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If nothing else, Aggie was considerate of her friends' concerns. After they staged an intervention regarding how she remained at home getting high with alarming frequency, she promised to change her ways. She would no longer sit around by herself doing drugs and, indeed, would no longer do them unless someone offered her some first. This "social user" behavior, she explained, would completely eliminate the problem.

It did, insofar as she now spent all her time at other peoples' places getting high. Kaylee's inclusive, who learned quickly how to accommodate Aggie. "Hey Aggs. Wanna get wasted?"

"Fuck yeah I do," Aggie replied. As she walked through the dormitory door she tossed a plastic bag to Kaylee. "Brought ya a gift."

"Thanks." She turned the bag over in her fingers as she inspected it: There was quite a bit of cannabis, but the edges of the leaves faded to a dull orange. It didn't look bad, just different. "This a special breed?"

"Fuck yeah. 'Hundred Rem.' My guy says it's nothin' like anythin' else out there." As she entered Kaylee's room she asked, "th' hell there's so many balloons in here?"

"Don't worry about it," Kaylee replied, a bit too quickly. "Let me go get one of my bongs. And don't pop any."


Some time later they were both sitting beside Kaylee's bed in a state of euphoria, filled with an all-permeating sense of relaxation. It was both physical and mental, far deeper than either had felt before, bordering on a spiritual, almost transcendent experience.

Aggie giggled. "I am so fuckin' baked right now."

"I know." Kaylee leaned her head back, resting it on the edge of the bed as she stared at the ceiling. "We must've been high for hours."

She glanced over at the clock. "I think it's been fifteen minutes."

"Wow." As Kaylee turned her head her eyes fell on the bong in Aggie's hands, and an idea gradually formed. "Hey, why don't you, uh..." Her train of thought trailed off briefly before returning. "...shotgun a hit for me." In response to Aggie's blank stare she tapped the rim of the bong, then her lips. "Like this, you know?"

She nodded in comprehension before laughing quietly to herself, raising the mouthpiece to her lips. Inhaling, she began to pull in a lungful of smoke; had Aggie been more lucid she would have realized that her body would have stopped her at some point, but it didn't, and neither did she. Thus, she began to swell, the T-shirt across her belly smoothing out as a pronounced curve made itself known. As she grew larger a thin band of skin poked out, the edge of her clothing catching on her navel piercing and pulling tight before finally freeing itself, sliding up out of the way of her body's progress.

None of this went unnoticed by Kaylee, who was watching as her friend's soft bubble of skin took up more and more space above her crossed legs. Leaning over, she gave it a tap, causing it to let out a hollow-sounding "boompf." "Aggs," she said, awed, "you're getting huge."

Aggie pulled the bong away from her mouth, holding her lips together as she set it down. Turning to Kaylee she took her by the shoulders, pressed her lips to her open mouth and blew.

A warm mixture of smoke and breath entered Kaylee's mouth, and she found her cheeks puffing out to contain it as Aggie exhaled into her. They bulged, at first massively, then comically, two growing balloons on either side of her mouth. Her lips grew plump and thick, pursed together in an "o" shape that cushioned Aggie's own. Just as a dim, distant part of her brain realized that something unusual was happening it was silenced by a sudden rush of stupefaction as her face rounded out, head surging several inches in all directions before her nose and ears grew thick and bulbous with a trio of barely-audible "pop"s. Her vision went fish-eyed as her line of sight grew higher and the world around her grew smaller, bit by bit, Aggie's lips feeling minute against her own as she was forced to rise to her knees to maintain the shotgunning-turned-blowkiss.

Smoke trailed from her mouth as Aggie pulled away and fell onto her haunches, visibly dazed. She wobbled, eyes going unfocused for a few seconds before shaking her head, staring at Kaylee for a moment before cracking up in laughter.

"Whub?" Kaylee's tongue felt thick in her mouth. "Whub suu fubby?"

"Your head!" Aggie giggled. "It's so -big!-"

She turned her head towards a nearby mirror, finding there to be more inertia to it than she was used to as it rocked to a stop. It was at a scale that could put beach balls to shame, absolutely dominated by her cheeks with every feature and curve round. There was even a fluffiness to her hair that wasn't normally present, and as she exhaled through her nose she thought she could see a faint wisp of smoke, but she wasn't really sure.

It -was- kind of funny, though.

"Hey," she heard someone say. Looking down, she spotted a small, nude, green latex woman, her midsection blown up to the point where she resembled a balloon with a head, hands, and feet. "You gonna introduce me to your friend or what?"

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