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It just seemed like your average day. I went to work, I did my job, and I then I was fired. Don't ask how, I barely know. I went home around eight. Feeling depressed that I lost the only job I was good at, I just turned on the TV and watched a movie. It was a romance, which made reminded me of my late husband, Ricky. He died on a cruise that was supposed to be our honeymoon. Feeling sick, I turned off the TV and went to bed.

I had a dream that I was with Ricky, kissing at sunset, just like the movies. Then I woke up. Typical. Reality couldn't let me be happy for a few more minutes? I got up and prepared for a new day. I saw an ad on TV last night about a new job opening at a new place called Inflatex. Seeing how I need a job, I went there shortly after breakfast.

I was expecting a huge lab or building for the company, but instead it was an old, run-down house. Inside looked a little better. It was at least furnished. But there was nobody around. "Hello?" I shouted, "I'm here for the job opening." A door opened to my right and a deep voice said "Enter the door and we will begin the interview." A little creeped out, I went in.

It was a dark room with a table in the center. On the table was this weird blueish-grey liquid. "Before we begin," said the voice, "Have a drink. I insist." Not wanting to be impolite, I took the liquid and drank it. It tasted weird, like plastic mixed with soda. "How was the drink?" asked the voice. "Not bad, but I've had better," I replied, "What was it?" "That does not matter right now Kara." said the voice.

I shrugged it off then froze. How did he know my name? I began to get a weird feeling. I felt like I was becoming sturdier. I looked at my hand and gasped as it looked like plastic. I quickly looked at other parts of my body and was shocked to see that I was becoming plastic. "What did you do to me you fre-mumph." I was cut off as my neck became plastic. I winced as I felt the last of my flesh become plastic. I tried to speak, but I found I couldn't. "What I did to you was allow your most cheerished fantisy become a reality." said the voice.

Oh how I wanted to see who had done this to me. But what would he know of my childish fantasy? I looked around to try and find the soarce of the voice. "If your looking for me, I'm right behind you, my little baloon." I turned around to see Ricky. My jaw dropped in awe. All anger I had was forgotten. And I ran up to my love and hugged him. I mouthed an 'I thought I lost you' to him. "I didn't die, rather I was saved by a strange man. You want to hear the story?" I nodded.

"I thought I was dead. I drifted to a beach where an old man came and brought me back to his hut. He healed my wounds and taught me magic. Yes, I said magic. It's all real! He taught me how to make a potion to turn you into an semi-indestructible rubber so you can inflate yourself any way you see fit." explained Ricky. He was the only one who knew I was an inflation fetish. But what did he mean by semi-indestructible? As if he read my thoughts, he said "You do have a limit, however. But if you pop, you'll just pull yourself back together. One catch though, it prevents you from talking, but who cares? We're together again." I couldn't agree more.

We kissed. I moved to kiss him again. But instead of continuing the kiss, he began to blow air into me. It felt really good. I felt my stomach push outwards with each breath. After a while, I looked three months pregnant. Ricky moved to a part of the room and revealed two air tanks. "If you want helium, nod once. If you want air, nod twice." I nodded twice. Ricky grabbed a hose and placed it in my mouth. He opened the valve and air began to rush into me. I noticed that my boobs began to grow as well as my butt. I wanted to see how big I could get. After about five minutes I looked nine months pregnant with quadruplets with basketballs for boobs and my butt felt like an airmatress. I was amazed my clothes could even hold it all at this point.

Ricky asked me if I wanted to continue. I nodded. My clothes began to break after thirty seconds. First my jeans exploded to reveal a chair sized butt and thighs to go with it. Then I felt my shirt rip apart to reveal a braw fighting to contain boobs the size of a small table. Eventually, those shot off to. I was about the size of a car and I still kept getting bigger. I felt like I could pop at any moment. Though I trusted Ricky when he said I would just pull my self back together.

Ricky stopped the airflow and removed the hose. He climbed on top of me and kissed me again. Then he pulled out a bike pump. I nodded and he placed the end into my mouth. He began pumping furiously and I got even bigger and bigger until....


I woke up an hour later to find myself naked in the room I exploded in. I looked around to see Ricky smiling at me. "I told you that you'd live. By the, I got you some new clothes while you were pulling yourslef together. These will fit you better as the will strech with you. And here," he handed me a pair of swimwear and a mini whiteboad with a marker to go with it. "This way, you can share your thoughts with me. Now, about that job. This is our new company, I'll make ballons andproducts that inflate people and you can be the model. What do you think?" I wrote 'I can't think of a better job.' He smiled and we kissed. Then again, he began to blow me up.

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This is my first inflation story. I will have more.

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Was pretty good. I especially

Was pretty good. I especially loved the part when he climbed ontop of her. It's super sexy to me when someone sits on a big balloon girl like that.

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Misspelled ate in the first

Misspelled ate in the first paragraph


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I also noticed some errors in

I also noticed some errors in the last paragraph. You can handle them or not. I just thought you should know.