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Meanwhile at Natalie's house........

"Are you sure about this Natalie. What if we pop?"

"What are you, chicken?"

"NO! Just concerned is all."

"Well then lets do this already. My new air compressor is waiting in my room for us. Lets go."

Natalie and Kristie raced to her room. They've always had a small rivalry between them ever since they've met. Competing with one another over anything they could. The door to Natalie's room burst open with a kick from Natalie.

"Ha, I won!"

"No fair Nat. You pushed me back there."

"Nah uh."

"Uh huh."

"Nah uh."

"Uh-holy crap what is that!?"

"Nah......oh. It's the air compressor." ^_^

"Jesus it's big!"

"I know I found it online for cheap. Isn't it great?"

"Gee, I don't know Nat. Maybe we shouldn't-"

"Buk, buk, bwaaaaak! Chicken."

"I'm not a chicken. I'm just afraid you won't be able to handle losing is all."

"Ha now that's funny. I do this every night. I'll get way bigger than you can imagine."

"Oh yea, lets just see about that then shall we?"

"Okay, lets do it then."

Natalie walked over to the air compressor. It was as big as the desk next to it. It was able to connect to multiple hoses so Natalie just inserted the two she got. She handed Kristie one while keeping the other for herself.

"So, now what?"

"Now we put it in."

"Put it in where?"

"Oh that's right your new to this. goes in our......uh......butts....."

"Our WHAT!?"

"Calm down it's not so bad. It feels kinda nice actually. Look I'll put mine in first then I'll help you. You do it like this."

Natalie pulled her jeans and panties down to her knees exposing her butt. She took the hose and know. She pulled her pants back up and buttoned them.

"You see it's easy."

"Hmmmm......I don't know."

"Here I'll help."

Natalie walked over to Kristie, spun her around, pushed her over, and pulled down her short shorts. Then she inserted hose A into slot B.


"There that was easy right?"

"Sort of....."

Kristie pulled up her shorts and rubbed her butt.

"Shouldn't you take your shirt off and wear a bikini top like me?"

"No thanks. I like the feeling of my clothes getting tight as I blow up."

"Ha whatever. It'll just constrain you and I'll end up bigger."

"Alright let's see if you can put your money where your mouth is and get bloatin. Whoever becomes the biggest wins. Also if you take the hose out before I do then I win."

Finally Natalie turned on the machine. It made a whirling noise and started to shake. Soon the hoses came to life as air flowed through. Natalie was getting excited.

"Mmmmmm, I love this part."

Kristie didn't see it at first, but Natalie's stomach started to grow by a few inches. Kristie couldn't feel anything and thought her hose was busted.

"Hey did you cheat and tamper with my hose?"

Natalie snapping out of her pleasure looked at Kristie. She still looked the same.

"No way. I'm not a cheat you know that."

"Your right you've never cheated before. What's wrong then? AAAAHHHHH!"


Kristie's belly shot out a foot in front of her. She stumbled back against Natalie's dresser. Knocking over the pictures and other items that were there.

"Whoa. Your huge Kristie. Hey wait your bigger than me now!"

"Ha, see I'm just better at inflating than you are."

"Oh yea?"

Natalie cranked the compressor up a few notches. Her belly filling up faster. Getting to basketball size and more. Kristie wasn't growing at the rate of Natalie which started to make her nervous.

"Looks like I'm catching up."

"Shut up. It just takes a bit to get goin."

Bigger and bigger Natalie grew. Her belly ballooned to 3 feet all around until the button on her jeans blew off and ricocheted off of Kristie's belly.

"Ow! Watch were your pointin your buttons next time."

"Hehe sorry."

Kristie noticed not only was her belly growing, but so were her thighs. They strained the legs of her short shorts, cutting into the puffy legs. She rubbed them up and down. Her butt cheeks stretched the back of her shorts. Almost like it was sucking them up into her growing butt crack. Natalie watched her friend as she blew out all over. Enjoying the show while feeling her own bloated body. Her tight shirt was slowly riding up inch by inch. Exposing her bare belly to Kristie. You could see her panties coming out of her opened jeans. Being stretched by her bloated crotch and pushing through more. She looked back and noticed quite a bit of ass cleavage looking back up at her. She was spilling out of the tight jeans she wore. Finally realizing the ripping noises that were coming from her. Her puffy legs were bursting at the seams of her jeans. Her thighs were 3 feet in diameter and bursting out of her pants. Natalie just smiled and looked at Kristie.

"Oooohhhh. Isn't this fun? I'm getting completely huge!"

"Heh, yea this is kinda fun, but I'm way bigger than you."

"Ha, we'll see about that."

The girls continued to blow up. Growing and growing and growing. Ballooning out of their own clothes. Kristie's nipples started to peak out of her bikini top while Natalie's shirt was straining to keep it together on her own breasts. *THWIIIIP* Suddenly the bikini top shot off across the room and landed on Natalie's belly. It slowly slid down the front and plopped on the floor.

"Whooo. They're gettin mighty big aren't they."

"Ha look who's talkin. Your shirt is about to burst just like you."

"Haha, very funny."


"Natalie's shirt ripped from the neck down allowing her breasts to push through and be free. With the sudden force of her breasts Natalie stumbled back onto her bed. Her ass made the landing more bouncy. She felt more comfortable sitting while she inflated. Kristie started to feel a bit tired and tried to sit down on the floor. It was a bit awkward, but she managed. As she was going down her shorts ripped in half pretty fast and hit the floor before her cheeks did. Their arms also inflated. Making it hard to move them.

"Man were gettin pretty big. You sure you don't want to give up yet?"

"Nah, I'll go on forever if I have to."

Just as Natalie's belly reached 7 feet she felt something cold rub against it. She didn't know what it was or could see much in front of her, but as her belly continued to push against it she soon figured out what it was. It was the nob on the compressor that controls air flow. Since she was to the left of the nob her belly turned it to the right, sending it to full blast. Kristie and Natalie felt the sudden increase of air flow. They started to blow up much quicker than before.

"Natalie? What's happening?"

"Um, I think my belly turned the air compressor on full blast. Hehe......."


Kristie ballooned more and more. Growing up and out. Her butt raised her off the ground and towards the ceiling. Her belly pushed forward and met Natalie's. Her breasts bloated into her face making her head tilt back.


Natalie tried reaching the hose in her bum, but couldn't. Her arms were too stiff and puffy.

"Uh, I can't."

Natalie swelled out immensely. What was left of her jeans dug into her bloated legs. Her panties tightening into her ass and lady parts. The lips of her lady parts were extremely puffy and was outlined perfectly by her undies. *FWOOOMP* Her belly button became an outie. My god her belly was huge. It was taking up half of the room by now. Pushing Natalie up against the head board of her bed. Her head hit the ceiling with a thud. From this height she could see Kristie again, but what she saw was amazing. Kristie was now just two huge naked breasts and a massive 10 foot belly with bloated legs on either side. She couldn't see Kristie's head which was behind the behemoth tits. *FIIISSSSSS* FIIIIISSSS* Air was shooting out of her nipples. *PPPFFFT* *PFFFFTT* Natalie could feel air squeaking out of her butt.

"Can you hear me Kristie?"


"I'll take that as a yes."

It was right then that Natalie felt it. She was reaching her limits. The pressure in her body was growing as she pushed against the walls and Kristie. Less and less space became available in Natalie's room to grow and she couldn't stop the inflation. More and more packed it got in Natalie's room. Squishing against each other and the room. Tighter and tighter it felt. Natalie's head sinking into her body as it pressed against the ceiling.

"Ugh.....I'm.....going to...beat....YOU-MMMMMMMM!"

The room started to creak or was it their bodies? Squeaks and creaks were coming from Natalie's room. Their bodies were beginning to come out of the room. Luckily Natalie's window was opened so that her body had somewhere to go. From outside a huge boob was pushing out of the window. You could see Kristie's belly peaking through the sides of the door as it pushed it out making it bend and flex. Bigger and bigger they got. Tighter and tighter they became. Until then.........*rumble*


Pieces of wood and furniture flew everywhere. A huge chunk of her house was missing where her bedroom used to be. Her dresser and half of her bed was floating in the pool. Pieces of wood and clothes laid in the ruin of her bedroom. The air compressor still intact though.

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But what happend then plz

But what happend then plz make a part 2 i love this story