An Inflation Story!

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Part 1.


Suzi and her boyfriend mark were watching television when the new suddenly popped out in front of them. The news lady was talking about a new virus that has been discovered in China, which made people blow up in various ways. The news lady continued and explained that the symptoms could be everything from giant blown up hands to being blown up like a balloon. It showed up some pictures where a lady’s butt was giant as weather balloon and she was floating in the air. There was another picture where a boy where inflated like a balloon trying to hold on to a little tree in the end of the street. The news lady continued with saying that the virus isn’t lethal in its self, and you’re not going to explode or anything, but it is advice to keep indoors if you get any symptoms like a swelling body parts, so you don’t eventually float away.


Mark:” I’m glad that virus isn’t all the way here in the US. Imagine have to experience that.”


Mark looked over at Suzi who sat in the coach paralyzed, he couldn’t tell if she was excited or terrified.


Suzi: “Yes.. eheh.. hehe..”


Suzi didn’t say anything else, and Mark decided to leave it alone as he didn’t think it should be anything to worry about for them anyway.


Part 2.


A few weeks later they went to the shopping mall and they had all forgotten about the new and the virus. Suzi and Mark decided to split up for a few hours, so Suzi could check out clothes and Mark go check out video games and look for a new mobile phone.


Suzi went past a coffee shop where this late sat enjoying her coffee and reading the newspaper. The lady was wearing something similar to a business suit with a skirt and an open shirt, so you could see her cleave. Suzi didn’t think much to it as she was about to pass the lady and the shop, but suddenly the lady started to rub her stomach, Suzi stopped up and stared for a second. The lady who sat in the shop looked back and Suzi with a slightly worried look on her face. Suddenly the lady had to lean backwards, Suzi didn’t realize what that was all about and the lady kept holding her hands on her belly. Suddenly Suzi saw that her belly was bloating out, like she was pregnant. Now Suzi couldn’t stop looking at the lady in the shop. The lady stood up and started to walk towards the shop keeper, now her belly was huge, like she was 8 month pregnant and her breast seemed to drasticly increase in size aswell!


The lady spoke to the shopkeeper “ What did you put in my coffee? What’s going on with me?”


Shopkeeper: I got no clue, I haven’t done anything with your coffee, and you should get help!


The lady’s breast kept increasing in size, they had gone from a normal B cup to an E cup in size, the buttons on the clothes started to pop. The lady stumbled backwards, groaning.  Her belly seemed to be growing faster now, Suzi couldn’t stop watching this, she was totally paralyzed because the situation. The lady kept turning more and more into a balloon as she groaned, it actually seemed like she was enjoying it somehow.  Suzi couldn’t grasp the situation, and as she was about to look around, the lady started to float. The lady groaned “ahh.. ohh.. god…”. She put her hands around her breast as they grew larger and larger. She kept moaning and seemed more excited than she was in pain. The lady kept floating higher and higher as she grow larger and larger, she couldn’t hold her breasts anymore as she turned more and more into a balloon.


Suzi looked back on the shopkeeper; she was biting her own lips, as she found it exciting. The shopkeeper was wearing a routed tight shirt and black jeans. She had a few buttons open, just for some cleavage, but she wasn’t any bigger than a B-cup. Suddenly, the shopkeeper made the biggest burp ever! She looked around, red as tomato as she was embarrassed. She looked on Suzi and smiled, and said “oops..”. For some reason she burped again, and again, but this time, it was several small ones. Her face went from embarrassed to “what the fuck”. She look around, like she was thinking “what’s going on?”.


Suzi looked over to her, thinking “what in the world have she eaten?”  The shopkeeper burped several times more. Suddenly Suzi saw that her black jeans were getting tighter around here legs, ties and ass.  Suddenly,  Suzi remembered the news, but even if she did, she didn’t want to move away from the scene, so she decided to stay and watch once more. The shopkeeper burped again, this time a huge burp! And she burped several times more and longer this time. She was holding the hand in front of her mouth, but it seemed like she couldn’t stop burping. The shopkeeper looked down, and suddenly her B-cup had went to a huge C-cup. The shopkeeper burped more again, this time even longer. She was grinding her legs together, like she was trying to prevent inflating. Some buttons on her shirt popped and she put her hands on her own boobs. Now they had grown to a at least a DD size! As she grabbed her breast, Suzi could see the shopkeepers ass getting more and more pointier.


The shopkeeper suddenly grabbed the counter, as she was trying to hold on, but she had one arm on her breasts aswell, like she just had to hold them. Again she started to burp, this time she couldn’t stop, Suzi could see the shopkeepers body getting bigger and bigger as she continued to burp. The shopkeeper went “oh god.. *burp* f.. *burp* fuuu *buuuuurp*The shop keeper started to have a hard time holding on to the counter as she was getting really big. Suddenly, she slipped and floating away, just like the last lady. Suzi looked up on the two ladies, she didn’t say anything, just started walking, but sort of stiff, like she has seen a ghost.


Part 3.


Suzi walked towards a hairdressing shop. She looked in, and she saw something weird, the hairdresser women had ridiculously huge boobs, and she was pulling a man’s head towards them. The man didn’t seemed to mind, and the hairdresser seemed to be well excited. Suzi stopped a little, and the hairdresser seemed to grow much faster than the other two women she had seen so far.


The guy who was forced down her cleavage suddenly grabbed a needle, and popped her! The hairdresser took a few step backwards and said “ooohh..  god! I’m deflating again, stop it!” the man just sat there watching the hairdressers boobs shrink smaller and smaller, you could also see that her ass was getting a bit flatter. She leaned back towards a counter, as she had a hard time standing up. She kept deflating, just like someone pulling the air out of a balloon. The Hairdresser said “help me, stop it! Heeeelp!” she started to collaps on the floor, as she didn’t have enough air to keep her body up. The guy who punctured her had a evil look on his face, and he laughed. The hairdresser was almost all deflated now and she went “ noo… please…” as she lost the last of her air.


Suzi was thinking, maybe the virus turn peoples into balloons, and not just inflate them. She walked out of the mall and down the street, thinking it’s time to meet up with Mark. But as Suzi walked down the street, she could see a woman in a small dress, with huge breasts, like balloons . the woman was running slowly towards a tree close by, but she couldn’t run properly, as she seemed to light to, it was just like she ran in slowmotion. The girl in the black dress was just about to grab the tree before she started to float in the middle of the air. She grabbed her breast and said “fuuuuck”. Suzi watched for a second but grabbed the woman that was about to float away and got her inside a close by show.


Suzi: sorry, but I have to run and meet my boyfriend.


The lady thanks Suzi as Suzi leaves the shop. Suzi meets up with Mark, but doesn’t say anything about the happening that day.


Part 4.


Suzi and mark started to walk towards the bus station. Mark talked about how good his new phone was, but Suzi couldn’t hear much of it, as she was in her own dream world after all that happened in the mall.


Suzi: Hiccup! Hiccup!


Mark: aww.. you got a hiccup dear?


Suzi smiled and say “it seems so”. They kept walking for a few minutes more and again.


Suzi : Hiccup! “ohh god.. I hate having hiccups”.


Suddenly Mark screamed “BOOO!” as he was trying to scare the hiccup off her.


Suzi: Hiccup! Hiccup! Hiccup! Hiccup! That made it worse you moron!


Mark noticed something weird about Suzis breasts, they were much more pointer, the nipples were stiff and Mark could see that they looked bigger.


Mark: Suzi.. have you done anything to your breasts?


Suzi: uhh.. no..?


Mark didn’t ask Suzi anymore and they kept walking a bit more. Suzi suddenly felt a little varmer, and just out of the blue she kissed Mark and said she loved him. Marks looks back at here, looking like a question mark. Mark Replied “ I love you too, something going on?”


Suzi: “no, nothing “she smiled and continued walking.


Suzi: Hiccup! Hiccup! Hiccup! Hiccup! Hiccup! Hiccup! “God, what’s going on?” Hiccup! Hiccup! Mark..?


Mark looked at her, and you could clearly see her breast have grown with 2 sizes. Suzi grabbed her boobs, but said nothing. Mark suddenly got excited over the bigger boobs on Suzi and grabbed them himself. Suzi moaned and she blushed. But suddenly..


Suzi: Hiccup! Hiccup! Hiccup! “ooohhh… god.. even more? My breast are already big enough now” Suzi had grew even another size larger. Mark watched her a little and said “maybe we should hurry to the bus holding station?”


Suzi: “yes, I think that would be for the best!” Hiccup! Hiccup! Hiccup! “oohh..” Hiccup! Hiccup! “god, please st..” Hiccup! Hiccup! Suzi boobs kept growing larger and larger, something they hadn’t noticed is that her ass and legs have gotten a bit inflated aswell.


Suzi: “Mark, dear..  *Hiccup!*  we have to hurry.. I’m getting *Hiccup!*  bigger and bigger!” Hiccup!


Mark could clearly see Suzi was getting more and more like an hourglass. But suddenly the Hiccup stopped. Mark looked at her, she was inflated, but very hot! Mark could barely keep his hands of her. But suddenly he felt a bit weird himself. He couldn’t help the feeling, and before he knew, he had a giant hand in front off him.


Mark:” what the..?


Suzi: “that’s just like the news! Haha”


Mark: “It isn’t funny !“


Mark groaned and his left foot bog really big all of the sudden and he said “ I can’t walk like this!” The leg started to float in the air as he wasn’t strong enough to force it down.


Suzi:” hahahaha…. HAHAHAHAHAA” But as Suzi laughed, she felt all tingly. Hiccup! Hiccup! “again!” Hiccup! “god.. * Hiccup!* shiit *Hiccup!* Suzi s belly had started to inflate as well this time and she started to feel quite a lot lighter then she used to be.


Mark: “HAHAHAA… Right back at yah!” *grooann* shiit.. Marks body suddenly inflated like a balloon. “shit, why so fast? *groooaaann* Suddenly  Mark was blown up like a giant balloon and floated away really fast and Suzi didn’t manage to catch him in time and couldn’t do anything but watch him floating away.


Suzi was pretty inflated herself, but again, the hiccup had seemed to stop for a little.


Part 5.


A few minutes later Suzi had gotten on a bus, she met one of her friends there and she asked, what happened to Suzi?


Suzi: “ I got the virus, that was on the news a little wile ago”


Her friend  answered. “Really? You look sort of hot” she said as she bite her own lips. Suzi just blushed and asked if she wanted to come home with her, and pretended it was a bit scary. Her friend said yes and a little later they were at Suzi place.


Suzi’s friend was quite busty and hot and Suzi actually had a secret girl crush on her before. But as they just got settled, Suzis friend grabbed Suzis boobs and said. “god you’re so hot in that inflated body!”


Suzi: Hiccup! “Th.. * Hiccup!* Thank * Hiccup! Hiccup!* thank you!” she started to inflate again and her boobs and belly kept getting larger and larger. This time the hiccup didn’t seem to stop, and her friend climbed on top of her starting to kiss Suzi.


While being Kissed, Suzi could feel her body keep expanding but where di the air come from this time?


Suddenly Suzi friend tried to pull away, but couldn’t. She start to struggle a lot, but couldn’t get loose from Suzi lips as she kept getting hiccups. Suzi’s friend was struggling so hard, as she felt her body was getting deflated from suzi. But Suzi couldn’t help it and kept getting bigger and bigger. Finaly her they got loose from each other. Her friends bust had gotten quite a bit smaller, and her but less pointy. “look what you did” she said.


Suzi: “ I *Hiccup!* Hiccup!* can’t he..* Hiccup!* help it! Suzi kept getting bigger and bigger and she started to float towards the ceiling. *POP!* Suddenly Suzi popped and flew around in the room like a balloon letting out its air, until she was fully deflated.


Suzis friend was just standing there for a little, but all of the sudden she felt a hissing sound inside her body. She looked down and could see her boobs grow fast, her legs started to inflate and it didn’t take long before her belly started to expand. “oh.. god.. this.. this is so good.. god!!” She started to float as she was growing bigger and bigger and in the end she couldn’t use her arm anymore. “I’m a balloon! This feels so good.. mmm..” All of the sudden *POP* Suzis friend went “nooooooo” as she deflated and became a deflated balloon as Suzi did.


Part 6.


A few hours later Suzi body started to return to normal, as well as her friend.


Suzi: “ What a ride!”


They both sat on the floor a little looking confused. Suzi wondered where Mark when, but wasn’t worried about him because she was sure he was fine.




The end!








Author's Note: 

This is actually something I trew together in a few hours. Have my language and grammars excused, my english isn't top class.

Anyway, hoep you enjoy!

Vope out~

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grate story

grate story, love the consept of an inflation virus, varys Inflation tipes,  people inflates diffrint whays, and that its  isn’t lethal. hope to see more i frum you.

Thank you! Was just my first

Thank you! Was just my first story.. I've been reading thorugh a lot of stories here now. And I need to work on my vocalbury and be more specifik

My patreon:

pyroboom's picture
Great story...but sort of wierd...

I'm not saying it's wierd because of inflation, because, I love it, and if I didn't...what the fuck and I doing here...but really, do you think it was a good idea for Suzi's friend to have a crush on Suzi, BOTH OF THEM GIRLS? Really, what's with the lesbian love! IT ISN'T NEEDED!

Still, awesome story, and I hope to see more from you...especially if it doesn't include gay love...

dejected_Xmas's picture
That was horrid

That was horrid