a Male Up for a RP with female or male

Hi ya, Im "inflation-racer"

im a MALE, but who dont mind rp'ing with males or females ect., i love male and female inflation, all types of inflation, even cock inflation, lesbian inflation, futa inflation, Male BE,

im on amost all the time on YIM: megaszblue, MSN: megasxlrfan32@hotmail.com, Skype: TeamJapanDrift86,

i love popping sometimes, depending on the rp, im a inflatee and inflator, just hit me up anytime


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Added you on YIM, SignoreMirtillo. I'm rarely on, but hopefully I'll see you when I am sometime.

Formerly known as SignoreMirtillo


I'd love to be blown up~ got discord?


Agreed! do you have a discord?