Ms. Bouncer - Rising High

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Amelia looked at the gaggle of scientists around her. “So let me get this straight,” she asked, “somehow, one of your weather balloons floated on up, and ended up getting stuck, and now you want me to retrieve it?”

An elderly looking scientist stepped forward, his bald head glinting under the florescent lights of the meteorology outpost. “Er, yes.” he responded. “We sent it up a day ago. It wasn’t meant to last but four or five hours up there, but apparently our pressure gauge malfunctioned and it was underfilled.” He gained a much more serious demeanor suddenly. “Understand of course that you need not undertake this endeavor, if it lies out of the scope of your abilities.”

Amelia let out a hearty laugh at this. “You kidding, this sort of thing is what I’m all about! Balloons and I get along quite well. You could say I’m even part balloon myself!” To emphasize her point, Amelia puffed her breasts with helium, the large orbs swelling against her spandex suit. She put her arms behind her head and struck a mock sexy pose. To her surprise, none of the scientists reacted at all, each one in fact had a rather worried look on their face. Amelia sighed and relaxed her stance. “Alright, what’s the catch? That routine never fails to rouse the crowd unless something’s up.”

A short brunette piped up from the back. “Well, according to the GPS tracker on the instruments, the balloon is stuck up around 15,240 meters high.” She concentrated for a moment before adding, “Or about 50,000 feet in American units.”

Amelia’s eyes went wide. 50,000 feet? She’d never ventured that high before. Normally she kept below 26,000 feet. The lack of oxygen was no problem, as she could process her own helium to breathe, but even she started to feel the cold at that height. Not to mention the drop in pressure at that height would mean she’d end up huge. Amelia had never approached her limit, she didn’t really even know what it was, but she wasn’t eager to find out. But she smiled for the scientists, as Ms. Bouncer was a hero who never backed down. “Hmm, pretty high, but it shouldn’t be a problem for me! Although, it might get a bit chilly up there. You wouldn’t happen to have a space heater on you, would ya?”

“Actually, we may have something that will help.” The bald scientist strode over to a large white cabinet and opened it. He rummaged around in it for a few seconds before pulling out what appeared to be a white skintight hooded bodysuit. “This is an experimental high altitude suit we’ve been working on,” he explained with enthusiasm. “It’s designed to keep its user warm even in the most extreme conditions. We haven’t gotten to installing the breathing mask, but with your unique ability to essential self-sustain aerobic respiration, that shouldn’t be a problem.”

Amelia nodded. “That’s great and all guys, but are you sure that suit will last? Remember I’m kinda a big girl…” Amelia patted the side of her bust to emphasize her point, a hollow thump resounding through the room.

The scientist chuckled. “Not to worry,” he assured Amelia “we made some modifications to account for that.” He nodded to one of his compatriots, and the two each took an end of the suit. Amelia watched in amazement as each walked to an opposite end of the room, the suit easily stretching out along with them. “We modified the fibers in the suit to be quite resilient. They should accommodate your expanding form.” The scientist signaled to his compatriots, who filed out the room. “If there aren’t any further questions, we’ll leave you to get changed.” He nodded to Amelia before leaving himself.

A few moments later, Amelia emerged from the outpost’s interior, donning the white bodysuit. It hugged her curvaceous form tightly, feeling almost like a second skin. A small hole in the back let her pull her hair through, forming a ponytail that ran down her back. Amelia noted how comfortable the suit was, it felt like she was wearing a snug sweater. She saw the scientists sitting in a group, a radio by their side. After a brief moment of synchronizing her communicator, Amelia stepped away from the group. She flashed a smile back at the scientists, and with a moment of focus began to inflate.

The tickle of helium swirling in her body did little to distract Amelia from her inner worries. 50,000 feet. She looked down at her breasts, watching them expand under the fabric of the bodysuit. She hoped her skin would be able to stretch far enough to handle the drop in air pressure. She wasn’t eager to find out what popping entailed for her. Amelia shook her head, trying to clear such worries from her mind, and focused on her growth. Already, her breasts had grown to resemble punching balloons in size, her feminine orbs pushing both out and up against the suit. The same stood for below as her ass and thighs grew large enough to make seat cushions an obsolete notion. Amelia was extra-focused on inflating as evenly as possible this time as she would need every square iota of skin to stretch large enough.

Focused as she was on her shape, Amelia was mildly surprised when she felt her feet leave the ground. A glance down showed the staring faces of the meteorologists and the ground they sat on falling away from her form. Thinking quick, she stopped the flow of helium inside her. Better to only add as much as needed this time. This meant Amelia’s ascent was slow and ponderous, the noises of the Earth below fading gradually as she ascended. Soon all that was heard was the occasional hiss of gas as she gave herself the next puff upwards, swelling and stretching. She had to admit, the scientists suit was stretching nicely with her form, not a single tight spot or groan of taxed fabric could be heard. For a moment, she mused if the suit was more elastic than she was. Probably for the best if that was the case. Amelia didn’t need to worry about freezing on top of popping.

Time went by, and soon Amelia heard a crackle through her communicator. “Ms…. -llo? Ms. Bouncer, come in!”

Amelia seized the red ball around her neck. “Ms. Bouncer speaking! How may I be of assistance?”

“Ah, good, we can hear you loud and clear.” The scientist on the other end sounded nervous. “How are you doing? The suit’s tracker indicates you’re around 20,000 feet. The air pressure drop is likely beginning to affect you.”

Amelia looked down at her bust. It enveloped her vision, a field of white fabric spanning before her. She could indeed feel how the helium inside her was pushing outwards harder and harder, even though she wasn’t inflating herself. Her butt too was stretching, creating a booty that could act as a large bookshelf. Amelia patted her burgeoning bust as she replied. “Yeah, I notic-“. She gasped as she heard her voice come out a few decibels higher than average. “Yeah, and I think my body is processing helium as air already.”

A hearty laugh came out the other end. “Not to worry, you still sound fine! You’re on course to intercept the balloon. Let us know if anything goes wrong, and don’t hesitate to bail out if needed.”

Amelia gave a nervous nod to nobody in particular as she rose up. Looking around past her growing curves, she saw the horizon stretching out all around her. The curvature of the Earth became more and more apparent as she rose higher and higher, the deep blue of the sky beginning to turn black. Every molecule of helium in Amelia’s body seemed to be going crazy, forcing her bigger as the pressure in her sought to equalize. Her breasts now stood larger than Amelia had ever seen. Each tit dwarfed her body, a pair of weather balloons in their own right. Though the suit covering her body didn’t protest, Amelia could hear faint creaks coming from her body. For the first time in her life, Amelia wondered if she was approaching her limit.

And still higher she went. The thinning air seemed to pull at her, making her breasts stretch and stretch. Amelia didn’t even have the bravery to check on how big her ass had blown up. She was too preoccupied with her breasts. She could feel a pang of pressure now as each breast grew bigger and bigger and bigger. A much louder rubbery groan sounded, and images of rubber scraps flashed through Amelia’s mind. Part of her wanted to abandon the mission, this weather balloon wasn’t worth risking popping. But then what, go explain to those scientists that she couldn’t handle a little pressure while looking at all their sullen faces? No, she was Ms. Bouncer and she was going to see this through. Screwing her eyes shut, Amelia focused on keeping herself together while trying to ignore how distant her nipples felt or how the creaking was getting louder.

I can do this, not gonna pop, not gonna pop, oh God I’m so big I can feel my skin stretching, please I don’t wanna-

Amelia’s inner chant was interrupted as her communicator sprung to life. “Ms. Bouncer, you’re almost there!” the meteorologist said, excitement in his voice. “You should be in visual range of the balloon!”

Amelia craned her neck up, and sure enough it was there. A glinting silver orb standing out against the black sky. It held its payload aloft, just out of reach now. Amelia stretched an arm up, grabbing at the balloon as it came into reach. Before it came into reach however, the bundle of instruments thumped against the top of her breasts, causing a thumm to echo across Amelia’s bust as the package deflected towards her. She barely managed to snatch the string as it drifted by, and the moment she had the instruments secured she was venting helium, shrinking away from the point of bursting. Slowly her curves pushed in as helium was lost and the air pressure increased. The black sky turned blue and the dot of the city expanded as buildings came into view. As her curves shrank, she was able to aim herself towards the observatory, her precious payload clutched tight atop the still sizable expanse of her breasts.

Soon, Amelia was drifting down into the gaggle of waiting scientists. They eagerly retrieved the instruments, each one thanking her for her efforts or asking how the suit held up. She smiled back, answering questions and showing off at request, but soon she was clad in her old spandex, waving goodbye as she took to the sky. She was eager to get some time to herself after that scenario. Tracing a finger idly over a breast as she floated back home, Amelia couldn’t help but ruminate over what had happened. “I was so big,” she wondered aloud, “I actually felt myself stretching to keep up.” She let out a loud laugh as she looked up, watching a few sparse clouds drift by. She knew deep down she likely couldn’t go that high ever again.

After all, there was a thing as too big, even for her.

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In which Amelia feels the pressure retrieving an errant weather balloon.

Yes, even Ms. Bouncer has her size limits. Wouldn't be as exciting if she was invincible, eh?

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