these accounts are men pretending to be women?

I suspect the answer is “Not very many”. And by that I mean I doubt there are enough to significantly skew the results. An accurate number is impossible to calculate, but if you’re willing to accept a few assumptions then I think it’s possible to get a very rough estimate on how big an issue fake accounts are.

More on that in a future post.

Interesting... Although of

Interesting... Although of those women in this community who are bisexual, I can't say I disagree, I personally find lady on lady works to be acceptable and equally stimulating as heterosexual pieces, it would make sense that a woman would rather see a woman inflated, because we men are a bit bland..(this is a blatant presumption, and based on my recent readings into psychology) as nature would have it, the female half of the populus has theoretically shaped the male physique over time, through simple preference and natural selection.(again, quoted from readings)


On surveys & self identification

I suspect that the poll results are skewed for various reasons.  1] there isn't much content aimed at women. The majority of the content is by hetero males for hetero males. 2] Most links to are from sites that also have low female appeal [ see #1]. So, female traffic is likely to be sparse. 

Self identification of gender & sexual orientation on the survey I'd take with a shovel full of salt.  Given people 'role play' online to experiment sexually and act out fantasies, I'd guess the "41% bisexual females' has a healthy chunk of males role playing bi females including filling out surveys.  Never mind people lying for fun on surveys.

I see no particular reason women wouldn't have inflation/expansion fantasies about males.  They'd likely to be very X-rated, involving sex organ expansion as women can be 'size queens' about wedding tackle.  Also, I'll bet including making the male helpless and subject to the whims of the woman would be likely to appeal to a particular female audience

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Yeah, I agree with pnuematic.

Yeah, I agree with pnuematic. For some reason or another, I'd be willing to wager that there is a very fair share of men posing as women.

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I don’t think the number of

I don’t think the number of posers is large. At some point I’ll write up a post with more detail, but here's the short version: A significant number of men pretending to be women should cause discrepancies between the demographics of active and passive users. There are discrepancies, but they're small. While there are definitely pretenders out there, I’ve yet to see any indication that they make up a large chunk of the female population.

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Honestly, I'm a slowpoke, but

Honestly, I'm a slowpoke, but that's not what I inteded to say here, I've met a lot of female WG/Inflation roleplayers out there, but as to my knowledge goes, they lurk around tumblr, DeviantArt and other such sites.

Also, it seems men are more 'scream & shout' about fetishes than females tend to be. Many mostly in sites (like this) designed to be all about it, but still.

Another point to concider; Many females find a lot of men to be TOO sexual in roleplays. Based on a little (to be taken with a grain of salt) research of mine, more females tend to lean on the story side and more male on the pornographic side. Whilst many men just want a good time (which many females join in on), I've seen more females wanting stories and long term roleplays. Which might contribute to people gathering in different places according to where they have found a social group to add to their wishes and needs within roleplay :)

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