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Profile upgrades

I've asked a few times about what people would like to see in the user profiles, and I've gotten some useful feedback.  I want to take one last run at it before I start adding things.

I've already added Gender and Sexual Orientation to the user profiles.  Please fill these out if you're so inclined.  I also have proposals for two new profile sections, Inflation Interest and Roleplaying:


Inflationary Preferences

    Inflation types
        Belly Inflation
        Breast Inflation
        Butt Inflation
        Full Body Inflation
        Hourglass Inflation

        Yes, but no gore
        Yes, any type

    Other Inflation Interests (text field)

Roleplay Preference

        Do not contact about roleplaying
        Please contact about roleplaying

    Preferred Role
        Inflator or Inflatee

    Preferred partners
        Women and Men
    Other Roleplaying Interests (text field)


What do you think?

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These are pretty good! I'd say add them!

Amber AKA Fluff...
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I know I just joined and all, but those would be pretty useful in the long run seeing how you don't have much room in your profile to specify these things.

Signature? Whats a signature? Ooh...derp.

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Don't forget clothing inflation under Inflation Preferences.  Also, an Inflation Methods section (e.g. physical, chemical, magical) would be nice, as would a flotation preference.

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Looks good bud. Maybe add a 'what time I'm on' feature but that isn't really that necessary other than that it all looks good to me. 

Falcon Pawnch!

Lateralus87 (not verified)

Looks good but I'd really prefer a little slot for MSN messenger, but I can work with YIM just fine.

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I've added a field for MSN messenger.  It really already should have been there from the old site.  Anyway, it's there now.



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I also like frogs!

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Agree with notsosupersaiyan, don't forget clothing / suit inflation :)

Hi my name is Tom. I run the inflatable chicks yahoo group