Suit Inflation - A small niche?

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Suit Inflation - A small niche?

One thing that sort of strikes me in the inflation community is when certain people take a look at a suit inflation picture and they 'wish' that somehow it was the girl inside inflating rather than the suit.
I guess everyone has their preference but I'm one of the few people who actually enjoys pure suit inflation. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Suit inflation is technically much more feasible in real life than actual body inflation. Sure, body inflation can be done and people out there actually do it, but body inflation in real life has much more potential to become something deadly or hurtful if proper precautions aren't taken. This is not to say suit inflation itself is 100% safe either, but you can imagine many more things going wrong with real-life body inflation.

2. Half of the thrill of the fetish itself is the victim's (or participant's) reaction to what is happening. Big Horse does a great job showing how panic and humiliation factor into a girl's suit suddenly filling up with some sort of gas. Take his awesome Big Sis and Lil' Sis series for example. Tinmible and I have done some interesting discussions on the more erotic applications of a girl inflating their suit and 'getting off' on the whole experience. Plus in general rubber and latex are considered to be one of the cornerstones of kinks, so inventive ways of stimulating oneself are quite plentiful. Photo studios like Fetisheyes and Rubber Eva have recently done more to explore inflatable suits and eroticism.

3. Inflatable suits are in a way a strange mix of symbolism and suggestion. There's a bit of excitement in wearing something that makes one body look like its blowing up like a balloon. There's a sort of psychological element in playing a cruel trick on someone who is particularly vain and sticking them into a suit that transforms their proud figure into something cartoonish and bloated. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy the infamous D-Type suit scene in Evangelion. Asuka is a pretty yet arrogant and proud spoiled little brat who gets put into a situation where her big ego gets hurt badly by putting on the D-Type plugsuit. In a way I think its the perfect example of how an inflatable suit scene should work. We know she's a pretty skinny girl underneath that ballooney plugsuit, but still the was she actually looks like a blimp and the psychological screwball antics are what make it entertaining.

I guess this is my convoluted and pseudo-shrink way of expressing my bizarre preferences. But I just want to clarify why when a cute girl's rubber suit inflates, some of us want to believe it is the SUIT inflating, not her body.

I'm George Plympt... er, Funky O'Brian, and goodnight.


Interesting thesis Dr O'Brian. Really I'd love to be able to actually inflate a girl in a suit, and my imagination would be somewhere between getting off on the suit inflating or the idea of herself inflating. But when it's just pure fantasy (i.e. everytime) I prefer to imagine the body inflation, suppose it's more physical than psychological for me. To get off on the suit you really have to be tapped into the embarrasment of the inflatee.


Hey Funky...

Dang!! You sure over-analyzed that! :D

You are not alone! I also enjoy a good suit inflation. My whole attraction with suit inflations is that it is in the realm of possibilty that a person might get stuck in a big inflated suit, whereas a big body inflation is, as carnatic says, more resigned to fantasy. Plus, I'm intrigued by the strong bondage issues that being stuck in a big immobilizing inflated suit represents. I'm into the whole inflating dive-suit theeng in a big way...although I've done space suits and some other unidentifiable types of suits. If it's's gonna get floomed.

I've done a few drawings where the inflatee thought that they were in an inflating suit, only to have it revealed that their inflating body was in fact causing the suit to bulge. Pretty good opportunity to showcase the whole shock/suprise/horror element in that situation. :twisted: If people want to imagine that the victim is actually inflating inside the suit...well that's OK. Wonks away! :D

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I guess u r suit inflation fans I'm also one too


I know much about the plight of suit inflation, though my reasons are a tad different. With my balloon fetish, suit inflation adds a perfect blend of both loves in both fantasy and reality!




Hear, hear!

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All to suit inflation say i


I might have to agree with this thread as well.  Always been a fan of the clothes, or in this case suit or suits, inflating around the person like a balloon type encasement.

Inflation is better together!



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Ha, yeah I'm all about clothing/suits inflating around the person too. I also like the thought of their denuded body trapped underneath their inflated clothing. Gives a hint of voyeruism along with the shock/humilaition aspect. 


Hmm, good point. It's a subtle thing, which is kinda odd when one is talking about hugely ballooned outfits. :)

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If u wanted to be inflated I would like ti be inflated ina inflatable stretchy rubber suit 


Totally agree on you. 

I also want to add, with suit/clothes inflation you can feel pressure inside from the suit (or balloon) and the nice rubber. For me it's also how it feels inside and being unable to reach my own body. It's more the safe real life experience I want than only a fantasy.

Anyway, I'm much more into suit inflation than body. :)

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I'm in suit inflation too


You read my mind.  I especially enjoy the means of control over someone, that the inflater can have.

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I agree some on should create a website for suit inflation fans


I've actually been getting stuck in my suits recently, but I've been able to find a way out eventually.  One day I might not get so lucky.  My longest time stuck was about an hour.

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Wow that's huge hope it doesn't pop.    Really I hope it doesn't 


Hi my name is Tom. I run the inflatable chicks yahoo group

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I do like suit inflation as well, it's my fav inflation type.

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Yeah, definitely suit inflation is what its all about for me.  But my suits have two layers on the outside.  I like for the inner outside layer that holds in the inflatables to be flesh colored, so that even though its still pretty obviously a suit it still represents a body inflated to those proportions with the clothing over it. 

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Yeah I have story of suit inflation. It's got to do with a female teen who is slim and her boyfriend decides to play a joke on her