Sweet, Fat Revenge

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I smiled at my reflection. The most gorgeous girl in college. Well, the hottest to say the least. My life is perfect- and I intend too keep it that way. That meant making Jessica Harper's life a misery. She's the only girl who could ever be better looking then me. Even though her boobs aren't as big as mine, her ass isn't as perfectly rounded, she's amazingly pretty. But, ugh, how can I be thinking this? Of course she isn't pretty. That's why I tease her- she needs to learn she will never be as amazing as me. 

I checked my mobile. My friend, Chacy, wanted to meet up at the mall. I shrugged and changed into a tiny, revealing spaghetti top and short-shorts, my lacy thong visibly showing. I grabbed my purse, stuffed of cash and went to the mall.

"Hey babes!" I greeted, air kissing her cheeks. My boyfriend, Mark was standing beside her, and he pulled me into an embrace. I smiled, my tou be exploring his mouth, one hand wandering up his muscled torso, one hand squeezing his firm butt. He groaned in pleasure as I pressed my breasts against him. 

We tore apart, and that's when I saw her-Jessica. I knew she had a crush on Mark. Every girl did. I put an arm around Mark. 

"What are you staring at, sad case?" I smirked, "What you will never have?" I said, putting my hand back on Marks ass. 

"I'm sick of this, Kelly. Can't we just be friends?" Jessica pleaded.

"Awww, does the poor loner need some friends? Go buy me some water or something, if you can afford it." 

Jessica looked sad for a moment, then her eyes lit up. 

"Ok. I'll get you some water." 

I was actually quite astonished. I didn't expect her to actually get me some, buy hey, free water, and I was thirsty. Jessica came back about 10 minutes later. 

"What took you so long?" I asked, snatching the bottle out of her hands, glutting down every last drop. 

She looked at me, with an evil glint in her eyes. I didn't like this. 

"I added an extra ingredient that I've been working on for weeks. Carbohydrates, fat, sugar and calories as a gas. Tons of it. And I put it all in that bottle. One sip will bloat you like a balloon. It hats all I expected you to drink. But all of  it? This is goanna be good." she explained. 

My eyes widened. I tried spitting it out, but I had swallowed all it it. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. With a rumble, my stomach slowly expanded like a beach ball, so my perfectly flat stomach was now rounded. I gasped in horror. This must be some kind of suck joke. I placed my hands on my stomach, which made me look pregnant. 

"Put it back!" I screeched. Jessica shrugged. 

"That's about a drops worth." she said. My stomach grew again, now the size of a beach ball. Mark took a step away from me. 

"Mark, baby, you don't believe this, do you?" I asked, closing the distance between us, but my abdomen swelled again, pushing us apart. I looked nine months pregnant. Mark took another step away. 

I put my hands over my stomach. I looked nine months pregnant. My stomach growled, getting slowly larger, rounder, uglier. A small crowd had gathered to watch. I felt my cheeks flush pink. I pulled my belly towards me, trying to hide it, but with now, a huge growl, my stomach started expanding at twice the speed. 

I looked like a human volleyball, my limbs sinking into the fat. 

"Heeelp! Heeeeeelp!" I yelled, but Jessica stuffed my mouth with a tube, so my screeches were muffled. I was now spherical, huge, the size of a small truck. My belly was gigantic, my skin in rolls of flab, like jelly. My spaghetti top was giving way, my shorts, and legs, now hidden by my belly. The straps snapped, one by one. 

"Mmmmmmmf! Mfffffffff!" I said, my yells for Mark muffled by the tube in my mouth. My belly was so big it lifted me high above the ground. This Must be a nightmare. 

"Let's speed up the process, eh?" Jessica said, turning on a tank that was attached to the tube in my mouth. The air gushed to my forever swelling stomach- making it grow even faster. You know how big Violet was in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory? I was 10 times her size. 

My skin, tight and stretched, flung off my spaghetti top. The crowd of people was huge- pointing, staring, laughing at me. I wanted to pull the tube from my mouth, but my hands were wedged at my fat sides helplessly. And the strange thing is, I wanted more. The sensation was amazing, and my worries disappeared.

"Mfff-gger. Mfff-gger."

"Bigger? Ok." she cranked up the nozel of the hose. My stomach quadrupled in size, swelling in front of my eyes. I groaned with pleasure. I wanted more. I wanted bigger.

She cranked it up again, until I looked like a human hot- air balloon. My skin was stretched to its limits. Reality took over. I was probably the fattest girl on earth. 

I started shaking my head, wriggling like mad.

"Are you sorry?" Jessica said, once I was as big as a store. My tiny feet stuck in the air, my hands flailing at my sides. I nodded as much as I could. I looked down at my once perfect body. I was now one giant ball of inflated fat. Jessica pulled the tube from my mouth, and brought out a needle. She stuck in my side. I started to deflate. I sighed with relief. After going down a quarter of my size, I stopped deflating. 

"What happened?! Put me back to normal, you little freak!" I yelled. 

She shrugged. "that's as far as you'll deflate. The rest is natural fat."

"So- I'm stuck like this forever?!" I was still one giant, huge ball. 

"Well, I guess you could always join the circus…"

Author's Note: 

I know it pretty muchs sucks, plot and grammar wise but enjoy :P

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The Night Owl

Fun to read. Good job though :D

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Like it alot. Write more pls

Like it alot. Write more pls