It’s Not Possible in Fantasy Land

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“You see that tree over there.” Tina pointed to the large oak tree.

Tina bit into her pizza. Rin turned his head in the direction of Tina’s finger. Rin predicted what Tina would say next. He sympathized with her.

Tina went on, “No one could ever inflate to that size without the skin tearing itself up.”

Tina fantasized about all the possibilities of the body expanding. What if nobody blew up or died but instead continued to grow for as long as they wanted to. Tina dreamed of inflating.

Rin remained silent and ate his slice of pizza. Tina sighed. Rin refused to argue with her. Tina and Rin have dated for a year and Tina saw Rin as the best boyfriend she ever had. For couple of months, Tina revealed one of her darkest secret; she dreamed of being an inflatee. Rin heard of plenty bizarre things and accepted Tina’s fetish. He liked Tina as much as she did for Rin.

Tina finished her slice, “That was my last slice from the box and I am full.”

“Eat more,” Rin laughed and shoved his unfinished slice at her.

Tina smiled back at Rin’s comment.

“I mean it.” Tina said, “I’m full.”

She grabbed the empty box and the slice of pizza.

She dropped the items into the trash, “I don’t think stuffing myself with food will work.”

Rin rolled his eyes as Tina talked some more. Tina’s appetite was big but her weight was average. Girls would envy Tina for her fast metabolism.

“Besides I want to deflate back to normal quickly because I still want to walk and everything.”

Rin knew that Tina was insecure about inflation. The desire to inflate and deflate appeared as two conflicting sides of Tina.

“Inflation is such an unrealistic fetish.” Tina shrugged her shoulders.

The words hit Rin like a pile of bricks. It was as if Tina spoke some magic words.

“Oh is it.” Rin grinned from ear to ear.

He gripped Tina’s arm and led her away from the lunch table. Tina remained calm and let Rin escort her. Rin held on to her arm until he reached his bed room.

“Why are we in your room?” Tina eyes searched the room.

Rin pushed her on his bed. He picked up a black trash bag that lay in his room. Rin shoved his hand into the bag. A slice of pizza emerged. Tina could feel that her fullness has somehow vanished.

“What’s happening?” Tina questioned the usual events, “How did you pull food out of an empty trash bag?”

Rin shoved the slice in her month, “Keep quiet and eat.”

The slice dissolved into Tina’s mouth. The taste was heavenly as Tina chewed up the pizza. The pizza slice was better than before. She begged for more. Rin pulled another slice out and stuff it into her. Tina couldn’t stop eating. She would eat one slice as Rin pulled another out. The belt line on her pants became tighter. Tina’s genital swelled. She loved every bit of Rin’s feeding. The buttons around her waistline began to fly off one by one.

“I’m getting bigger.” Tina mumbled.

She rubbed her big stomach with her hands. The abdomen was soft and yet swollen like a balloon. It looked as Tina was nine months pregnant. The food kept coming. As Rin reached into the bag, cupcakes appeared instead of the pizza. Tina ate the sweetness of each different flavored cup cake that came out the bag. Her belly refused to fill up. She was surprised that she was gaining weight so quickly. Tina’s abdomen quadrupled in size. Rin continued to shove the random food into Tina’s month. The food would come out of the bag at random. Tina devoured donuts, potato chips, cookies, hot dogs and ice cream. The stomach fell down to Tina’s feet. Tina tried to pull herself back. She used her hands to pick up her large belly. Tina fell back on Rin’s bed. Her massive stomach felt heavy on the rest of her body. She couldn’t move. Tina’s fantasy was coming true. She smiled.

Rin beamed with gratification, “You’re giving up?”

Tina rubbed her new stomach, “No, but will I return to normal?”

“Sweetie, return to normal?” Rin spoke as he dropped the bag onto the floor, “We’re just getting started.”

He left the room for a moment. Tina felt her tummy. Her abdomen shined. Rin returned with an air pump. Tina mourned at the sight of the device. Rin placed the tube into her month. His hand rested on the switch.

“Here’s the fun part.” Rin flipped the switch.

Air flowed into Tina’s body. Tina’s body inflated twice as fast than her feeding. The breasts spaced apart and formed into two huge melons. The stomach extended outward and became twice as big then it previously was. Tina could sense herself being pulled upward as her thighs and buttocks increased in size. The breasts begin to fill her whole shirt. The pants tore as the butt grew only a bit of her pants formed a thong around her ass. Tina could herself become lighter as more air was pumped into her. Tina could feel her whole body turn into a balloon. Tina orgasm as she grew.

Tina lifted herself off the bed. Rin saw Tina’s body touch the ceiling. He turned the switch off. The air stopped. Tina looked down but spotted only her giant belly. Rin could be seen nowhere in sight. Tina realized that she became as tall as the oak tree she pointed to. The air tub fell to the ground as Tina opened her month with amazement. She could feel the tightness of her inflated skin. She hugged her round body. Rin pressed himself into her soft skin. Tina knew the Rin was hugging her and pushed her belly outward. Rin shoved his face into her abdomen and kissed it.

“You’re an inflatee .” Rin said as he pulled his face to the side of the stomach, “Whose said that inflation was an unrealistic fetish.”

“Yeah but can I return to normal when I want to?” Tina asked as she moved her belly in hope of seeing Rin.

Rin released himself and reached into his pocket. A needle came out of his pocket.

“I hope this works.” Rin stared at the needle.

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Inflate123's picture
Why did she mourn at the

Why did she mourn at the sight of the air pump? What about that made her sad? Doesn't make sense to me if she's having an orgasm a few moments later...?

probally a typo

It was most likely supposed to be moan


blue blue berry
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weird story not very good to

weird story not very good to be honest you should propably do fantasy like stuff with elves things like that

blue blue berry
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weird story not very good to

weird story not very good to be honest you should propably do fantasy like stuff with elves things like that

blue blue berry
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weird story not very good to

weird story not very good to be honest you should propably do fantasy like stuff with elves things like that