Kristen’s Comeuppance

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This explains a lot… little slut.” 

Megan had suspected that Kristen hadn’t been completely honest with her. Kristen had been laid off at the beginning of the pandemic, making Megan’s the only income in their apartment. She had been working doubles and weekends to make ends meet, and even then had barely any time or money left for herself after paying for rent, groceries, and other bills. Now, over a year later, Kristen was still unemployed. In spite of this, Kristen was regularly receiving packages, wearing new clothes, and getting food delivered. She even had the newest iPhone. Kristen claimed it had been her new boyfriend spoiling her, but Megan had never met him. In fact, there never seemed to be any signs of anyone but the two of them having been at the apartment. It seemed obvious that Kristen had some source of income she wasn’t telling about, but there was something else that Megan couldn’t come up with a explanation for. 

It had been a common occurrence for people to gain some weight during the lockdowns. The quarantine fifteen, as they called it. Both girls had been extremely thin before the pandemic. Megan remained that way, maybe even losing weight between her budget diet and stressful work schedule. Kristen, on the other hand, had really blown up. She hadn’t become fat, though. On the contrary, her waist remained as tiny as ever. That quarantine fifteen had gone straight to her curves. Once flat chested, she now sported what Megan figured had to be DD’s, along with thick thighs and a big round ass. It just didn’t make sense. If that wasn’t bad enough, Kristen had habit of flaunting her new body , regularly walking around the apartment with her boobs spilling out of her tank tops and her big rear packed into tiny pairs of shorts. Megan had always been insecure about her slender figure and it seemed like her roommate was going out of her way to shove her new assets in her face.

Her curiosity getting the best of her, Megan decided to do a little investigating. On one of her rare days off, she quietly slipped into Kristen’s room and snuck out with her laptop. Not a hard task, as her roommate slept like a rock until at least noon everyday. She opened up the browsing history and saw daily visits to the same website. A click of the mouse later and the source of Kristen’s income had been revealed: a pay-to-view blog. The content seemed focused around “hourglass expansion.” She started the clip at the top of the page; it was a time lapse video consisting of months worth of pictures. It seemed Kristen had begun taking pictures when she was still thin as a rail, and and each day would take another while wearing the same clothes. The resulting video gave the impression of her chest and ass ballooning in real time, her tank top and tiny shorts growing tighter and tighter until she looked fit to bust out of them. Also displayed on the webpage were preview clips of her struggling to squeeze into different outfits or popping the buttons off her blouses while pretending her assets were growing larger. With a $20 subscription, viewers could get access to exclusive content. The site had hundreds of subscribers. Megan was livid. That alone dwarfed her monthly income, not to mention the donations and commission money she was surely receiving, and Kristen hadn’t contributed a single cent to their household. Megan took a deep breath and opened up the search history once more, scrolling back several months until she saw a link for She opened it and was brought to a product page entitled “Female Figure Enhancing Formula: Discrete Edition.” She scrolled down to read the description.

“Fulfilling females wishes for fuller figures, discretely. Our patented, fast acting formula works by redirecting all caloric surplus to the breast and buttock area. Simply take the tablets provided and your body will immediately and permanently store all excess weight in said areas. In the event of over-enhancement, simply reduce caloric intake until desired size is achieved. Do not consume more than 1000 excess calories in one sitting. Enhance-co is not liable for any complications resulting from improper use of this product.”

“So that’s it, huh? Take a little pill, then just sit around whoring yourself out online while I have to pay for everything?” Megan fumed to herself. Not only had her friend hid her income from her, she had found a way to go from skinny to stacked and hid that from her, too. Megan jumped up to go confront Kristen, but stopped in her tracks as an idea popped into her head. She smirked and began to laugh to herself as she came up with a plan for her revenge. 

Megan had been able to keep working through the pandemic because her employer was considered an essential business. Specifically, it was a nutrition company, and her department’s latest project involved exponentially increasing the caloric density of foods. The goal was to allow exceedingly small amounts of food to feed large amounts of people. The project was still in its experimental stage, but it was far enough along for Megan’s purposes. When her shift was over she discretely slipped a vial into her pocket. It contained a super-condensed experimental syrup with an estimated million calories per tablespoon. More than enough to teach her lying”friend” a lesson. On her way out, she stopped by her bosses office.

“Megan, my best employee! What can I do for you?”

“Well, Mr. Smith, sir, I’d like to request a personal day tomorrow.” she said sheepishly.

“Tomorrow? Such short notice? This isn’t like you, Megan”

“I know, Mr. Smith, sir, but there’s been a family emergency, you see-“

“Now, now,” her boss cut her off, “I don’t need to get involved in your personal affairs. You’ve done everything we’ve asked of you and more these past few months. I’d be glad to approve your request. Besides, family comes first.”

“Thank you so much, sir!” she beamed as she spun around practically skipped out of the office.

Megan walked through the parking lot wearing a giant grin. She couldn’t wait to watch that little bitch get her comeuppance. She just needed one more thing: something to administer the dose of syrup. She stopped at a store on the way home and grabbed one of Kristen’s favorite drinks, a bottle of premade iced coffee. She was sure Kristen wouldn’t be able to resist. At home, she opened it and dumped the entire vial in before closing it and setting it in the fridge. 

The following day, Kristen strolled into the kitchen. She was about to begin her first live stream of the day and wanted to get a drink before she got started. She opened the fridge to find her favorite iced coffee along with a note left by her roomate.

“Hey! Saw this at the store and thought of you! Enjoy! Xoxo bestie”

Kristen grabbed the bottle and sucked it down. It tasted even better than usual, extra rich. She finished it off and gave a satisfied sigh before wiping her lips and heading back to her room. She opened her laptop to find there were already about a hundred viewers waiting for her stream to start, and more were joining by the minute. Among them was Megan, watching on her own laptop in her room. This stream was an hourglass expansion segment, where Kristen would use camera angles and some clever breathing to give the impression her boobs were swelling up on camera. By bending over and arching her back just right, she was able to make it seem like her rear end was growing too. Her viewers ate it up, normally donating hundreds of dollars by the time she was done. The outfit she had chosen today consisted a tiny tank top with a lacy push up bra two cup sizes too small along with some skin tight denim shorts. She completed the look with a flannel, which seemed to take a little more effort than usual to get buttoned up. As she squeezed her tits into it, she noticed a bit more cleavage than she was used to, almost like her breasts had gotten a little fuller.

“Oh well,” she shrugged, “just means my girls will be extra perky when I bust out of this thing.” Kristen set up her camera and began the stream. 

“Hi, guys!” She beamed as she waved at the camera. “So, today, I-“


She was interrupted by a button flying off her shirt. They normally came off easily, but that was the first time it had happened on accident. 

“Wow,” she cooed, “looks like these babies are blowing up already! How big am I gonna get today?” she looked seductively at the camera as she grabbed her chest. Her knockers already looked enormous in her tiny hands.

“A little bigger than you want to,” Megan snorted as she watched from her room.

“Mmph,” Kristen bit her lip and moaned as she bounced her tits up and down. “I just love growing for you guys. It feels soooo good!”

Megan smirked. She knew it wasn’t going to feel good for long.


Another button went flying, revealing a peek at Kristen’s tan cleavage. By the look on her face she wasn’t expecting that one to go, either. Her viewers seemed to love it though, as donations began to pop up on the screen. She did her best to remain in character.

“Wow, I look huge, don’t I? I bet you guys can’t wait for me to totally bust out of this little shirt!”


As if on cue, the remaining buttons popped off her shirt. Kristen couldn’t hide her surprise as she looked at herself on the screen. She had chosen some tight clothes, but not this tight. Her tits looked like rising bread dough spilling out of her tank top. Comments and donations from viewers pinged across the screen.


Looks so real!

Those puppies are huge! ; ) 

Kristen barely noticed, her attention turning to a growing warmth in her chest. She cupped her tits in her hands and the warmth intensified as they slowly ballooned out into her fingers. She was growing for real.

“What. The. Fuck.”

Megan clapped to herself as she watched her roomate grow increasingly nervous. Her plan had worked perfectly. Nothing to do now but to watch the show.

Kristen was trying not to freak out. Her tiny bra had been a bit uncomfortable when she put it on, but now it was beginning it become painful as it compressed her swelling knockers, creating a canyon of cleavage that slowly approached her neckline. She reached behind her back to try to undo her bra, sticking her big tits right into the camera while doing so. A flood of donations ensued. She read the comments while she fiddled with the clasp.

Damn, girl!

You’re growing fast this time!

Has she ever gotten this big

Kristen winced as she fumbled with her bra, inadvertently jiggling her tits around for all her viewers to see as she squirmed in her chair trying to get the clasp undone. Another round of donations came in. Normally she would be giddy, but she had pretty much forgotten she was even on camera at this point as her bra grew tighter and tighter on her ballooning bosom. She had bought it when she was a B cup, but at this point it looked more she was wearing a belt beneath her tank top as it squeezed her growing knockers in half. She finally got a grip on the clasp, but the straps were pulled so tight it was impossible to unhook it. She abandoned that effort and slid her hands under her tank top, wiggling her fingers between her melons and bra and trying to pull it down. She whined as she tugged on it, but the pain of squeezing the lower half of her tits even more forced her to stop.

“Ooohhh…” she moaned, “this thing is gonna bust me if I don’t get out of it!”

Are you ok??

Sounds kinda hot. ; )

These new props are amazing!

Maybe you can bust it first! 

That comment made a light bulb go off in her head. Maybe she could bust out of the bra like she usually did with her shirts? She took a deep breath and arched her back, the pressure in her chest spiking as she did so. The jolt of pain cause her to quickly exhale.

“Oooof, fuuuuckkk…”

You can do it!

Aww, don’t give up!

You got this!

She took another breath and pushed her chest out again. The immense pressure returned, bringing her to the verge of tears as she pushed against her bra. Her face began to turn red as she strained, trying to make herself as big as possible. She took little sips of air, puffing her chest out more and more. Just when she thought she was gonna pass out…


Instant relief. She quickly reached into her tank top and slid out the remnants of her bra before massaging her big sore knockers. Now that she didn’t have ten pounds of tits stuffed into a five pound bra, her growth was actually enjoyable. She turned her attention back to her stream, grinning from ear to ear as she admired her brand new boobs on the screen. God, she looked hot. Her eyes really lit up when she saw that the donations had exceeded a thousand, and were still climbing. Her biggest haul yet!

“Wow,” she giggled, “guess you guys really liked that little show, huh? I sure didn’t! God, guys, I seriously felt like I was gonna bust in that little thing! Can you believe my titties got so big they just blew it apart?”

She continued to caress herself, the pleasure intensifying as her boobs slowly continued to expand. Usually it was just a show for her viewers, but this time she was really turned on. Between her getting the body of her dreams and the donations flooding in, she was higher than a kite.

“Mmmph, how big do you think I am now? An F cup? G’s? Maybe even… bigger?” She cooed, emphasizing the word as she squeezed her tits. Bigger. Just the thought was getting her wet. She bit her lip and smiled at the camera. “Well, since you guys are being so nice to me, I guess I can be a little nice to you…”

She leaned back in her chair and slowly slid her hands downward. She circled her fingers around her nipples, giving them a gentle squeeze through her shirt and letting out a soft moan before continuing down over her sleek stomach to the button on her shorts. She grinned as she unbuttoned them and undid the zipper.

“Normally, this costs extra…” she winked. An surge of donations came in. She giggled. “That’s definitely extra!” Not that it mattered. Her growth had her so horny she would’ve done it for free. She pulled the waist band of her undies out, covering her mouth and giving an expression of false shock to the camera. She began smiling again as she slid her hand down her pants and began stroking herself through her panties. She was so turned on from her growth she thought she was going to cum just from that. She moaned as she squirmed around in her chair, gyrating her hips as she humped her hand. The other hand returned to her chest, as she pulled her tank top down, letting her gigantic knockers spill out the top of them. Donations flooded in again, but she was so lost in pleasure she didn’t even notice. She watched herself on the screen as her tits wobbled with her every movement. They had swollen up to the size of volleyballs, and she stroked herself more aggressively as she imagined them even bigger. 

She slid her hand inside her underwear and began fingering herself. She couldn’t believe how wet she was, or how good it felt. She had never had this much fun alone. Hell, she had never had this much fun with a guy. She panted and moaned as she played with herself faster, her other hand kneading her growing tits like they were dough. As she approached climax a feeling of warmth grew in her lower half, intensifying as she got closer and closer. She felt herself rising up in her chair as her ass began to expand under her, and as she watched herself on the camera and saw her shorts becoming tighter around her thighs. She gasped and threw her head back in pleasure as she thrusted, fucking her fingers harder and harder.

Here comes the hourglass!



The feeling of warmth intensified as her growth began to accelerate. She could feel her jugs pulse in her hand, spreading her fingers apart as they steadily expanded. Her ass and thighs continued to pump up, trapping her hand inside of her shorts. She was so lost in pleasure that she didn’t even notice, letting out a scream as she finally exploded in her jeans. Her body went limp, eyes closed and head still thrown back in her chair as she panted in the aftermath. Her boobs jiggled with every breath she took as they continued to balloon on her tiny frame. Her thighs looked like rising loaves of bread as her tan skin expanded outwards, her ass cheeks beginning to spill out of the bottom of her shorts as they bloated up. Her jeans were growing tighter and tighter, causing a stinging sensation that snapped her back to reality. She whipped her head forward to look at her lower half and gasped as her view was obstructed by a wall of tit. She was enjoying being big but she was becoming absolutely huge. She craned her neck over her bust to see her tan skin rising out of the holes in her shorts. She tried to pull her hand out of her pants but it was firmly stuck.

“Oh, fuck.” She whispered as the painful sensation that her bra created began to reappear in her ass. She shimmeyed around, attempting to yank her shorts down with her free hand while pulling her other hand free, but it was no use. Her lower half had grown far too large for any hope of pulling them off. She moaned and whined as more and more ass was being packed into her shorts. She felt like she was sitting on apair of volleyballs as she rose higher and higher in her chair, her body weight pressing down on her bloating booty becoming increasingly uncomfortable. She leaned forward in an effort to stand up, almost falling to the floor as the weight of her boobs threw her off balance. She couldn’t believe how heavy they felt. She leaned on her desk with her free hand and by squatting down and yanking at the same time she was able to pull her handloose. She stood up straight and looked herself over in the camera. She looked like a cartoon character. Her waist remained tiny as ever, while her tits had grown larger than basketballs and her rear end had swollen up to match. She continued to try to yank her pants down as the feeling of compression became unbearable. They didn’t budge an inch. Instead, stitches began to pop as her ass continued to pack into them. She stood in disbelief. What she had made videos of was happening for real, and showing no signs of stopping. She heard the sound of fabric tearing followed by a loud pop as the seam in the back of her jeans busted, followed by the legs of her shorts as they fell to the floor in tatters. She was left standing in her underwear with her big knockers pulled out of her tank top, triggering an influx of donations. Relieved from the confinement of her shorts, she resumed her act for the camera.

“Woo! That was crazy! I can’t believe I got so big I shredded those things!” She smiled turned her back to the camera, running her hands up her thickening thighs and back to her basketball sized ass cheeks. She gave them squeeze and noticed they seemed to be getting firmer. She faced the camera and cupped her tits, bouncing them up and down. They jiggled a little less this time, and they were starting to feel heavy. She felt like she was holding bowling balls made out of Jello.

Her smile faded away as she looked at herself in the camera. She enjoyed getting curvier, but she was beginning to look ridiculous. Her breasts were approaching the size of watermelons, and her ass had grown so wide she wouldn’t be able to fit in her chair anymore. She wouldn’t be able to fit into any of her clothes anymore. If her growth didn’t slow down, she wouldn’t be able to fit out of the door either.

“Ooooh, okay, I think I’m big enou-“

Not even close. ; ) 

Her eyes went wide as she heard a soft gurgling sound emanating from her body. She looked down and gasped, she couldn’t even see her feet anymore because her tits had swollen so large. Her skin started to tingle and she felt like she couldn’t catch her breath as her body started to expand faster. Feeling claustrophobic, she clawed at her tank top and ripped it off, leaving her in nothing but a pair of overstretched panties. A feeling of pressure steadily mounted within her body as the gurgling intensified. She felt pins and needles in her tits and ass. Reaching her hands back, she gave her enormous rear end a squeeze. Before her fingers hand sank right in, but now it felt like she was squeezing a water balloon. She looked at the camera with panic as she realized she was growing out of control.

Megan laughed as she saw the look of fear in her friends face. Now the real fun was gonna start. She set her laptop aside and walked out of her room, down the hall and into Kristen’s room.

“Hey bestie!”

Kristen would have jumped in shock if she wasn’t 50 pounds heavier. 

“Megan! what are you doing?” Kristen cried as her hands shot to her boobs in a laughable attempt to cover them up. 

“I just wanted to see this in person! I figured you had to have some props or something…” she said as she approached her roommate and pulled her hands away from her tits. “but damn! It’s all you!”

“I… what? You were watching?”

“Sure was.” Megan exaggerated a wink and Kristen realized her roommate had been watching and commenting all along. 

“Listen, I can explain.”

“Oh, don’t bother. I figured it all out. See, it didn’t really make sense. Your shopping sprees. Your curves. So I did a little snooping…” she gave her an evil grin and she gestured toward the laptop.

Who’s she?

Don’t know, but she’s kinda hot.

A collab?

“Yeah, you could call it that.” Megan chuckled as she walked up behind Kristen. She placed her hands on Kristen’s wide hips. She could fill them pulse beneath her finger tips as they filled up even more. She smiled and looked at the camera. “See, little miss sneaky was hiding all you guys from me! Not nice, right? So I decided I was gonna teach her a little lesson… and give you guys one hell of a show while I did it!”

“Megan, listen, I was gonna tell you, I swear. I felt so bad that you had paid for everything this past year, I just wanted to save up enough to-“

“Oh, save it.” Kristen yelped as Megan gave her booty a hard smack. “You weren’t gonna give me a dime. But you’re gonna pay me back. Every cent of this stream is going straight to my bank account. I deserve it for giving you all this show, right guys?”

Hell yeah!

Hottest thing I’ve ever watched! 

“Okay, that’s fine! We can be even!” 

“Even?” Megan snorted “not even close. But we will be. I got a feeling your last stream is gonna make me a fortune.”

“Last stream? What do you mean?” 

“Oh, Kristen.” Megan sighed as she slid her hand over the brunettes enormous ass, running a finger up her spine and twirling a lock of her jet black hair. She placed her head on her roommates shoulder. “I told you I had it all figured out. That little supplement that made everything you ate go to all the right places. Too bad you didn’t listen to that thousand calorie warning.”

“What? I didn’t even eat yet!”

“Right, but drinks have calories too! Common dieting mistake. They can really be packed full of calories, actually. Especially coffee. Sure, it’s fine on its own. But a little cream, a little sugar, a little secret ingredient, and next thing you know… you’re blowing up!” 

Megan reached under Kristen’s massive knockers and gave them a shake. They didn’t even jiggle anymore, now just bouncing up and down on her chest. The feeling of tightness was becoming worse and worse as the gurgling noises coming from her body became louder and louder. 

“Secret ingredient…”

“Yeah. Did you forget where I worked, dummy?”

Kristens heart froze as she realized what her roommate had done.

“Megan, you didn’t…”

“Sure did. That was our latest innovation. Still experimental, of course, but from the looks of it we were able to squeeze all those calories in that little vial.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Newest technology. A million calories condensed into a tablespoon.” Megan gave one of Kristen’s jugs a pat.

“What?!” Kristen’s jaw dropped.

“Well, give or take a hundred thousand. Either way, more than enough to make sure this stream really goes out with a bang!”

No way!



Been waiting for some good bursting content! 

“No! That can’t happen!”

“Oh, it sure can. A million calories works out to about 300 pounds of weight gain. You really think you can take all that? You’re starting to feel kind of full already!” She grabbed a hold of both of her ass cheeks and squeezed as hard as she could, making Kristen yelp out in pain.

She was right. Her tits were the size of giant watermelons and her ass and thighs continued to be packed full with more fat by the minute. The pressure increased as her body continued to fill up with no sign of slowing down.

“Megan, I’m begging you, don’t make me burst! Please! I’ll do anything! I don’t want to blow up! Megan, please!”

“Gee guys, what do you think?”

Burst the bitch!

Let her pop!

Can’t wait to watch you blow. 

Kristen couldn’t believe it. Her loyal fans wanted to see her explode. She fought back tears as Megan snickered in her ear.

“Sorry, hun, majority rules. If it makes you feel any better, there’s no way of stopping it anyway. Not that I want to.” She planted a kiss on Kristen’s cheek and stepped back to admire her handiwork.

Kristen’s assets continued to pump up bigger and bigger. She gritted her teeth and she strained to contain the rising pressure. Her boobs had ballooned out to the size of beach balls with nipples the size of D batteries. Her ass was growing at the same pace. Megan knelt down in front of her and reached her arms around her rear end. She couldn’t even touch her fingers together. 

“God, you’re huge! I never thought you could get this big!” She rose up to her feet to look Kristen in the eyes. “What do you figure you gained, a hundred pounds? Only two more to go!” She laughed as she smacked one of her jumbo jugs. They had become tight as a drum.

Kristen yelped and turned in an attempt to get away, but the enormous weight of her body sent her toppling to the floor. She struggled to roll herself onto her stomach and attempted to push her self up but she had grown far too heavy. 

Megan grabbed the laptop and set it on the floor in front of Kristen. She waved to the camera as she straddled Kristen and sat down on her back. She put her hands behind her head and leaned back onto Kristen’s beach ball sized ass cheeks.

“Wow, you make a good chair!” She rocked back and forth, pushing her weight into Kristen’s giant booty. “Little too firm for me, though.” 

Megan reached forward and ran her fingers through Kristen’s hair. She looked at the stream and saw the pain on her face. Her tits so big they were pushing her head back, and they were turning shiny from the combined weight of the two girls compressing them.

“Megan, get off! You’re gonna make me burst!”

“You think?” Megan said coyly as she leaned forward, condensing her boobs even more. Kristen let out a cry of pain as the pressure spiked in her knockers. Kristen rocked back and forth, alternatively pushing back into Kristen’s gigantic ass and down onto her overinflated tits. Soon, she wasn’t even able to push into her butt anymore. When she leaned forward, she saw veins coming to the surface of her overinflated jugs.

“You’re gonna burst them! Stop! Stop stop stop!”

“Wow, you might be right.” Megan giggled as she stood up. She laughed as she watched Kristen futilely attempt to get herself up. By this point her fingers were barely grazing the floor. Her tits were becoming perfect spheres, pushing her farther and farther off the ground. Kristen froze as she heard a creaking sound. It was coming from her.

“Ooh, that doesn’t sound good!” Megan jeered. Kristen winced as she flicked her boob a couple times. It sounded like a drum. 

“You’re really full now!” Megan said as she gave her rear a slap. She placed her ear up to her boob and heard a churning and gurgling sound as they continued to be packed to the brim with fat. Kristen moaned as the pressure became excruciating. Megan circled around her, looking over what she had done.

“God, you look like a fucking beached whale!” Kristen’s body creaked in protest as Megan leaned up against her, trying to rock her back and forth. She was so heavy she barely moved, only bobbling around a couple inches.

Kristen was absolutely enormous. Her booty stuck up four feet in then air and was just as wide. Her legs had become so thick she couldn’t even bend her knees anymore. Her breasts had swollen so large they were pushing her head back as far as it could go. 

“Megan, please… help me… I can’t get any bigger…”

“You’re right…” she said as she walked in front of Kristen. She leaned on top of her massive tits and brought her face right next to hers. “You can’t”

Megan grabbed a fist full of Kristen’s hair and began to make out with her. She struggled but her immense weight made it impossible to get away. The donations from the stream soared as commenters raved about the girl on girl action. 

“See,” Megan said as she broke away from the human blimps lips “you can’t get any bigger. You’re at your limit. Too bad you’re not done filling up yet. If you had a little more stretch you might’ve been alright. But you’re gonna keep getting tighter as your body tries to process all those calories. Your precious curves are gonna keep getting packed with more and more fat until your hot, not-so-little body can’t take anymore. That pressure is gonna worse… and worse…” she trailed off as she locked lips with her again. “And you’re gonna strain so hard to try keep yourself in one piece… but eventually… you’re just gonna explode into a giant mess.”

Kristen gave her a hard bite on the lip, making Megan reel backwards. She stood up and wiped the blood from her lip before kneeling down and grabbing one of her nipples in each hand. They were so big she couldn’t even close her hand all the way around them.

“Not so smart…” Megan sneered as she squeezed them as hard as she could. Then she started to lean all of her weight into Kristens throbbing jugs, making her scream out in pain as the pressure spiked inside of her.

“Ow! Stop stop stop! Don’t pop me! Don’t pop me!” Megan let off and climbed back over the mountain of tits to look Kristen in the face.

“Oh, I won’t. It’ll be so much better for you to do that all on your own.”

Kristens eyes went wide as the room was filled with a crescendo of gurgles. Stretch marks began to appear all over her body as the creaks increased in pitch and volume. Megan laughed as Kristens face turned beet red from desperately trying to contain the immense pressure.

“Guuuhhhh…. Please….”

“Well, guess that’s my cue to leave before things get messy! Don’t worry, I’m not gonna miss your big finale… I still got the stream going on my laptop!” Megan gave her one last kiss before sliding off her massive boobs.

“Toodles!” She said as she patted her overloaded knockers. She walked out of the room and shut the door behind her, still able to hear the creaking as she walked down the hall.

Kristen couldn’t believe it. That bitch was really gonna let her blow. Loud gurgles and the sound of stretching skin filled the room as her body was packed to the absolute brim.

“Oooooh myyyyyy gooooood…”

The pressure was becoming excruciating. She tried rocking back and forth so she could relieve the weight off her chest but was completely stuck. She was forced to watch herself blow up on the screen. Her tits, the size of giant beach balls, grew shinier and shiner and the pressure continued to climb in them. Her ass was so large that it completely filled up the background of her video. She winced and wheezed as she struggled to hold her body together. She shut her eyes tight as she strained, desperately willing her body not to blow apart.

“I’m not gonna burst, I’m not gonna burst, I’m not gonna…. Ooooooohh!!” She screamed as the sounds coming from her body became deafening. She was at her limit. No more stretch. But the fat continued to pack into her body. Her eyes shot open as pain surged through her.

“I’m gonna burst!!!”

Blow, baby, blow!

Thanks for all the streams!

You were the best!

Bye bye ; ) 

Kristens eyes grew wide as the pressure reached critical levels. She couldn’t hold it back anymore. She was gonna blow. She hyperventilated as her skin shined like rubber and stretch marks covered her tits and ass. Through her tear filled eyes, she looked at the very last message in the stream.

Well, I hope you’re happy. You wanted to be big. Now you’re so big you're gonna blow. Serves you right  

“Guuuuh, I’m sorry… Megan, come back… help me… I don’t wanna… please don’t let me… don’t let me…. Oooooooohh!!!”


Pictures on the wall in Megan’s room shook as her former friend’s overloaded tits and ass detonated with the force of a bomb, filling the room with goo. The stream ended with the camera covered in globs of what used to be Kristen. Megan laughed as she closed out the window. Tabbing over, she saw the stream had earned her more than her annual salary.

“Damn!” She exclaimed. “Well, I can get some more of that syrup, and clearly there’s a market for this sort of thing… all I need to find is someone to star in it…”

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