Pumping Perfume

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“Leave him alone.” barked Harold from the cabin door, his speckled eyes locked on Boyd who had Devon pinned to the timber floor.

“Or what?” smirked Boyd, rearing up to his full height, which made Harold unwillingly step back towards the door. Though the teenagers were about the same age, Boyd was the more developed specimen as some would say. He stood at six foot two, was broad shouldered and his body was ripped with muscles from sports and hours of gym. “I’m waiting?” sneered Boyd, a devilish grin appearing on his chiseled jaw his sky-blue eyes locked on Harold’s own brown ones. Boyd could see the fear in them. Boyd even snorted a laugh as Harold’s knees shook.

“Just leave us alone Boyd, please.” Harold stammered as Boyd took one step forward, his booted footfall reverberating through the floor planks. Enjoying Harold’s fear Boyd took one more lumbering step until Harold was at his chest level and had to stare up through his mess of pale blonde hair at him. “Do you want to take Carrot-Top’s place?” Boyd jeered, sticking a thumb back at Devon who remained motionless. As if playing dead would save him from being tormented by Boyd.

“What if I paid you?” squeaked Harold, taking another step back so Boyd didn’t loom over him so much. Harold knew he was mousy, much like Devon it was part of the reason they’d become such good friends and why Boyd enjoyed bullying them even since he’d started growing like a tree. Harold wasn’t even sure Boyd had finished growing yet and with how much Boyd loved the gym he was only getting stronger and stronger.

Boyd snickered again, “I already took your money.”

“I can pay you with something else?”

“Like what? What could you possibly have that I’d want?”

“Umm I have a cologne my mum gave me. Girls are meant to really like it. Maybe even Charmain would.”

“A cologne?” said Boyd rolling the word around as if was the first time he’d used it.

“Let me show you.” Quickly suggested Harold, ducking around Boyd and rushing to his suitcase to remove the cologne. Harold had barely removed the glass bottle, filled with yellow liquid before it was whisked from his hand by Boyd’s massive hand. Removing the lid of the cologne he took a tentative scent. “Well Harold, I thought you were completely tasteless, but this actually smells pretty good. You have a deal, that is unless Charmain hates it. If she hates it, I promise to make you and Devon wish you were both never born. Okay?” Boyd smiled, almost sweetly before he turned and sauntered from the cabin.

“Why did you give him that?” Devon grumbled as Harold helped him up off the floor.

“For revenge of course.” smiled Harold, after taking a double take to make sure Boyd wasn’t anywhere the cabin, which in turn made Devon do a double take at Harold. Devon was sure he’d heard Harold wrong. “Did you say revenge?” asked Devon

“Yeah, I’m tired of him picking on us, this is our last camp before graduating and I’m done dealing with his shit. Sure, we may never see him again when we all go off to college, but I want to teach him a lesson.” sighed Harold

“So, what’s going to happen, he liked the smell?”

“Just you wait and see.” winked Harold

After that the duo hung out in their cabin until dinner time. When it was time for dinner, the pair made their way over to the dining hall. All the while keeping an eye out for Boyd and his goons. Thankfully the pair being small and thin they could easily hide in a crowd and could easily spot Boyd or his friends, as his friends were as equally huge as he was. Keeping their distance, the pair got their food and made their way to what was deemed one of the ‘nerdy’ tables where they sat and kept a vigilant watch on Boyd. Boyd seemed to be completely oblivious to them and had his arm draped around Charmain who was batting her big beautiful lashes up at him as they sat at the ‘popular’ table.

“How do we know the cologne’s done what you intended it to do?” Devon asked

“Oh, it’ll be obvious, and it’s fairly quick acting so if Boyd’s here he hasn’t put on any yet.” responded Harold, his gaze still fixed on Boyd

“Will it give him some kind of allergic reaction?” asked Devon

“Something like that.” smiled Harold devilishly, which made Devon frown in thought and curiosity.

The pair made small talk about what to do for the rest of the camp, what they hoped the rest of the year would be like and the new video games that were going to come out soon they were keen to play. The duo had long since finished their small meals by the time Boyd’s table began to empty. A couple of Devon & Harold’s friends also left, asking if they wanted to join them for some games, but they said their apologies, as they already had plans.

Harold couldn’t help but bounce his knee as he quietly urged Boyd and Charmain to leave. He let out a deep breath he didn’t realize he was holding, when Boyd and Charmain finally got up from their table and made their way out of the expansive hall. Looking through the glass walls, as Harold had suspected, the pair turned right heading towards the lake. Boyd did that with every girl he fancied, he’d take them to a quiet, little, secluded cove tucked up in the woods. Harold had accidentally stumbled upon Boyd with a girl there, completely naked and Boyd noticed Harold who’d lingered too long in the bushes. The awe and desire Harold felt seeing Boyd’s muscles bunch and flex as he ploughed into the girl evaporating with fear as Boyd glared at him then growled for him to fuck off. Ever since then Boyd had made Harold his favorite victim to bully.

“Let’s follow them.” smiled Harold leading Devon from the hall. Cautiously, the pair stuck the shadows watching as Boyd and Charmain strolled towards the lake shore. Boyd paused for a moment, which made the pairs’ blood run cold thinking they’d been spotted, but they smiled instead as Boyd reached into his jeans pocket and pulled out the cologne. Popping off the lid, Boyd did a few quick squirts before slotting the bottle back into his jeans. Harold was impressed the bottle could fit in the confines of the pocket. As Boyd’s jeans looked tight on his muscular ass and legs.

“He used it.” chuckled Devon, eagerly anticipating what was going to happen, however his excitement soured into confusion as the happy couple started kissing. They even heard Charmain compliment the smell. “Harold.” hissed Devon, confusion twisting his shadowy features.

“Give it time. Be patient.” whispered Harold, before motioning Devon to follow him. While Charmain and Boyd turned left into the woods at the shoreline. Devon and Harold went into the woods further up so they could cut across and sneak up on the other pair.

As they secretly crept through the dark woods, they watched as Boyd and Charmain descended the small slope to Boyd’s cove. “Oh, this is lovely.” they heard Charmain say

“Not for long.” snickered Harold, his whole body was buzzing with excitement. He’d used the cologne before on himself, so he knew what it could do, and he knew there weren’t any harmful side effects in small doses. He still recalled how helpless he’d been from it and he relished thinking about how that was going to be Boyd soon. Hiding in some bushes, Devon and Harold stopped and watched.

Charmain and Boyd were already all over each other. Hands exploring each other’s bodies their mouths locked together. “You’re so hot Charmain.” breathed Boyd, his voice husky, his breathing quickened with arousal. Devon and Harold both rolled their eyes, as they’d heard Boyd said that to every girl he brought to his cove. Charmain smiled against Boyd’s lips as her hands travelled from his quaffed, brown hair, over his bulging shoulders, racking through the fabric of his singlet to tease his pecs down to his abs. Only as she hit his abs, she noticed the washboard like surface was bulging more than when she’d been eye fucking him at dinner. “Babe I think you ate to much.” She smirked, gently caressing the mound. Only she could’ve sworn the mound just got bigger under her hands. “Boyd!” she cried, pulling away as she felt the mound push hard against her hand and she watched as his belly blew up and up. “What.” Groaned Boyd, angry at the prospect of Charmain being a tease and leaving him with blue balls.

“What the fuck!” Boyd cried, to which Devon and Harold had to suppress giggles, as he looked down and saw his formerly flat stomach swell more and more. Devon couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw Boyd’s middle distend under his singlet and a patch of lightly haired skin peaked out in the moonlight. “Oh my god!” shrieked Charmain scrambling away as Boyd looked on in horror as his stomach blew out, obstructing the view of his bulging erection in his jeans. With each moment Boyd’s stomach puffed out further and soon his sides were joining in to making his middle increasingly round. “Don’t just stand there help me!” cried Boyd, who was struggling to get up, but Charmain only whimpered, watching wide eyed as Boyd became more like a balloon.

“Oh my God this is awesome.” breathed Devon, enjoying the spectacle playing out before them.

“I know right, I accidentally made it trying to create a spray to get bigger. Just watch.” smiled Harold knowingly, his grin ear to ear.

Focusing back on Boyd, Devon had to suppress a gasp as a pop and a splash sounded as Boyd’s jeans ruptured, sending his button flying into the lake. Charmain screamed as Boyd tried to roll, showing how spherical he was becoming. Grunting and cursing, Boyd was clearly letting his rage outweigh his panic. Devon and Harold would’ve liked to see him more panicked but seeing him struggle was equally as satisfying. They knew how much he obsessed over and loved his body. They also knew how embarrassing it was for him to have some hot girl witness him losing it. “I can’t, I can’t even!” shrieked Charmain, before hastily bundling her clothes together and fleeing the cove.

“Come back here! Help me!” bellowed Boyd, as he continued to roll about trying to get up onto his feet. Boyd grunted and moaned in discomfort at how he felt as the pressure inside him push out into every inch of his body. He was helpless as his limbs were being sucked into his body. He couldn’t stop what was left of his clothing being shredded by his bulging body. Harold and Devon watched in amusement as Body struggled vainly to right himself as he completed his transformation into a large, naked ball. His diameter reaching about eight feet, before his inflation begun to slow and tapper off.

“Oh, thank god,” panted Boyd unsure if he could’ve handled swelling much bigger, as he realized he’d stopped swelling. His body felt so tight, and he struggled to see anything around him, with his neck having sunk into his globular body.

“Come on.” chuckled Harold, waving Devon forward as he broke from the bushes to inspect their handy work more closely.

“Who’s there?” whimpered Boyd, hearing the cracking of branches and the crunch of sand beneath shoes.

“Oh, just us Boyd.” purred Harold

“Wow,” Devon could only muster as he walked about Boyd’s circumference. His gaze drinking in the vision of Boyd’s pumped up body and the shreds of his clothes scattered about the cove. “Don’t just stand there you fags, help me.” hissed Boyd, who tried to trash at them but only managed a wobble that made the pair giggle.

“Fine,” Harold eventually sighed, his tone evident how little he wanted to. Boyd flinched as he felt their small hands touch his circumference and his socked feet as they rolled him upright. “About fucking time.” Spat Boyd as they got him back on his feet, his anger vanishing however, as he couldn’t see them below his bulge. They’d been small compared to him before, but they were now minuscule. He also realized he couldn’t move, his legs were gone, swallowed by his middle. All Boyd could do was wriggle hit feet and toes.

“Couldn’t agree more Boyd.” shot back Harold

“Then quit your yapping and help me get back to camp, the nurse has got to help me.”

“I think you misunderstand. It’s about fucking time, someone stood up to you. You always went on about how you were the big man around the school, puffing your chest out and stuff. Well Boyd, you’re the big man now and I think we are going to leave you here. Maybe then you’ll learn to leave others alone.” Spat back Harold

“You did this?” hissed Boyd

“Damn right!” laughed Devon, “made you a Boyd Blimp.”

“Shut up!” growled Boyd who tried to move but did little more than shudder his spherical shape. “You can’t leave me out here!” he cried

“We can Boyd and we will. You’ll deflate in a few days, just time for the end of camp. Catch you latter.” laughed Harold, before waving Boyd a goodbye once he’d stepped far enough away, he was sure Boyd could see him. A chill swept through Boyd’s body and it wasn’t from the cold breeze blowing against it. He didn’t want to be left alone in the dark and if no one knew where to look no one would find him until he had deflated like Harold had said.

“You coming?” Harold called back to Devon, who was still standing at Boyd’s base gawking up at him.

“In a minute!” called back Devon, “I’ll meet you at the cabin.”

“Okay,” shrugged Harold, not surprised Devon wanted to bask in the glory of what they’d accomplished. Harold however, had had his fill and all his nerves leading up to this night had now left him exhausted now that the deed was done.

Devon stared up at Boyd, jaw slack, all the while listening to Harold’s footsteps fade into the dark of the woods. “What do you want fag? Why don’t you take a photo it’ll last longer?” snapped Boyd

“A good idea.” laughed Boyd, who pulled out his beaten-up iPhone and took several shots. “Jeez is your junk always this big or did it blow up too?” muttered Devon as he took his photos and noticed even now flaccid, Boyd’s manhood was impressive. “Delete those photos or I’ll-” bellowed Boyd, body wobbling again as he tried to lunge at Devon. Boyd’s hand not even emerging from the divot they’d sunken into.

“Or you’ll what?” smirked back Devon, which cut Boyd off. Boyd didn’t like the sound of Devon’s voice or the twinkle of his green eyes as he stared up at him. “I thought as much.” smiled Devon, as Boyd glowered in silence, “Anyway, do you want to know what did this?”

“What?” barked Boyd

“This did.” smirked Devon triumphantly as he plucked the cologne out from the scraps of clothing and held it aloft for Boyd to see.

“What?” growled Boyd, realizing he’d been tricked. Those two little pricks had done this to him. His body quivered and his face reddened as rage threatened to overwhelm the feeling of pressure that pushed at every inch of his body.

“Yeah just a quick spray and presto, balloon Boyd.” laughed Devon, before uncapping the lid

“What are you doing?” stammered Boyd as saw Devon aim the cologne at him

“Showing you of course.” smirked Devon, who pressed the nozzle and with a hiss a fine mist of cologne squirted onto Boyd’s side. Boyd twitched at the cool wet contact, then he twitched again as he felt himself grow increasingly tighter. Wide eyed Boyd watched the ground dropping away, his circumference stretching outwards. “Please make it stop.” begged Boyd as he swelled upwards and outwards.

“Nah,” smiled Devon, who squirted Boyd again. Making Boyd swell more and more, faster and faster.

“Please!” cried Boyd as his head begun to sink into his body. However, Devon sprayed Boyd again before hurrying backwards as Boyd grew bigger and bigger and bigger. His globular body quickly starting to envelope most of the sandy cove. Craning his neck upwards Devon was sure Boyd towered above the large outcrops of rocks that formed the cove. Yet again, Devon smirked as he sprayed Boyd again, relishing the muffled cry that came from within the groaning, swelling orb as Boyd’s head sunk into his circumference. The power Devon felt having Boyd at his mercy was intoxicating, he was loving making the big man bigger than he could handle. Boyd had always used his size as an advantage against them and now Devon could at last use it against him.

Seeing Boyd’s ballooning body was slowing down, Devon sprayed him again and again. More muffled cries came from Boyd and groans as his body swept across the cove pressing against the rocks. “Still not enough, I want everyone to see what a huge blimp you’ve become!” yelled back Devon. So he sprayed Boyd again and he grew. He then sprayed Boyd again and he grew even more. Devon sprayed Boyd again and he grew even bigger. Boyd’s body shuddered and moaned as it loomed up and up into the night sky resembling more a fleshy hot air balloon than a teenaged, muscle bound jock.

“And one more for good luck.” smirked Devon, who sprayed Boyd’s quivering mass once more. Devon quickly stepped back as Boyd’s quivering accelerated and he rapidly expanded. Boyd’s tanned skin slick with sweat and reddened from the strain of being inflated so huge. “Oops.” Devon muttered, realizing what he’d done as Boyd’s inflation wasn’t slowing down. It seemed to be getting faster and the rumbling groan from within Boyd’s rotund form louder. He could hear Boyd’s moans and rumbling through the woods as he scurried away as Boyd continued to rapidly expand. Deep in the divot Boyd cursed and groaned feeling how tight he was becoming. How tiny everything felt against his huge, hard body and he didn’t know if he could take anymore. Just as Boyd’s body begun to peak over the tall, pine treetops, there was an almighty bang as Boyd couldn’t inflate anymore and burst like a big balloon, leaving nothing behind of Boyd.

Everyone at camp had heard the bang that night, but no one could figure out what the cause was. Harold and Devon didn’t talk about that night and no one would get any sense out of Charmain. They’d looked for Boyd but never found him. As Devon and Harold rode the bus back several days later, Harold knew Devon had sprayed Boyd until he burst. Harold wasn’t mad. He’d even done it to a neighborhood bully, and he was happy for Devon to keep the bottle. He knew Devon would put it to good use and he could always make more.

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Harold and Devon decide to teach a bully a big lesson about leaving them alone

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