Inflation Competiton, The

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“Oh… My… God!” Sarah exclaimed as she and her friends (Amy and Kayla) pulled up to the house where they were holding the competition. As they got out of the car all of them screamed in excitement for what was awaiting them inside. They grabbed their luggage from the back of the Kayla’s car and went inside. The building was small on the outside… but as you walked in, it seemed bigger on the inside.

“Hello,” said a voice from down the hall. “Come on, Come on… don’t be shy,” it said. So as the girls walked down the hallway, they could hear people at work cooking, surfing, and exercising. They now started to believe that they weren’t the only ones in this competition. They also noticed that the other girls training were also in pairs of three also. Finally, they reached the end of the hallway and were greeted by the host of the competition, showed to their room and started unpacking.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sure ready for this competition,” Kayla said to her friends as he pulled out a mini helium tank. They were told about the competition when they got letters in the mail saying what it was about, why you’ve been chosen and the things you were supposed to bring.

“Well… I’m definitely ready… how bout we do a little practice run? Just a tiny bit of training too?” Amy said as she slipped into her shiny red latex suit.

“I’m up for practice,” Sarah said.

“I guess so,” Kayla said.

So after they all slipped into their shiny, red, yellow, and pink latex suits, they each took out their mini helium tank they brought along with them and put the hose connecting to it into their mouths. They turned the helium valve on and they started to feel air rush into them. Now normally, air would go into the belly and make it round as a beach ball, but Sarah and her friends have a natural talent of being able to redirect the helium flow to any part of their bodies. So this time, since it was just a practice run, they just inflated their asses.

“Oooh… that feels so good,” Kayla said in a squeaky voice. After about a minute of inflating, they turned off the tanks, slipped the hoses out of their mouths, and sat down on their big, round, helium-filled butts. But when doing this, Sarah shifted the helium into her bust, surprising her and making her fall backwards. After Sarah got back up, they all had a good laugh about it. They enjoyed being full of helium. It was always fun to them to sit on their big air-filled ass, or lay on their watermelon sized tits. Sometimes for the fun of it, they would use water instead of gas. They would get all sloshy and heavy, but they preferred helium.

They just sat there with their helium filled body, getting used once again to having helium inside them. After about five minutes of helium filled time, they deflated themselves and went to explore the training area.

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It's Short but it's only Part 1

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