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The past two weeks had been rocky for Brenda at first - printer paper and other sundries coming in two days late, the network not having the decency to go out completely and instead flicker off at inconvenient intervals - but she was pleased to see that the office's problems were resolved by the weekend.  Coming back on Monday, she had a surprisingly good few days, which made it sting all the more when the giantesses showed up.

They were about ten stories tall, dressed in bikini tops and hot pants, with figures that made it impossible to imagine them wearing anything else.  One was vaguely French with hair dyed a deep purple, and the other Hispanic with a bleach job, and both had similar long perms.  They called themselves "Sugar" and "Spice," respectively - too convenient to be a coincidence, and as aliases went it showed a level of creativity that could only be attributed to high-altitude oxygen deprivation to the brain.

What they lacked in novel naming schemes they made up for in callousness, deriving a condescending amusement from seeing "little people" go about their lives and watching them with a smug smile as they narrated their goings-on.  Had this been the worst they had to offer they would have been somewhat tolerable, but when someone caught the eye of one of them they had the tendency to pluck them from the ground and - for all the world - -blow- into them, causing the shape of their bodies to give way to something far rounder.  Once their transformation into a living balloon was complete, the giantesses inevitably threw or kicked the swollen pedestrian away, bouncing them off of buildings and traffic before coming to rest, unharmed but utterly helpless.  None of this even accounted for when they went too far and-

Brenda flinched as she heard a distant "boom" somewhere above and behind her, followed by Spice letting out a gale of laughter. "You should've seen your face!"

"Shut up!" Sugar snapped back. "It's not my fault I got the one fatty who couldn't stretch!"

Glancing up at them, the redhead waited nervously at the intersection, waiting for the light to change.  Someone had to get coffee, and she drew the short straw.

"Anyway," Sugar continued, "it's your turn."

She heard Spice make a pensive noise before the giantess exclaimed, "ooh, that one!"

"Which one?"

"The ginger!"

Brenda was suddenly aware that she was the only person on the crosswalk, unbearably exposed, just before two fingers plucked her off the ground and lifted her skyward.  She was pulled through the air, coming to a too-quick stop at an uncomfortable height above very solid terrain.  As Brenda's legs dangled, she tried not to move lest the giantess' grip slip, staring back at a monumental face that seemed to regard her more as an object than a person.

"I've got a good feeling about this one," Spice remarked.  She took Brenda in both hands, holding her wrists and ankles between her thumbs and forefingers before giving her a tug.  Brenda let out a terrified cry, expecting the worst, only to feel her body simply -pull- as its firmness gave way, like a full-body cramp in reverse.  As she was forcibly stretched by the giantess her button-up shirt untucked as an elongated span of midriff emerged, and her pantyhose looked more like high socks on a par of spindly legs as they slipped down her thighs and onto her shins.  Spice eased off briefly, letting her body relax to "only" double her normal length before pulling again and again, narrow figure wobbling in the air helplessly. "The people around here pop too quick," she said to Sugar.

"Yeah, it's no fun." Sugar inspected her nails. "Much better when you can squeeze 'em after they get nice and full."

Spice let out a low laugh as she stopped pulling and let Brenda return to normal in her hands.  Then, pressing Brenda's face against a set of puckered yard-wide lips, she took a breath and blew.

There was a rapid spike in pressure in her lungs, so quickly that Brenda didn't even have time to think about what could go wrong before it near-instantly spread down and into her limbs.  She felt her body stretch again, this time pushed outward in all directions as Spice held her in both hands.  Her clothing pulled, then tore; her skirt fell away, followed by bits of her blouse, feeling far too small as they slid down her curved sides.  The air had even reached her limbs, sticking outward with a slight rigidity to their tapered shapes as she waved them in midair.

Her body offered less resistance to the second blow, and even less to the third.  The giantess' fingers spread as Brenda grew within her grasp, pulsing outward with each puff forced into her.  It was dizzying, but through it Brenda noticed that Spice seemed to be growing smaller.  No, she thought, she was getting -bigger-; not just her globular body, but everything else as well.  What was once a mouth that could easily swallow her was now merely as wide as her head.

"Oh, she -is- a good one," Sugar cooed.

Compared to Spice, Brenda's growing scale was impressive: Once merely the size of Spice's finger, in a few deep breaths her torso had gone to the size of a party balloon, then in a few more, a beach ball and beyond.  To the rest of the city, however, it was a normal young woman expanding into a humanoid hot air balloon, with a puffy cleft on one half, wide, shallow domes of breasts dappled with freckles on the front of the other, and plump arms and legs kicking and flailing as she attempted to wriggle out of her grasp or pull away from her lips.

As Spice pulled away to breathe once more, Brenda swung her hands forward, shoving her away face-first.  Spice let out a curse as Brenda twisted out of her grasp, falling slowly towards the city below.  Panic welled up in her as she realized how -hard- buildings were, but as she landed side-first on the edge of a roof she felt herself bounce painlessly off the edge, going airborne at an odd angle.  Flailing her arms, she managed to right herself before touching down on one side of a four-lane street, bouncing on one foot before her hands caught the edge of a car park and she finally brought herself to rest, standing astride a bush and tree-filled median.

It wasn't until then that Brenda realized just how large she was - not just in the sense that she was tall, but also that she was -wide-, unable to let her arms hang straight by her sides or see where she was standing or walking.  Despite this, she didn't feel as heavy as she expected, thanks to every bit of her being stretched out and filled with air.  Her body also wasn't that firm at all; as she accidentally stepped on someone's stopped car, she could've sworn her foot gave more than the vehicle did.  But despite being a ballooned giantess of significant scale, she was still only eyes-to-breasts to Spice and Sugar, a fact that was made abundantly clear as they approached.

"This is new," Sugar said. "You think it's because you stretched her out like that?"

"Maybe," Spice replied. "All I know is that we've got a comfy new chair." She smirked. "Or a trampoline."

"Aw, I should've worn my heels."

"Hold on!" Brenda exclaimed, plodding up to them. "You can't do this!"

"We totally can." Sugar brought her leg back, booting Brenda square in the stomach.  Her foot sank in with a loud, deep thump, and Brenda let out a "hurk" before getting sent skyward. "Bitch."

The redhead flailed her limbs as she sailed backwards in a futile effort to control her flight.  She could barely turn her head to see, forced to guess where she was by watching buildings appear beneath the front curve of her breasts and belly.  Past the financial district, over the mall, then beyond that towards some warehouses.  She remembered that there was a small industrial sector there, getting a striking reminder when she landed rear-first, and quite securely, atop an active ventilation stack.

A powerful stream of warm air blew into Brenda, her cheeks going red from the sudden pneumatic intrusion.  Her body billowed out rapidly, casting a growing shadow beneath her as she struggled to free herself.  All the while she watched her growth reflected in the world around her, buildings growing smaller as her bulging midsection blocked more of them from view and her head rose higher, the deep, resonant sound of wind coming from somewhere within her.  All the while the two giantesses looked on in the distance, visibly regretting their actions as Brenda outgrew them with no signs of stopping.

Frustration mounted alongside air and scale, and just as she was about to begin cursing she swung her leg down, feeling her foot barely brush against the parking lot.  A second later the heel of the other touched the roof of a car.  Reaching around with her legs, she felt more of the ground come into contact, until finally they - with the rest of her - had grown enough that she was finally able to plant both feet and push off as hard as she could.

She wasn't prepared for the too-loud "pop," nor of the sudden flight she took.  Unlike the first one, it was far more gentle, with an odd sense of weightlessness as she drifted back down.  Landing, she plodded towards the giantesses, now one of the tallest things in town.  She carefully tried to follow too-narrow streets, every step sending a ripple through her body, and every building bumping into her underside setting her car-flattening, sun-blocking figure wobbling.

"Are you two going to stop -now?-" Brenda asked.

Spice began to back away, stepping into the open lands around town. "Y'know, maybe we did take things too far."

Sugar scoffed, rolling her eyes. "You fucking coward." She stormed up to Brenda, trying not to look intimidated by the formerly normal office lady, now nearly twice her height and who knew how many times as wide. "Now listen up, you overpuffed-"

Brenda lifted Sugar up with one hand, heaving in a deep breath.  She could feel herself swell and grow even further as she brought Sugar up to her face, and she pressed her lips to Sugar's before blowing with all her might.  Brenda's cheeks bulged, and as the hurricane-like force entered Sugar she didn't inflate so much as transform, near-instantly, into a taut orb with rounded hands and bulging sneakers.  Her clothing exploded into scraps, the air around her generating a low "thump" as it was shoved away by her violent expansion.

Brenda observed Sugar's delirious expression for a second before lobbing her into the air and spiking her away, sending her sailing over a stretch of highway before bouncing towards the horizon.  A pointed look towards Spice convinced the other giantess that it was, perhaps, in her best interests to follow after her friend and never return.


"Hi, Mr. O'Neil?  It's Brenda."

"Brenda!  I heard what happened yesterday."

"Yes, I'm... still... quite large.  I haven't figured out how to... um, deflate.  So I can't come in today."

"Well, it's been rough for you, I imagine.  You also didn't need to tell me; I can see you from my office.  I'm waving.  Can you see me waving?"

"N-no sir, I can't."

"Oh.  Well, I'll put the paperwork in for FMLA leave.  Take all the time you need."

"Thank you, sir."

"But.  If you could, nobody's gone for coffee yet, and they're still a little leery about going out."

"It's a bit hard to- Oh, one moment.  ...there we are.  I moved the food truck a bit closer."

"Thank you, Brenda.  Take care, now."

"Thank you, sir."

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