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In my two previous stories, I've written about a cute blonde called Jenny. In my last story, Jenny Shows Her Inflation, I showed Jenny's friend, a hot ginger called Hannah. Since Jenny has been the focal point of my last two stories, I felt I should let Hannah have the spotlight for this one. Enjoy! :D
Her best friend was a cute blonde. She was ginger. She was taller. She had a larger breast. She could also inflate herself just like Jenny. She was Hannah, Jenny's best friend. 
Hannah had just gone through quite a hustle of getting onto her Facebook page which she'd had difficulty finding. She was now logged on, and was looking for new posts. Many boys were drawn to her account because of the extreme beauty that she showed in her profile pictures. She was a tall, hot ginger girl with a slender body and a 35" chest that looked as though she had taken a deep breath and not let go of it. She dressed this figure of hers in unconsciously flattering outfits, which mainly consisted of a one-size-too-small vest and a knee length skirt which did nothing to conceal her shapely rear. She inhaled now, and stretched her bust forward so tight that she might explode. Her breasts then receded fast as she exhaled. She was hot, and everyone, except herself (Hannah was not a self obsessive type of girl), knew it. 
She heard a ping. A new message had been sent to her. She opened it up and smiled. It was from Jenny. It read "Filled my room!" Hannah clicked on the attached link, and gasped at the photo that showed up. It showed Jenny, who looked just fine, except that her body was a giant balloon ball that literally touched both the floor and ceiling of her room. Her outfit (her favourite peach dress with white spots) made her appear as a giant inflatable toy, though she obviously was not a toy herself. Hannah quickly typed a message to Jenny: "Bet I could do that!" Send. Another ping was heard about 10 seconds later. Jenny was online. "(giggle) Prove it!" Jenny's message read. Hannah, being her best friend, accepted this "challenge". She would fill her entire room from wall to wall! 
Hannah went to one of her boxes on her shelf and got out her camera. She set it up on a tripod outside her room near the doorframe, as she was going to get pretty big for any space. She then cleared away any stuff that may get broken, and moved all of her furniture to suitable positions so that nothing might press into her, or even pop her before she touched wall to wall. 
Her room was all set. Hannah then switched on her camera and switched to the automatic function. She set the timer for 2 minutes, as she could inflate pretty fast. She then smoothed down her clothes, and got into position in the middle of her room. 
The red light on the camera came on. For Hannah, that was her green light. Quickly, she took a very deep breath in and puffed out her cheeks. In that same split second, Hannah's body began to inflate. Her arms, legs, chest and belly puffed out, swelling in size rapidly like a toy balloon. Hannah kept her cheeks puffed as her body grew bigger and bulkier. Her midsection rounded out, so that her chubby arms could no longer reach her navel. Eventually her belly surpassed her mammoth breasts, making her a little rounder in the middle. She now looked like an overstuffed version of herself, plumped up and full of air. But she wasn't going to stop there. 
1 minute and a half. Hannah took another deep breath and puffed herself out more. Her arms stuck out at an angle as her round body pushed them up, her torso becoming more spherical. Her extremities widened out as they blimped up, but they became smaller in comparison to the rest of her expanding body. She no longer looked fat, but more like some kind of bizarre inflatable pool toy, as big as the biggest balloon ever. But she had a lot more growing room. 
30 seconds left. Another deep breath, and Hannah  grew into a huge ball, getting fuller and fuller by the second. Her expanding balloon body began to press into the walls of her room, so she was getting pretty close. Her spherical shape began to conform to the shape of the space she was now confined in. But Hannah wanted to fill every inch of her room. 
Hannah took one more deep breath, puffed out her cheeks, and like the balloon she was imitating, she swelled bigger as she puffed up with air. Her body filled out more, swelled bigger and grew larger and larger and larger. She could feel her body filling even the corners of the ceiling of her room, with 10 seconds left until the camera took the photo. She puffed her cheeks as hard as she could, and her balloon body went through one final surge of expansion, and then she stopped. She had inflated all the way to the door, and the area on which her head now rested was wedged in the doorframe. She was pressed into every corner and crevice of her room. She had done it. 
Hannah finally managed to look up at her camera and managed a smile, just as it flashed. Her great fate was now captured in photographic evidence. Hannah felt fully proud of herself. "Now all I need to do is deflate!" she thought to herself. 
1/2 hour later
Hannah squeezed the last bubble of air out of her belly and sighed with relief. She was now free of air, and she was now a hot ginger girl again. She picked up her camera from her tripod and looked at the photo she had taken. She looked so funny, wedged in the doorframe to her room. Her laughing made her breasts jiggle, and she was sure that Jenny's would jiggle when she saw it as well. She hooked up the camera to her computer, attached it to a new post, and sent it to Jenny. She wasn't aware of it, but both deflated and inflated, Hannah was the hottest redhead girl anyone could meet. 
Jenny had received Hannah's post, and just as predicted, she laughed so her chest shook like jelly. She was very impressed at her friend's effort. "What would it be like to be that big?" she thought to herself. "Only one way to find out!"
With that, Jenny took a deep breath.
Author's Note: 

Inspired by "Mr Globe's Body Inflation Program" by Alec Deluxe.

This is just a filler story whilst I get my cheerleader story finished off. Enjoy!

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She only has one large

She only has one large breast?

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Re. She has only one large breast?

You must have misread it. Where I'm from, a woman's chest can be referred to as her breast. Although I clearly indicated that she has two breasts, I can see where you got that thought from.

If you're turned on by the idea of a girl turning herself into a balloon by taking a really deep breath, this is the guy to talk to.

Take a deep breath in. You'll need it.