Tube Cream

She took the tube out of her mouth causing a little bit of the thick cream to dribble from her mouth.
Her swelled chest rose and fell on her massive belly as she was catching her breath.
With a grunt and a sigh she propped her head up on her hand with her elbow resting on her belly.
She used her other hand, holding the hose, to lightly stroke her belly. she lightly slapped it sending ripples all through her body and ending at her now chubby behind.
The cream was already causing her to plump up do to its incredibly fattening properties.
Behind her was a huge tank that the hose was connected to. Moments before, it was filled to the top with the thick substance.
now, it was a little over half full.
"oh, i'm just taking a break before going for another round." she said after a few deep breaths, a smile spreading across her freckled face.
"i just wanted to take a second and enjoy how big ism getting."
She put the hose to her lips.
"Imagining how much bigger I'm going to get and what its going to do to me."

with that, she wrapped her lips around the hose again and began drinking in the thick incredibly fattening cream.

Tube Cream
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