Lesson in Humiliation, A

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Ms. Jackson was a vile professor of English. Every student that attended the college heard a horror story here and there about her. Since her subject was one of the most necessary courses in college, you always had a chance of falling into her class. Most of the students that were unfortunate enough just dealt with the low grades and relentless criticism from Ms. Jackson. She was a short, slightly pudgy woman. She was in her mid-thirties and other than her weight, she was a gorgeous woman. She was as cold-hearted as it came, she didn’t show compassion on any level. It was rumored that a pregnant student had to deliver her child in the room because there was a test that day, and she had her grade lowered because she was disrupting the class. 

Sammie Spencer was a student in Ms. Jackson’s class and like her classmates, she wasn’t excelling in Jackson’s class. Sammie was part of a secret coven of witches and was chosen out of her circle to be the one to go get a job. She despised college as she had never quite fit in. She rocked the punk/gothic look and most people thought she was a crazed wicken.

“Another damn day in this class,” Sammie thought to herself. She ran a hand through her pink hair and played with the black tips of it. She had found her time spent much more efficiently with her feet kicked up on the desk. Her black boots nervously rocking as she stared at the clock behind Ms. Jackson. 

“Ms. Spencer, I know my class bores you but you could at least pretend like you’re listening, and get your damn feet off my desk!” yelled Ms. Jackson. Everyone in the class, which was about seven other people, all turned to look at Sammie. Sammie knew that if her coven found out that she got kicked out of a class they would lose it. She complied and tucked her heavy boots under her desk with a sneer. 

Ms. Jackson continued, “Eyes up here, everyone. Please drop your essays off on my desk at this time.” Sammie’s smooth attitude was crushed, she didn’t do her essay at all. For the last week she had been practicing curses with her fellow witches. She knew she had to face the music and hoped that the consequences weren’t too harsh. After each of the other students had dropped off their essays, Sammie approached the seated Ms. Jackson. 

“Ms. Jackson, I had some family business come up and I -” 

“Don’t you dare tell me you didn’t write this essay!” yelled Ms. Jackson. 

Sammie could feel everyone’s eyes on her again, “If you could just give me one more day.” 

“No! Life doesn’t work on ‘one more days.’ You have failed to show me even an ounce of attention in my course. Get out!” Ms. Jackson grew red in the face and stood angrily. 

“I promise just one more -” 

“Get the fuck out of my class!” yelled Ms. Jackson. Sammie’s face scrunched with anger and she couldn’t control herself. 

“Listen here, fat ass! I don’t want to do this shit anymore than you have to. All I’m asking for is one more day, that’s it. If I can’t deliver then you can flunk me!” Sammie didn’t know she was releasing magic as she screamed. Tammy, a blonde girl in the front row, noticed Ms. Jackson’s black shirt pull tighter around her butt. 

“How dare you? You get out of her right now before I throw you out myself!” screamed Ms. Jackson, unaware of her skirt pulling tighter. 

“I’d love to see you...” Sammie stopped at the sight of her professor’s thighs widening. 

“Oh my God, look at her butt. Is it … growing?” asked Britney. 

“I thought I was just seeing things, but it is. How can it just grow?” asked Tammy. Ms. Jackson’s anger faded to as she reached around and felt in her hands each butt cheek inflate. 

“What’s happening?” asked the worried Ms. Jackson. 

Sammie was even more disappointed with herself. Not only had she messed up in college but she just used magic on her professor in public. Sammie reached into her purse and pulled out a crooked wand, she raised it to the sky and a red flash emerged. All the students’ eyes widened as they all became hypnotized. Ms. Jackson however was just the same and was backing away from Sammie. 

“You! You’re a witch!” Ms. Jackson tried to push her butt back in but it only looked as if she were groping herself. The students gathered around Sammie and all looked over Ms. Jackson. 

“I think you need to make her butt bigger!” said Jack, a black haired football player. 

“You perv, Sammie is a witch she can do anything. I think we should let her feel some humiliation for once,” smiled Tammy, setting a hand on Sammie’s shoulder. Tammy leaned over and whispered something into Sammie’s ear. 

“Oh I can do that,” Sammie smiled and waved her wand proudly. The room streched into a large dinning room and all the desks merged together into a long, large dinner room table. The table was covered in every inch by chocolate cake slices. 

“Class if you would please turn your attention to me,” said Sammie as if the new professor. 

“Today we will learn just how much cake the female body had withstand. If you would please line up and one by one feed Ms. Jackson until I tell you to stop.” 

“What the fuck is going on?” demanded Ms. Jackson. 

She had magically been forced into a small chair that her fattened ass couldn’t wedge out of. Ropes tied her wrist down to the wrist rest of the chair. The students did as they were told taking a plate each and marching at Ms. Jackson. She tried to scream for help but that just helped Britney stuff the first piece into her. Ms. Jackson kicked as her cheeks were filled with the delicious cake. Brandon then pushed his piece into his ex-professor’s mouth. Ms. Jackson coughed as the cake pushed down into her stomach. One by one the large pieces of cake were forced into Ms. Jackson. 

After each student had stuffed Ms. Jackon with three pieces and her belly looked like she was fully pregnant, Rose said, “We need to fatten her up faster. Maybe if we gave her a drink.” 

Rose winked to Sammie and she was up top of it. A hose descended from the ceiling and the students fought over who got to stuff it into Ms. Jackson. Ms. Jackson groaned as her upset belly gargled with discomfort. Jack pulled it away from everyone and stuffed it into Ms. Jackson’s mouth. 

“Ha, said my athletic skills were inadequate huh? Try pulling the hose out, you fat bitch!” taunted Jack. Sammie did away with the chair and let Ms. Jackson stand. She pulled on the hose with all her might as the water poured from it heavily. Jack and Brandon laughed together as Ms. Jackson’s black cardigan filled with breasts. 

“Typical for the guys to want the water to fill up her tits first,” huffed Olivia in the back. 

“What would you rather it do?” asked Sammie. 

“I want to see this bitch fill up like a Macy’s Day parade balloon,” laughed Olivia. Ms. Jackson waved her hands in protest at the suggestion but she had no say or voice. Brandon eagerly watched the buttons pop on Ms. Jackson’s cardigan until the rest of her started to fill out. 

“Aww man, she was going to be stacked with a preggo gut. I guess I can get to like this though,” said Brandon walking around Ms. Jackson. He gave her swelling ass a loud slap and everyone burst into laughter. 

“Goddamn dude, that shit was loud. Let me try,” Jack raced over to Ms. Jackson’s badonkin’ badonkadonk and slapped it hard. Ms. Jackson groaned as all her clothing was shrinking on her. Soon all the students circled around her poking and putting their ears against her. 

“That sloshing is kinda hot, shake her up,” suggested Chelsea. All the students grabbed a bloating part of Ms. Jackson and shook her. The sloshing of water and cake was very loud. 

“Uh oh, Ms. Jackson! That wasn’t water that was super carbonated soda!” yelled Britney. Sammie waved her wand again to change all the water in Ms. Jackson. She popped the hose out of her mouth as that was no longer needed. 

“You freaks! Stop this, I’m getting too … oh what’s happening to me now?” asked Ms. Jackson. 

“Damn your thick... I mean really!” joked Chelsea. 

“We just shook you and you’re filled with a carbonated liquid, do the math. Maybe you should have took that subject instead,” laughed Tammy. Ms. Jackson’s cheeks blow up and she prays to let out a burp but can not. The gas builds in her as the students poked and shook her more. 

They started to chant, “Grow, grow, grow!” Ms. Jackson’s black skirt rips into two from bloating butt cheeks and her shirt and cardigan burst off of her from her beach ball sized bust. Only a part of super elastic panties hold on for dear life. Even that pulled extraordinarily tight against her belly that was twice the size of one of her boobs. She started to cry and was instantly mocked by all her students. 

“Awww, poor Ms. Jackson is a big fat cry baby!” mocked Rose. 

“I’m such a big, fat, bloated bitch!” mocked Olivia. 

“I hope she keeps blowing up till she explodes!” yelled Tammy. All the students cheered the idea and Sammie didn’t feel so comfortable about the idea. Sammie waved her wand to stop the inflation and dehypnotize and the students. She waited but nothing happened, Ms. Jackson continued to expand. “No, no... this can’t happen!” yelled Sammie as she shook the wand as if that helped at times. Ms. Jackson’s body began to creak as she towered over the others, bloating bigger and bigger. Her tits expanded to two giant orbs that were bigger than all the students. Her butt continued to expand and pushed out about four foot behind her. The students kept shaking her and gas was pushing into every inch of her body. Her eyes bulged out as she experienced the last moments of her expansion. Sammie knew that this wouldn’t go over well with her covent. After Ms. Jackson filled to the max and exploded, all Sammie could do was use her magic to clean up the classroom and erase the students’ memories. While the students waited for their absent professor to show up, Sammie was kicking herself for using magic.

Author's Note: 

This is an expansion story about a terrible professor who gets what she had coming to her, in a BIG way. Contains force feeding, water expansion and gas inflation.

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I think this one is an improvement over past efforts. Nice.

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