Karen's Rainy Day Joy

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It was a stormy day and Karen was as bored as ever. She didn’t even care to escape her pajamas that afternoon as it was her day off and she was going to spend it the way she wanted. At the moment, she was out of a fail relationship and she knew that this day would be lonely. She gazed out her bedroom window into the cloudy sky. 

“What to do?” she asked herself. 

She walked to the door but stopped herself in from of her full sized mirror. Looking at her relatively flat body, it only depressed her more being alone. She brushed the red hair out of her eyes and moved into the living room where she had planned on being planted all day. The couch creaked as her thin body forceful jumped into it. After snatching up the remote and flipping through the boring channels, Karen found herself regretting staying inside. 

A commercial came on the TV, “Are you lonely? Do you wish there was something to do? Is it raining outside and you took the day all to yourself?” The remarkable accuracy of the TV caught Karen’s attention. 

“Yeah,” she said to the TV. She normally didn’t conversate with her appliances but she was THAT bored. 

“Need a friend to come play with you?” asked the TV. 

“Sure,” she answered without thinking. 

The TV suddenly turned off and she mashed the power button for it to turn back on. Fussing with the control she didn’t look up at the TV which was leaking a pink ooze. She opened the back panel of the controller and dumped out the batteries. Going into the kitchen, the ooze poured out of the TV and formed on the floor in the living room. Karen retrieved new batteries and put them into the remote and when she looked up to see if the TV was on she was greeted by something new. A feminine humanoid of pink slime smiled at her, “Hi.” Karen tripped over the couch and fell onto her back. 

“What the fuck are you doing in my house?” asked Karen. 

The slime approached Karen and stood over her, “You invited me in to play.” Karen pushed herself away from the slime while she processed this info. 

“You came from the TV?” asked Karen. 

“Yep!” happily answered the slime girl. 

“I didn’t know some slime was going to come out when I answered. I was just bored,” said Karen getting to her feet and putting the couch between her and the slime girl. 

“I’m here to entertain you. Tell me how to entertain you,” said the slime. For a moment, Karen’s mind wandered and she thought about the inflation fetish she enjoyed. 

“That sounds fun!” said the slime loudly. 

“What sounds fun?” asked Karen, slightly tilting her head. 

“This!” said the slime. 

She put out her arm and she fired across the couch and her extended arm hit Karen in the mouth. It pried her lips open and pushed into her mouth. Her cheeks filled to the max and her throat expanded to acomadate the flow of slime pushing into her. Karen attempted to shut her mouth but the flow as too strong. She tried to cover her mouth but the slime was too thick to block. 

“Oh God! She going to blow me up like my fetish!” she thought to herself. 

“Yes, I am. I’m going to make you so big you can’t move, just like you like,” said the slime. 

“Shit, she can read my mind,” thought Karen. 

“Yes, I can,” smiled the slime girl emptying into Karen. Karen was soon left wondering where all of this slime was going. 

“You want to know where I’m going in you, huh?” giggled the slime girl. 

Karen stared back at her, jaw forced open, tried to clear her mind. Suddenly an image of a drawing see saw on Deviantart flashed in her head. It was a girl with a hose in her mouth and engorged breasts. 

“Oh, that’s a delicious place to stay,” said the slime girl. 

“No way she saw that,” thought Karen. 

The slime didn’t have to answer because Karen’s chest did. It was as if a chill ran through her nearly flat chest and stayed there. The cool slime pushed evenly into each of her breasts. Karen struggled to look past the flow of slime pushing into her mouth to watch her tit swell. The button up pajama top slowly grew more and more snug as her lady lumps made their own room. “This is impossible, this can’t be happening!” thought Karen, cupping her bulging bust line. She had never had breasts even large enough to resembling anything under her top. 

As her chest scaled the alphabet in cup sizes, the slime said, “You can do anything with me. You really need to relax and enjoy yourself.” 

“I’m getting relentlessly expanded by slime and it tells me to relax,” thought Karen. 

Her heart began to race as the slime slimmed down. A visual verification that she was actually pouring into Karen’s body. POP! The middle button of Karen’s pajama top popped open and Karen’s attention returned to her boobs. They softly expanded to the size of her own head yet they continued to grow. 

“God, you’re making them so BIG!” thought Karen, feeling her breasts all over. 

“I know and you’re getting so turned on by it,” giggled the thinning slime girl. 

The smile girl started to shrink in height from all of her slime leaving her and entering Karen. Karen hadn’t taken the time to acknowledge that she was quite aroused by the expansion of her chest. Her face was warm, the muscles in her back were half-tense, half-relaxed - among other obvious signs of female arousal. POP! Yet another button as violently bursted open from Karen’s bazooms. It revealed a mighty chasm of cleavage through the bursted pajama top. The weight of Karen’s new chest puppies put a new strain on her back but she enjoyed it. 

“My boobs are heavy... MY TITS ARE HEAVY!” thought Karen. 

Just as her chest burst from her top, Karen was bursting with excitement. The slime girl soon shrank into nothing but a head and floated along the stream of slime to Karen. What was once the arm of the slime girl now looked like a very long tongue out of the slime girl’s open mouth. The smile girl’s head pulled towards Karen’s and when they touched it looked as if Karen was kissing a pink head. Karen blushed heavily as the slime head smiled happily back at her through a kiss. Then she suddenly disappeared from Karen’s vision and pushed into her mouth. Finally Karen’s mouth could shut and throat relax as the slime girl was fully in Karen. 

“Oh my God, you’re in my chest! That’s so strange... hey, if you were the same size as me and you pushed into me wouldn’t my tits be larger to fit you in them?” asked Karen, frowning a bit. 

Her chest was only as big as two basketballs in her tight top. To Karen’s surprise, a face pushed up out of her left boob. It was much smaller than a human’s so it could fit on the top of her bosom but was very detailed. Like a small face pushing from the other side of her skin. Karen could see the indentations for the eye sockets and make out the expression on the face very well. 

The lips of the face moved and the voice of the slime girl could be heard as if still standing before Karen, “I can change that for you, watch.” Each tit started to swell once again. Karen stared down at the face on her boob and poked it in the eye. 

“Ouch!” yelled the slime girl. 

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t know if you could feel that or not,” said Karen. 

“No worries,” smiled the slime girl’s face. POP! Karen heard that button bounce off the hardwood floor. 

“I gotta get a better look at this,” said Karen and she walked back into her bedroom. Looking into the mirror she got a better view of her lovely mammories expanding. With the buttons bursted off her top, it made her top look like a huge bra for her still swelling chest. 

“Ok, they are big enough,” said Karen, trying to enjoy her huge size. 

“That’s true but I know that you want to see the rest of those buttons pop, don’t you?” asked the smiling face on her chest. 

Karen started to worry again, “Can I get any bigger?” 

“Oh yes, you can fill this whole house if you like but that wouldn’t be very fun. Don’t worry about your skin, I can make it stretch indefinitely,” said the slime girl happily. Finally the bottom button held on for dear life. 

“Uh oh, Karen you’re going to bust out of your top soon,” giggled the slime girl, moving her face around so that Karen could see her in the mirror. 

“I have to admit... this is fucking AWESOME! Burst that button!” cheered Karen. Her breasts suddening grew at a renewed rate that made that final button bounce off the mirror but the shift of weight made Karen fall forward and onto her knees. 

“Oh my God, look at my tits!” laughed Karen. 

“I know they are so big and soft,” giggled the slime girl inside her. 

“You think you could retrace them a bit so I can stand again?” asked Karen into the face of the slime girl on her boob. 

“Of course, or maybe I should just move it all...” said the slime girl. 

Karen felt the slime girl’s face slide down her boob and onto her belly. The face hovered around Karen’s navel and her belly began to push outward. While Karen’s tits shrank very quickly, her belly blew up slowly. 

“Are you expecting, Karen?” played the slime. 

“Apparently,” answered Karen as she got to her feet. 

The slime girl was kind enough to make her tits small enough to see over. Karen pulled off her busted top and looked at her topless body expand. The waistband on her pajama bottoms pulled tightly across her widening stomach. Karen pulled her pants down a bit so that her rounding belly could expand over top of it. 

“Damn, I’m starting to look ripe,” said Karen, enjoying her belly that now looked like she was fully pregnant. 

“Not yet, you need the finishing touches,” said the slime girl. Karen’s boobs blew up a little to match her pregnancy and her butt fattened up a little. The expansion stopped so that Karen could admire her new body. 

“Look at me, all knocked up. I always wondered if pregnant girls had it hard. I know the weight gain has to put a strain on them but I wonder how it feels. Mine if I try it out?” asked Karen. 

“Not at all, go right ahead,” answered the face on Karen’s belly. Karen happily strutted around her house. Laughing as her bloated belly bumped lamps and hit things as she turned around. After she had her fill she plopped onto the couch. 

“This IS no joke, pregnancy would suck if you couldn’t control it,” laughed Karen, patting her belly. She leaned back farther into the couch and spread her legs to accommodate her stuffed tummy. The slime girl’s face slid up Karen’s body and looked her in the face once more on her boob. 

“Get up, you don’t want to get lazy it might all go to your ass,” giggled the giddity slime girl. 

“Bring it on, I don’t mind a little junk in the trunk,” laughed Karen. The face disappeared off of her chest then she felt her butt widen. Slowly Karen rose higher and higher on her butt girth. The seat of her pants grow incredibly tight but all she could do was let it burst open. 

“I gotta see this,” said Karen. She tried to rock forward but her huge belly made it too difficult and with her ass gaining more weight, she stayed seated. 

“Not so fast, blimpy. You wanted some junk in your trunk so I’m pouring a landfill into it,” laughed the slime girl. 

The cushions on the couch pushed off the sides from her backside widening. All the desperate spring in the couch creaked in terror from the two growing buns that piled on more and more weight. Before long, Karen was using the three section couch as a tight booster seat. Her butt spilled over the armrest on each side plus she sat on these two large beach ball-like butt cheeks. She felt the face of the slime girl slide around on her butt cheeks. 

“Oh no, my butt is getting too big for my couch!” chuckled Karen a bit worried again. 

“You should’ve got up when I told you, fat ass,” joked the slime girl. 

“Hey now. How about you shrink me up a bit so I can enjoy my butt?” asked Karen. 

Her ass quickly deflated until it was a great bubble butt that she could walk around in. She walked back to the mirror and admired her huge butt. 

“Karen,” said the slime. 

“Yes... oh I never got your name, what’s your name?” asked Karen. 

“It doesn’t matter, I have to leave soon,” said the slime, moving her face up to Karen’s bloated tit. 

“Where are you going?” asked Karen. 

“Your body is starting to absorb me. Before long I will permanently fatten whatever body part I’m in so I have to act quickly. You don’t have to tell me where to go I’ve already seen the image you want of yourself in your mind. I had fun, Karen,” said the slime girl. 

Karen was suddenly saddened greatly, “You can’t go, we’re having so much fun. I can get so much bigger all over, I swear.” 

“I know you can and I will return to you again on another rainy day. Just wish for me when you’re all alone in front of your TV,” explained the slime girl. 

“Farewell, slimy,” said Karen. 

“Farewell, Karen,” said the slime girl. 

Her face disappeared off of Karen’s chest. Which shrank down to a reasonably big size of HH cup bra sized-boobs. Karen’s waist returned back to it’s flat and trim self. Her butt shrank slightly giving her the perfect ass. Even after watching her body change so much that day, the body she was left with shocked her. 

“Oh … My... God...,” said Karen in the mirror. 

She couldn’t put her boobs down and she kept slapping her butt to make sure this was all real. She looked outside to see that the raining had stopped and the sun was shining bright. 

“Carpe diem!” she said as she stormed into her closet. Karen came out wearing the tightest tank top and skinny jeans she owned. Watching by the mirror she checked herself out again.

“Cleavage,” she bent over and looked into the deep crack between her breasts, “check! Butt cleavage!” She jumped in place and bent over forward again. Her big ass pushed out the top of her pants, mimicking her chest, “Double check!” She giggled as she bounced, in more ways than one, to the door and left her house a new woman.

Author's Note: 

This request is about a girl who gets visited by a slime girl and they have fun together. Breast, butt and belly expansion via slime. This time however the expansion is enjoyable to the receiver.

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I quite like this story, good

I quite like this story, good job on it, though I would suggest adding a bit more character development and story in the next one.


Pleeeeeeaaase make a sequel to this. And if you can give me permission, I can write a sequel