Bionic Love

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This is a love story set on a planet called Bion.


I hugged each one of my siblings goodbye.  My love, Jihoul, did the same with her siblings.  Together, we headed into the forest of 40-story tall Musha Trees.  We turned and waved goodbye to the party gatherers, who waved and toasted to our happy union.


I and my love headed deeper into the forest until we came upon a large clearing.  This was the sacred mating and birthing grounds.  Following tradition, we sat on the ground some 10 feet apart and faced each other.  I smiled at her.


“I can’t tell you how nervous I am”.


“Don’t be.  This is a beautiful moment.  The end of our lives will be the beginning of our offspring’s lives.  Now, we will begin on the count of three.








I took a breath, and then quickly let it out when I realized she hadn’t said ‘three’ yet.  Jihoul giggled hysterically.


“Ha, Ha!” I said.


Jihoul calmed herself.  “It’s just a joke.  Quit being so mopey.  Okay, so when I say ‘go’, we’re really going to do this thing.












Together we took a deep breath, and then another, and then another.  Our chests began to rise as we filled ourselves with air.  Our upper bodies began to expand up and outwards.  The shirts that we each have chosen were struggling to contain our rising chests.  We knew they wouldn’t hold for long and we raced to see whose shirt would tear first.


Jihoul’s shirt began to split first.  I followed close behind.  My chest became powerfully muscled, as did Jihoul’s but her chest was graced by a well-endowed bust covered by a bra that was struggling to hold together.


In a matter of seconds, Jihoul’s shirt split apart.  She kept inhaling and expanding until her bra also lost the fight and snapped in half.  Jihoul seemed embarrassed as she sat with her massive chest fully exposed in front of me.


I smiled at her.  “Don’t be shy!  I’m your lover and you look awesome”!  A few seconds later I was having trouble seeing her as my vision became obscured by my own massively swollen chest.


After our upper bodies became fully exposed we began to expand even quicker.  Our lower bodies swelled too, though not as much as our upper bodies.  Our jeans became shorter as our legs ballooned out of the them.  They soon became shorts, then underwear, and then they ceased to be all together.  Jihoul couldn’t poke fun at my exposure because her chest blocked out everything below her.


After 10 minutes, the two of us took a break.  We were both the size of a house and fully naked.  We sat together and took shallow breathes so as not to exhale much of the air we just inhaled.


Jihoul was thrilled.  “Look how big we are!  We could run amok and step on people if we really wanted to”!


“No thank you!  This is taking too much energy out of me”.


“You know what Greppet did when I told that him we were going to breed”?  Greppet was the largest brother in Jihoul’s family.




“He fainted”.


I laughed out loud.  “And he’s straight”?


“He’s straight!  What a weenie”!


We laughed and made small talk for 10 minutes.  Then Jihoul signaled that it was time to start again.




We inhaled and puffed ourselves up with renewed vigor.  Our lips were vacuums that sucked up as much air as they could.  We grew taller and wider.  We tried to keep eye level with each other, but often one of us would lose sight of the other while the other would see only massive amounts of flesh.


Our skin expanded so much that veins began to bulge out.  But we kept puffing and puffing.  We often had to stop for a second to catch a quick breath and then continue our expansion.


We stopped for another 10 minute break.  We were nearly as tall as the trees around us, some 30 stories or so.  We were looking more ball-shaped.  Our arms and legs were now stumps sticking out of our massive bodies.


For most of the break we didn’t talk at all.  We could only make small gasps as we struggled to contain the huge volume of air inside us.


Finally, when the last minute arrived, Jihoul spoke.  “When I say ‘go’ (huff huff), we’re going to continue to grow (huff huff) and we’re not going to stop (huff huff) until…we… explode (gasp)!  I love you”!!


“I love you Jihoul”!!




We both puffed ourselves so large that we were soon towering over the 40 story trees, some 70 stories or so.  Our hands and legs disappeared entirely, and then our flesh began to consume our heads.


We stared face-to-face with each other.  Jihoul smiled as she puffed.  She continued to smile as her hair, neck, and ears receded.  I could feel the same thing happening to me.  I watched as her eyes and nose disappeared, leaving only her lips.  Then my world went black.


I am continuing to expand.  I am nothing but a mound of flesh, but I can still feel.  And right now I feel another mound of flesh pressing against me.  I and my love have now expanded so wide that our bodies have crashed into each other.  We are still expanding, and I can feel the pressure begin to build as we press against each other.


In a few moments, our bodies will explode.  Then our sperm and eggs will meet and shower the ground below us.  Eggs will form that will be cared for by our siblings and their children.  Our own children will hatch from those eggs, never knowing their parents.


It is a beautiful moment.  This is the last moment of my life and I am spending it with the woman of my dreams.  I am feeling a euphoric rush as the pressure builds…and builds…and builds!!



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