RollerCoaster Incident, The

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I remember one time I went to a local amusement park with my friends. Our agenda for the day was fun--and eating cotton candy until we felt ready to explode. I wanted to go on the big rollercoaster, but none of my friends wanted to go on the thing with me, so I went by myself.

I ended up getting in the very back car and the rollercoaster ride began. I love coaster rides and always scream my head off. The cars went up, up, up to the peak of the first railed hill, then...ZOOOOOSH! Down the hill like a bullet. My mouth was open and screaming bloody terror all the way.

Unfortunately, I didn't know the experience would make me inflate!

All the air rushing against me--and me with my mouth wide open, screaming--caused my body to plumpen. After the first hill I found myself wedged into my seat rather snugly, my bloating breasts rubbing against the restraining harness that held me in place. The line of cars bucked and rolled along the rails and met another rise, going up, up, up, then...ZOOOOOSH! Down the other side again. I was crying out, less from the terror of the zooming ride and more from the fact that, with all that air rushing into me, I was getting huge in a hurry.

I looked ahead to the upcoming track; there were three or four more up- and downhill slopes yet to go. The ride continued and I found I couldn't stop crying and screaming--I was panicking hard, and as a result never closed my mouth. My body expanded larger and larger, swelling wider and broader as the air rushed into me. My breasts and belly grew so large and shoved against the harness so hard that I feared the restraint might break, sending me sailing off into the wild blue.

The ride finally ended after what seemed like hours, even though it probably lasted a minute or two. When the ride coordinators came to unharness me they found a very plump girl with belly and huge boobs squeezing out on all sides of the little coaster car. They actually had the gall to yell at me (after they unstuffed me from the car) saying pregnant women are not supposed to ride rollercoasters. I didn't say anything; what could I say? I just turned red and waddled away, jiggling and bouncing like a big carnival balloon.

I was just glad I hadn't ridden in the very front car...

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