Pump Punishment

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"Ugh that's it, show me your belly!" Mary said furiously to her husband Jack. The couple were having another one of their mundane fights again, this time about Jack spending too much time washing the dishes. Mary was a fierce 5 foot tall blonde with a hard, fit body and curves in all the right places, while Jack is meek chubby 6 foot 2 guy. Despite this massive difference in size, Mary was usually the more dominant of the two. Whenever Mary and Jack would fight, Mary will demand that Jack lift up his shirt to show his fat belly, stick a bicycle pump into his butt, and Mary will pump him up.

Today was no different, Mary gave Jack's belly a pat and pushed down on the pump many times, until Jack's belly grew two times its size.

"Now Jack, have you learned your lesson yet?" Asked Mary.

Jack nodded.

"Now as punishment, give me 100 bucks so I can go shopping," added Mary.

Jack hesitated. "But Mary, I don't have that money to give to you right now, I need that for this weekend."

"OH HERE WE GO AGAIN," screamed Mary, "You're always going out on the weekend wasting money and you can't even spare some for your poor wife, now I'm going to ask again, give me 100 bucks."

Mary finished and pushed down on the pump. Jack's belly blew out a little bit more.

Jack's eyes filled with fear. "Please Mary, you can have it next week, I just need it til the end of Friday."

Mary wasn't pleased with the answer, and pumped several more times. Jack is now over three times his normal size, his belly nearly half the size of the living room.

"That's not a good answer," replied Mary.

Jack, feeling all the pressure build up, and not wanting to anger his wife any longer, finally gave in.

"Okay honey, there's 100 dollars in my drawer, you can have that and anything else you want."

"That's my good hubby," Mary said, "I hope we don't have to have this conversation again."

Mary pulled the pump out of Jack's butt,

"and this is for being a such a good boy", said Mary, and she gave her husband's belly button a big kiss.

The feeling of Mary's lips on his belly, as well as all the air he was holding inside him overloaded his senses, and was too much for his body to handle. As soon as Mary finished her kiss, Jack's entire body trembled, and seconds later, he exploded in a tremendous BANG! His body splattered the room, and covered Mary with chunks of his flesh and organs. All that was left where he stood was a gore-soaked pair of underwear he was wearing.

Mary was shocked, and completed covered in a bright red. However, her mouth crooked into a smile, as she realized all the money she could be getting from her now exploded husband's insurance.

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