How would I go about making an inflation suit?

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How would I go about making an inflation suit?

No, I will not buy one. I am broke and cannot afford it

First, I will inflate you until you cannot be inflated anymore. Then you have my permission to die.

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I understand your plight, although they are a nice luxury to have, these suits are expensive. I have a few ideas on how make a make shift suit, but I'd like to know some more info than "I'm broke."

What kind of budget are you working with? What sort of size, shape, and pressure are you wanting to achieve? Do you have something to use as a mean to inflate, like a hand pump or a compressor?


Well, I really have no money at all, and I just want belly/arms so i have limited arm movement.


First, I will inflate you until you cannot be inflated anymore. Then you have my permission to die.


Almost 0 budget version I have done before was just 2 trash bags. Having never done anything like it before I found it so exciting and sexy and it did what I needed it to do ...

Take a trash bag cut 3 holes for your arms and head then seal the other across the open end with tape (Might want to fold in into itself a few times) Wear the 3 hole bag and stuff the sealed one between yourself and it put a nice big shirt on over the top have the bottem of the sealed bag hanging out maybe just the corner depending on what type of pump your've got handy I used a pump from a air matress its quite powerful stick it in the hole turn in on start to inflate once you've got as big as you can or want to turn in off twist the little pump hole in the bag shut 1 last bit of tape shove it back under and there you go cheap big belly inflation. I've done it a few times enjoyed myself everytime the pressure of the bag agaist my body and making the other bag and my shirt pull really tight all over then I would just lounge around big fat belly watch tv maybe other things ...

One time I left the pump going just to see how far i Could when the bag got so big i coudn't reach the pump any more it spread my arms to much WOW that was a fun few moments of what do i do and this feels amazing :P


Hope that may have helped


Just tried this, it was sooo fun.

First, I will inflate you until you cannot be inflated anymore. Then you have my permission to die.

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can you make a tutorial video


Can you please make a tutorial video on it?



Not to push the expensive route too much, but by purchasing sheet latex by the yard, it would be considerably cheaper than buying a pre-made inflatable suit from an online store.  Although I've never made a suit my size, I have made one on a 1/6th scale as a test for my female action figures (really dorking out here) that to my surprise actually worked.  I do have a few suits myself and I can only say that once you experience rubber, nothing else will suffice.  There is a site in Reston, Virginia called MJ Trends that sells sheet latex in varying thicknesses.  Personally I don’t think their prices are that bad, as their latex runs from $10.00 USD to $15.00 USD a yard.  So if you think about it, purchasing say 10 yards of latex in about 0.4mm thick, you’d still pay a lot less than buying from a fetish shop.  One warning though, latex can only be glued together and working with latex adhesive is a complete nightmare, at least for me.  But the end result is totally worth it.


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There's quite a few tutorials on making latex gear out there:


I once read a thread on this... fuck... look up 'how to make a trash bag inflatable catsuit', look for one of this site's threads... FUCK what was it?


Along with rubber clothing diy videos, going through "How It's Made" and other programs that deal with commercial manufacturing actually show some of the process of making wet suits and rubber goods like life rafts and mascot costumes.  The episodes will list what's being made and many individual segments are available for free online.  I also recommend studying sewing patterns as they show how individual parts of clothes are shaped.  There are many patterns for costumes like jack-o-lanterns, apples and other shapes similar to what you might want to make for inflatable clothes.

If hourglass inflation is your thing, look up female impersonator clothes / patterns.  These often have massively padded breasts and buttocks for 'comic' effect.