Room 8 - Mandy

Story by Throwaway261

Another day, another on-site photo shoot in Mandy’s quest to document Inflatable Americana.

Mandy gave the shoulder straps of her suit an adjustment as she exited the locker room.  The attendant gave her back her card, ball cap, action cam, and digital camera, and proceeded to lead her to the staging area.  Today, she’d be going native: instead of gassing up almost buoyant with a jet pack on her back, Mandy would be free floating like everyone else.  SkyRise wouldn’t accept the liability of someone taking kerosene-powered turbines into their park.  Part of Mandy felt naked without her pack.  The other part of her welcomed the novelty of actually enjoying the attraction she was documenting.

As they approached the launch chamber, Mandy reached up a hand to turn on her action cam, and was rewarded with an affirmative beep.  She performed one last check of her equipment, making doubly sure the wrist retainer was secure and in good repair.  No point in needlessly putting her camera, or the people below, at risk.  Satisfied that everything was good to go, she stepped into the cylinder, listened to the last of the instructions from her attendant, and let the anticipation wash over her as she was sealed inside.

After taking a couple shots of the interior of the chamber, Mandy slotted in the card that held her preferences, took a couple more shots of the control console, pressed the start button, and took up her position at the center of the tube.  An alarm rang out three times as she adjusted her stance and waited for her inevitable inflation.  She didn’t have to wait long, though, as the platform under her feet began to glow a brilliant radioactive green and a pressure began to build within her.

She marveled at the feeling as the countdown ticked the minute away.  Usually, she relied upon a tank to get gassed up, but this was an altogether new experience for her, and frankly, she loved it!  No hose in her mouth, no tether between her lips.  While she did miss the cause and effect of inhaling herself larger and lighter, there was something liberating about her breasts and thighs ballooning without her input.  Bubbles unspooled and swelled within her, belly blimping to match.  It wasn’t long before her feet left the ground, mere seconds left on the clock, her signature smile never once faltering.

Steadying herself, Mandy prepared for the dome above her to open.  It was time to get to work.

“I love my job!”


Mandy, Svenson Studios' Art Director and Chief Photographer, takes a ride at a SkyRise Inflation Park to get more material for a coffee table book she is working on.

You previously met her in "Drone".

Room 8 - Mandy
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