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"Esra," Jodie began, "have you ever considered that you might have a masturbation problem?"

Esra pondered her friend's question for a moment before giving a definitive reply. "No."

"Are you sure?"


"Are you -really- sure?" Jodie asked, her tone of voice suggesting that Esra was not sure at all.

"I'm not sure why you're so concerned with how I spend my free time," Esra said.

"...Esra.  You have never lifted a weight or done a single push-up the entire time I've known you, yet you've beaten men in arm wrestling who move -freight- for a living.  You have Bad Dragon as your browser's home page.  You bought a bunk bed just so you had more room to 'hide' your 'toys.'  We installed -solar panels- solely so you could recharge all your batteries."

"We only did that because my favorite toy broke," she pouted.

"...and good riddance, too!  Now that it's gone this place finally stopped smelling like diesel fuel."

"I feel like you're being very judgemental."

Jodie considered how best to respond to Ersa's statement, eventually deciding that it was quicker to just get to the point.  So she reached out with one hand, grabbing Jodie's wrist with mongoose-like speed.  As Ersa let out a shout of protest she slapped a thick brass bracelet around it, the hinge swinging shut and locking to leave a barely visible seam.  When she went to try and remove it Jodie attached a second to the other wrist, the jewelry so close to her skin that it could barely move.

"What the hell?!" There was a sudden prickly jab in both wrists. "Ow!"

"Anti-masturbation bracelets," Jodie said.

She flexed her hands experimentally, turning them to and fro; nothing seemed different. "So, what?  You catch me exercising my god-given right to happiness and push a button to zap me?"

"No, and they work on their own." As she turned and headed for the front door, she added, "...and I'm not about to waste -my-day making sure you don't waste yours."

After the door shut Jodie waited a few seconds before eagerly rubbing her hands together and skipping to her room, flinging open her closet to reveal part of her collection up on pegboards.  She reached for something in neon green with ridges, but as she did there were there were two sounds, one after another: One was a quiet "piff," leading into a "whoosh" as her hand simply inflated, the creases on her palm and the folds in her knuckles pulling smooth as everything grew distinctly more convex.  It swelled into a grapefruit-sized orb on the end of her arm topped with five wide, conical nubs, bouncing off the dildo.

Ersa made a confused noise as she reached out with the other hand, and there was another "piff" and "whoosh" as it bulged out to the same size and shape.  The noise escalated into a panicked off-key lilting as she frantically yet ineffectually batted at the sex toy, trying to move her fingers and feeling motion but seeing them barely wiggle.  After some struggling she managed to remove it from the display with her nigh-useless index fingers, balancing it carefully on the top curves of her palms; she only managed to move her hands a few inches when they swelled once more, this time to the scale of basketballs, sending the dildo falling to the floor.

She stared at her hands, aghast, as they slowly deflated back to their normal size.  Making another lunge, she held another toy for a split-second before they ballooned again, the force launching it from her grasp. "There are -laws- against this sort of thing," Ersa whined.

However the bracelets worked, they were smart, keeping her from holding on to any vibrators, dildos, massagers, and plugs, while still allowing her to do other things like dig through her drawers and stew in her frustration.  They were also able to tell normal hand lotion apart from other types of lotion typically not applied primarily to the hands, and even though Jodie knew better than to leave any in the apartment, Ersa wouldn't have been surprised if they were smart enough to keep her away from cucumbers or bananas.

Or breadfruit.

It was an experimental phase.  She didn't know why Jodie got so upset about it.

She tapped her fingers nervously against her thumbs, glancing time and again at the clock on the wall.  Had it really only been fifteen minutes?  What did Jodie expect her to do?  What do people even -normally- do?  The question was like a hole, dark and gaping, and unsettling to contemplate or be around for long.  Suddenly unsure of her place in the universe she tried to distract herself with the movement of her hands, her carefully-trimmed nails-

"Oh." Ersa laughed, rolling her eyes. "Duh."

She removed her skirt before carefully easing her underwear past her hips, cautious that the bracelets might react.  They slid down her legs and fell to the floor without incident, however, and she kicked them away.  Then, after applying an overly generous amount of moisturizing lotion to her hands, she moved one palm-up between her legs.

There was a piff, a whoosh, and her hand swelled up again, pressing between her thighs and up into the cleft of her sex.  She inhaled sharply at the touch, smiling inwardly as she pressed her globular appendage against herself.  In reply the bracelet continued inflating it, causing it to continue swelling to the size of a basketball and beyond, the nubs of her fingers bending and compacting painlessly against her.  It was difficult moving her hand but she barely found it necessary, as the stretching of her hand caused it to rub against her in an unusual but certainly -not- unwelcome way.  As it grew it forced her legs apart, and Ersa distractedly kept widening her stance before her feet slipped, causing her to fall mere inches onto herself.

If there was an upper limit to what lengths the bracelets could go to to try and stop her, she must have hit it, as her hand was a large, flesh-toned yoga ball attached to her wrist, five football-sized and shaped digits spread in a row across one side.  The lotion gave it an odd sheen, and a much-needed texture as she ground her sex against it.  Even though her mind was clouded by desire there was still a sense of disorientation as she saw her hand, puffed up and enormous, with her body feeling small against it, thighs pressing into it at odd positions.  She hadn't considered using balloons to try and get off before, she thought, but there was a first time for everything.

Her legs clamped down on her blimped-up hand as her body clenched up and trembled.  Maybe a second, third, and fourth time too, if Jodie didn't catch on.

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