Dinmi Tribute

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Slacks laid neatly on the footstool, Ashleigh lounged on the couch. She’d lived in a hotel for several weeks now, visiting houses and properties damaged by storms. As an insurance adjustor, she found herself on the move all day every day. From 8pm and after, that time was hers. Still in her white, button-down blouse, she ditched her pants as soon as possible, revealing her silky pink panties. After several small sips from her glass of wine, her stomach gave a soft grumble and Ashleigh clutched it instinctively, paying the sound little mind. 

Ashleigh wasn’t a small woman. On the contrary, she was big and round, taller and wider than most of her clients. She never felt fat because everyone regarded her with wonder. Large and in charge, their gazes said, and she delivered on that promise. She brushed her long, curly brown hair over her shoulder. It reminded her of Weird Al’s do, bushy and voluminous. The night was starry, only a couple streetlights illuminating the lot beyond. Sighing through her nose, Ashleigh started to settle back and heard the grumble again, a bit louder this time. 

“What is your deal?” She murmured, placing her glass on the table and placing both hands now on her belly. Massaging it often helped, but now, something felt odd about it. She was unapologetically soft and flabby, feeling like a group of Squishmallows in a woman's skin. Her hands explored her fat self, finding nothing amiss outside. Frowning, she pressed her hands hard into her pillowy flesh. More and more soft, squishy Ashleigh, nothing odd. 

Then something happened. Ashleigh’s stomach gave a growl louder than usual and, within her many inches of chub, something pressed back. As though burned, Ashleigh withdrew her hands, staring in confusion at her midriff.  

Relaxation fled, Ashleigh climbed to her feet. Aside from the grumbling and increasing thing within her, she felt fine. Frowning, she made her way over to the full-length mirror to look at herself. All three hundred pounds met her eye in all their glory. However, she did notice that her usually drooping curves seemed to lift. Her huge stomach tightened- not shrinking but growing. Similarly, her breasts seemed to have jumped up a cup size or two, contained with ease by her bra. The front of her blouse began to strain, she noted, her buttons pulling in one direction, the button holes, the opposite. Her hips and thighs widened her appearance, the lines of cellulite beginning to stretch out of existance. 

“What is happening to me?” She murmured, heart beginning to race a bit. She heard yet another grumble and, with a huge pulse, she visibly expanded. Her stomach leaped out, shirt crawling up her expanded love handles. The bottom-most button of her blouse popped off, the plastic disk clattering to the floor. Pale skin shone, like plastic or inflated rubber. Biting her lip, she ran her hands from her enormous belly to her breasts. They felt solid, engorged with whatever seemed to fill her. Covering her sensitive parts, her bright pink panties contained her with ease, visually turning her into a berry of some sort. Rotating, her massive cheeks slid into the mirror’s gaze. Even before Ashleigh got fat everywhere else, her ass stood out figuratively and literally. Well, now it looked like each cheek wanted to be a yoga ball and strove toward that goal. 

Anxiously, Ashleigh waddled across her hotel room. Wincing a bit, she noticed her thighs squeaked as they rubbed together. They always rubbed, but now they sounded like her skin was replaced with latex. Maybe it was, she reflected as her belly continued to crawl out, filled gradually by the mysterious grumbles. With another pop, another button disappeared, revealing her almost spherical belly, complete with huge belly button. By the time she got to the window, she almost couldn’t reach the curtain rods, massive belly pressed against the glass and holding her at bay. As Ashleigh reached out to grab the rods, she noticed her arms looked chubbier and felt tight within her sleeves. 

“This is...” She gasped, sliding the curtains. They brushed her exposed stomach which jumped out a bit more with a hiccup. Pop, another button, leaving a couple stretched over her big bosom. Unsure what to do, she waddled to the middle of the room. She hiccuped again, her arms now straightening out. Grimacing, she turned to look at them. The elbow joint was barely discernible in the middle, both arms looking more like fat cones than usable limbs. Once-plump hands now appeared practically dainty next to her bloated wrists. Her fingers moved just fine now, but as the back of her hand began to shine, she knew that wouldn’t last. 

Another pop signaled the loss of another button, but from the top this time. Ashleigh jiggled as her orb-like boobs readied themselves to spring out. Even though they were long out of her sight, she imagined her legs to be in the same state as her arms. Concentrating, she tried to walk again. Her feet got her exactly one step before her pelvis pressed into the carpet, lifting them from the ground. She squeaked in shock, not prepared for complete helplessness. Grunting with effort, she bent her arms and felt herself one last time. She really was a balloon, her skin squeaking. She hiccuped again and her arms flew straight out. Ashleigh turned her head with difficulty, her plump face rubbing against her inflated decolletage. Her arms were like overfilled sausages, unbendable and useless. 

Hoping against hope, Ashleigh tried to walk, only succeeding in wobbling back and forth. Where exactly would she have gone, anyway? She was several times the width of the door. Another hiccup and Ashleigh’s cheeks rounded. Not much, just like she had a mouthful of water. She tried to breathe it out yet her fat cheeks remained. 

A massive orb, Ashleigh found herself unable to turn her head. With two more pops, the final buttons gave up, freeing her from her blouse. Forced to look in the mirror, Ashleigh watched her overfilled bra thump against her inflated belly. She was a balloon, no doubt about it. Round as far as she could see, maybe a little squished at the bottom. Even her head, comparatively small compared to her monstrous body, rounded a bit, no longer looking fat but a beach ball with her face painted on it. 

“Help?” Ashleigh cried weakly, trying to do something, anything, to no avail. She tried to rock back and forth, finding herself wedged. The grumble became a constant, full-on roar. At first, she felt nothing, barely noticing her growth. Now, though, she felt it in her every stretched square foot. Her breasts gradually joined her enormous body, her arms swallowed up to her wrists. Her head gradually rose as she got taller and wider. Deep within, she felt tightness. 

“I...” Ashleigh whispered, unable to really speak with her face swollen and sunken into her chest. “I think I’m gonna explode!” 

From the pokings and proddings all around her, she filled the room almost entirely. The top of her head began to press against the ceiling. The tightness increased, growing intensely, becoming bigger than her. 

“Oh my God-” Ashleigh groaned. 


Author's Note: 

When I first got on YouTube to find body inflation in media, I came across the channel Ashleigh1313 (I think that was the number). Among clips from a British sitcom, I found Dinmi, Wonka Gum 1, and Wonka Gum 2. All three featured already big women inflating with a distortion effect that nonetheless worked for me. Fast-forward fourteen years to the other day, when the moment I feared came to pass- Ashleigh1313 was gone, those three videos disappeared. Heartbroken but inspired, I came up with this. I hope those videos reappear someday, but for now, raise a glass to these big women.


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