Beautiful Butterfly, A

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I waited nervously in the waiting room. I drummed my fingers together. It was a nervous tick of mine. My heart was beating faster. A million thoughts whizzed through my head. What if this works? How will my life change? Do I want it to change? “Kayley Choan?” My heart skipped a few dozen beats. I stood up. “Dr. Williams will see you now.” I gulped as I entered his office. He was sitting behind his desk, talking on the phone with someone. He was mid to late 30s, with brown hair and glasses. When he saw me, he smiled. He seemed nice enough. “I’ll call you back.” He said to whoever was on the other line. He stood up to shake my hand. “You must be Kayley. I’m Michael.” “Nice to meet you.” I squeaked. We sat down. “I assume from your lack of references that no one knows you’re here.” “I just…wasn’t sure if this was going to work.” I stammered. “Don’t worry. You’ll learn to trust me. My methods always produce results.” I sighed in relief. I was that much closer to my dream. “So what can I do for you?” He asked. “I want to be able to fly.” I got straight to the point. Michael raised his eyebrows. “Well now,” He said. “That seems doable.” I almost burst with excitement. I leapt out of my seat. “Really? You can do that for me?” “Absolutely.” He smiled. I thanked him about a million times.


After all the contract signing, I went home to pack my bags. Michael visited my parents and told them that I was going to a “special” college. He even had a brochure whipped up. They totally bought it. I moved into the campus and got a super fancy apartment. “I want my students to receive maximum comfort.” Michael had said. I chilled out for a few days and got to know my surroundings. Then it was time for the injection. We were in Michael’s lab as he prepared the cocktail. “And this will make me fly?” I asked as he injected me. “There will be some side effects first, but eventually, you will fly.” I smiled.




When I woke up the next morning, the first thing that gripped me was how hungry I was. My belly was rumbling so loudly, I’m shocked it didn’t wake up the whole campus. I dressed hurriedly and rushed down to the cafeteria, where Michael was waiting for me. “How are we feeling today?” He asked. “Starving.” I responded. “I figured. Which is why I brought this.” He motioned to a mile high stack of pancakes in front of me, topped with a pillar of butter and a river of syrup. “Dig in.” He said simply. I seized the knife and fork and wolfed down the top of the stack. It was so delicious; I could’ve eaten it forever. Three hours later, and the entire stack of fifty-three pancakes was in my swollen belly. I belched a loud belch and didn’t even excuse myself. I was too content to care about manners. “That was amazing.” I moaned happily. “Care for some bacon?” Michael handed me a plate of about a hundred sticks of bacon. I greedily shoved the plate in my mouth. Even after that, I was still hungry, so Michael tempted me with a whole ham, a box of Oreos, and five hot fudge sundaes. I ate all of it. By the time I was done, I realized that it was ten o’clock at night. I had spent the whole day eating. And yet… I still wasn’t satisfied. But, anyway, I felt tired, so I decided to turn in.  As I left my seat, I noticed something. My ass, once admittedly small, had expanded to fill up the very large seat. I had a little trouble getting out of the seat. Oh well, I thought. Maybe it was a side effect. But as I got back to the apartment and undressed myself, I noticed that I was looking a little pudgier than normal. In fact, my belly was hanging over my panties. I thought nothing of it and went to bed, my tummy still growling.



The next morning, I was hungrier than ever. There was a knock on my door. “Come in.” I called, too lazy to get out of bed. The door opened and Michael entered, trailing a load of carts behind him, each one loaded with silver trays. I started to drool. “I thought yesterday was rather wasted at the cafeteria, so I thought I’d let you eat in today.” He lifted the tops off of the platters revealing plate after plate of delicious food. My eyes widened in awe. “Enjoy.” Michael bowed to me as if I were some sort of goddess. “Michael,” I stood up and showed him my enlarged body in my underwear. “Do I look fat to you?” Michael hardly registered me. “Not fat, just chubby.” He closed the door as he left. Chubby. I can live with that. I started to dig in. Pound after pound of delicious food entered my body. Waiters and waitresses came in to switch out the food every once in a while. I decided to take a break after the fifth hour of my feast. I showered and tried to dress, but my jeans wouldn’t fit. Although, I briefly got a pair on before the button burst off. All that fit me were my sweats. I knew something was wrong. I waddled down to Michael’s office and entered. “What’s happening to me?” I asked innocently. Michael looked up at me and his mouth fell open in shock. “Don’t try to schmooze me up, I know I’m fat.” I admitted pathetically. Michael bit his lip. Then he retrieved a book from his desk and handed it to me. I took it. It was The Very Hungry Caterpillar. “I suggest that you study that.” He said as he handed me a box filled to the brim with gooey chocolate chip cookies. “As well as this.” “GIMMEE!” I screamed and began munching on my way back to my room. I barely glanced at the book. I was too busy seeing how many Hershey’s bars I could fit into my mouth. (Ten, by the way.)  As I started to drift off, more waiters entered with more plates of food. I suddenly forgot why I was here in the first place as I continued gorging.




Michael entered. “How’s my little eater today?” “Little?” After last night’s extravaganza, my body had grown beyond recognition. I was nothing but a giant ball of fat in my living room. My clothes exploded off me a few hours ago, so I was totally naked, my beach ball sized breasts swinging free. My arms and legs and neck had dissolved into my fat, so I had a tiny head, tiny hands, and tiny feet sticking out of my mass. I took up the entire living room in space. Michael was ecstatic. “My my, you’ve grown into a beautiful balloon!” “Beautiful?” I demanded. “You call this beautiful? I’m too fat to move! How can I ever be expected to fly?” “Don’t worry. You will.” “How? I’m nothing but a ball of fat!” “No, you’re just a very hungry caterpillar.” “I am hungry…” I realized.  “Which is why I brought this.” Michael handed me a slice of my favorite pizza: Onions, peppers and sausage. I started to drool again. As the slice inched closer and closer to my mouth, I finally regained my self-control. “No!” I said firmly. “I control my body. Not the other way around! I’m not going to eat this perfectly delicious slice of heavenly…” Too late. In no time, the entire slice of pizza was stuffed in my puffy cheeks. I chewed for what seemed like ages, soaking in the heavenly flavor. As I swallowed, the strangest feeling hit my belly. It took me a while to recognize it. It was the feeling of being full. My skin tightened and I started to jiggle violently. My body was too big for my skin. I was going to explode. “I think I’m full now.” I said before my world went blank.



My eyes snapped open. All I could see was the inside of the strange mass that encased my head. I couldn’t feel my body, only my face. It was silent as a tomb. “Hello?” I called out. Then I saw a silhouette on the outside of the mass. It knocked on the mass, emitting a hollow sound. “Hello.” “Michael? Where am I? I thought I exploded.” “Far from it. You merely outgrew your skin. Your body wrapped itself in a cocoon. Your metamorphosis is going to be quite something. And to answer your question, you’re currently hanging form a tree in the garden.” ‘I can’t feel my body!” I cried out. “You will soon.” Michael said as he left. I then sat in my cocoon for what felt like forever. Then I felt it. The wonderful feeling of my metamorphosis. I moaned happily as feeling returned to my arms, my legs. I can’t describe how good my transformation felt. Then it stopped.




Cracks started to appear in my cocoon. The cracks spread and spread. Since I had feeling in my arms again, I could press on the wall of my cocoon and try to get out. It didn’t budge at first, but I applied more pressure and finally, it burst open. I winced as the sun hit my eyes. As my eyes adjusted, I saw Michael standing in front of me in the garden, just like he said. I slowly stepped out of my cocoon. The grass felt wonderful on my bare feet. Cool air caressed my naked body. “Would you like to see what you look like?” Michael didn’t wait for me to answer. He positioned a floor length mirror in front of me so I could see my new body. I gasped in surprise when I first saw myself. My head was the same, but the rest of me was beautiful. It looked like someone had posted my head on a supermodel’s body. I was taller and more slender. My arms and legs were long and thin, yet muscular. My breasts were larger and you could poke your eye out on my large nipples. Then I noticed them. The large, beautiful wings sticking out from my back. I froze when I saw them. They were yellow with black spots all over them. The pattern was mesmerizing. It didn’t take me long to realize that I had control over them and I flapped them a few times. I turned around to see my back. The pattern was even more beautiful on the back. I also got a glimpse of my perfect backside. My ass was bigger than normal, but not in a fat sense. In a “Damn, look at her butt!” sense. “Now do you understand?” Michael began. “You had to become a hungry caterpillar before you could become a beautiful butterfly.” “A beautiful butterfly.” I repeated in wonder. “I am beautiful.” “Would you like to give your new body a test drive?” I nodded furiously. I knew exactly what to do. Using my new, powerful legs, I kicked off the ground and flew into the air. Then I let my wings do the work. Before long, I was up in the air doing 360s and spins. I glided through the garden and whooshed past Michael. “WHEEEEEE!!!!!” I cried out to the sky. I couldn’t believe it. I was flying. I climbed higher, into the clouds. I reached out and touched the clouds. I even flew past a plane and waved high to a little girl looking out the window. I was well aware that I was probably giving that little girl a complex, but I didn’t care. I was too happy in the sky.



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When I read the word "flying," I thought i knew what to expect. But this is interesting...