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The shrill beeps of the alarm clock jolted Amelia awake in her bed. She blinked in the morning sunlight as she sat up and hit the OFF button with a sleepy arm. Last night at work had been a doozy, with Jerry apparently thinking that bringing a bottle of Sprite near sensitive equipment wouldn’t end in disaster. Turning to look at the calendar on her wall, Amelia scanned for the day’s date. 21st, 22nd, 23rd… wait! Today was the 26th! Amelia pumped her fist and smiled. It was the beginning of her two-week vacation! And that meant loads of time for patrolling the city!

A brief shower brought Amelia fully into the land of the living, and she ran into the kitchen of her apartment to start cooking oatmeal. It was a humble abode, but Amelia found it met her needs. Bigger places meant more to clean up after all. And Amelia had plenty of “big” in her life as is. Sitting down, she turned on her laptop, browsing through the internet as she ate her oatmeal. So far, it had been a quiet week in Burrville, which had helped Amelia focus on work last week. No petty crimes, no common criminals, nothing. Just lab work and plenty of sleep. Amelia was thankful she didn’t have to ingest an irresponsible amount of coffee just to get going for once. Superhuman powers or not, she still liked her beauty sleep.

As Amelia finished her oatmeal, she flicked the radio on. She had modified it to pick up police chatter, using it to pinpoint where she was needed most. Police chatter filled the kitchen as Amelia cleaned up. It seemed all was quiet, but as soon as she thought that, a voice yelled over the radio:

“This is Car 46, we need backup at the downtown bank! Armed robbery in progress, shots fired! Suspects are attempting to flee the scene!”

That was her cue! Amelia rushed over to the hall closet, throwing off the shirt and jeans she had put on. Reaching up, she pulled a basket off the top shelf; inside was her uniform, a light blue spandex one-piece with matching cape and black boots. Within seconds, she was dressed, running to her living room window. Opening it, she gazed over the view her tenth-story apartment  granted her. Living on the top floor meant she didn’t have to worry too much about nosy neighbors, and it let Amelia pull stunts like the one she was about to do. Climbing out onto the ledge outside, she closed the window, tensed her legs, and jumped.

Superhuman strength propelled Amelia across the rooftops of the adjacent buildings. As she hopped along, her power was already activating. The blue spandex around her body drew tight as her curves flared with helium. Her breasts swelled, shoving inflated titflesh into the cleavage window of her uniform. Her ass and thighs followed, giving Amelia the iconic hourglass shape that criminals had come to fear. Now full of helium, Amelia soared off with her next jump into the air, the ground far below rushing by in a blur. The air whipped around her pneumatic form as downtown Burrville came into view. Looking to the western part of the city, Amelia could make out a small dot rushing away from a squad of smaller dots with lights flashing on them. The robbers! Her body hissed as Amelia jettisoned some helium, her nipples lightly puffing the gas out. She arced down towards a small office building, and with a carefully angled jump, she went rocketing off towards the robbers, re-inflating into her usual size with a rubbery squeak.

As she approached the scene of the chase, Amelia fiddled with the red orb on her neck, trying to get a signal with her trusty communicator. “Attention, anyone involved with the robbery chase, I’m on my way! Do you copy?” Amelia said over the wind as she sailed closer to her target. A voice could be heard coming from the device now.

“Bouncer, Ms. Bouncer? Oh thank God.” It was Captain Sendra, Amelia’s pal on the force.

 “Hey Cap!” she replied in her usual bubbly tone. “Figured you could use some aid this fine morning!” Amelia could see the van and its pursuers clearly now. Several men in ski masks were in the front seat.

“Yeah, I got visual on you, not that it’s ever hard to mind you.” Sendra said as she leaned out of the window of her car, looking back at Amelia. “You seem bigger than usual today.”

“Just the heat going to your head. Now pull the cars back a little. They’re about to hit an empty road and I want a little room for error with this. I’m using the Airbag Special!”

“A classic move for an old fashioned robbery,” Sendra mused. “I like it.” Soon Amelia could hear orders being barked over the radio as she was nearly on top of the pursuit now. The police cars began easing off the van, prompting one of the occupants to look back in confusion. Amelia saw his expression change from joy to an expression of unrivaled confusion as she passed over the van, her inflated form casting a shadow over the criminals inside. She landed further up the road, watching the van barreling towards her in the distance. Squealing could be heard as the officers all stopped their patrol cars, they knew what was about to happen. But the van seemed unfettered by the woman in spandex as they barreled towards her, the driver laying into the horn. Amelia let a confidant smirk cross her face. “It seems you boys are new to this city. Let me give you a proper introduction!”

What happened next happened nigh-instantly, but Amelia could cite the events perfectly. First, she concentrated, gathering her power inside herself and waiting for the right moment. She had to time this perfectly, as the buoyant nature of her powers made it easy to soar up and miss with the size she needed. Practice had made perfect however, and as the van was nearly on top of her, the pneumatic Ms. Bouncer let her power cut loose. In a split second, her body inflated to unfathomable proportions. Her uniform burst to shreds as each of her breasts blew to twice the size of the van about to hit her, a hurricane of helium audible over the sound of sirens and horns. Amelia felt her body begin to rocket upwards, but in the split second between her inflation and her ascent, the van collided with the pillowy masses. Angry squeaks could be heard as the van mashed into the twin blimps, but Ms. Bouncer had earned her name for a reason. With a resounding boing, her breasts sprang back, flipping the van off of them. The job done, Amelia rocketed into the sky with her buoyant boobs, but quickly deflated herself before she got too high. Doing a few flips on the way down to show off, she landed gracefully on the ground, throwing her arms up like a gymnast finishing a difficult routine.

Sendra’s squad quickly surrounded the dazed criminals as they crawled from their overturned van, some staring at the now nude heroine as she went over to survey her work. Sendra looked over to Amelia, rolling her eyes at the sight. “I swear, do you even try to preserve your costumes? Part of me wonders if you’re a closet nudist.”

Amelia flashed a smile at the police captain. “We’ve been over this, I just don’t really care what people see! Besides, women being topless in public is legal here, I’m just exercising my rights! Although…” Amelia reached down, digging into a pocket on the back of one of her boots. She pulled out a pair of panties and quickly put them on. “I should take care of my lower half.”

Sendra laughed. “Right, hate to take in our city’s hero on a public indecency charge. Anyway, we’ll get these guys back to the station. Bank robbery, honestly.” Sendra shook her head. “Talk about the oldest crime in the book. You headed out?”

Amelia nodded her head. “I had an aerial patrol planned for today. Should probably go get a spare costume, but eh. I still have the cape after all!”

Sendra rolled her eyes and smiled. “Just go before the reporters get here. I doubt you feel like answering questions today, yeah?”

Amelia just smiled and concentrated. Soon the hiss of helium returned, her breasts and butt swelling with the noble gas. The growth was slower this time, as the pneumatic heroine wanted to savor the growth. Most of the officers gave but a cursory glance at the show, having long since grown acclimated to Amelia’s antics, but one rookie had his wide eyes glued to her form. Amelia noticed his stare and smirked, shifting her stance to show off her widening curves. With nothing to cover them, her tits began to round out as they inflated. They wobbled gently in the breeze, a pair of feminine balloons Amelia was proud to show off. Her lower half wasn’t too far behind, inflating until her ass and thighs were as wide as her tits. Amelia was far past her usual size now, and buoyancy was beginning to draw her up. Her breasts spanned wider than her arms could reach. Her nipples puffed out, throbbing as the helium swirled inside each of the tanned boobs. Amelia’s ass swelled until each cheek stretched as large as a beach ball. She could feel her panties stretched tight, and she dared not push them further.

The rookie’s stare had been noticed by the other officers, and one had snuck up behind him with an inflated paper bag. As Amelia puffed out her tits one last time to achieve buoyancy, the officer burst the bag with a loud BANG. The rookie jumped about three feet in the air before scrambling over to his partner’s car and slinking into the passenger seat. Uproarious laughter came from the police squad, and they waved to Amelia as she ascended into the sky. Amelia returned their waves as the ground fell away, her curves floating her away. A downdraft rushed past her breasts and made her nipples harden even more, and Amelia couldn’t help but let out a pleasured sigh as she flew up out of hearing range. Normally she kept her basic desires down to concentrate on heroing, but during downtime like this, she liked to relax. Her hands began to rub circles on her sensitive breasts, a chill running across their vast expanse at the touch. With a shudder, Amelia allowed her breasts to begin inflating again, her ascent picking up speed as she did so.

The city of Burrville sprawled out far below the inflatable heroine as she blimped and ballooned her boobs, the people below looking like dots wandering to and fro. The tops of skyscrapers passed by as Amelia flew ever higher, and she had to focus over the sensations of her blimping tits to stop her inflating. There was no point to a sky patrol if the city was beyond your sight after all. The hiss subsided quickly as it had began, and Amelia felt her ascent taper off. The downdraft faded to a gentle breeze before fading entirely as her buoyant form leveled off. She craned her neck to look down, taking in the sight of the city from so far up. The skyscrapers reached up towards her, their tips firmly out of reach. She could barely make out the cars driving along the streets; the roads themselves looked like a sprawling maze from Amelia’s lofty perch. She tapped her communicator and the sounds of idle police chatter filled the air. Amelia let herself relax as she surveyed the land below. Yes, she would be up here for awhile. Crime never rests, and Amelia was ready to stop it, lack of proper uniform at the moment be damned. “After all,” Amelia thought out loud as she patted an enormous breast, “it’s not like I can keep these down for long anyway!”

And so it went, the city of Burrville watched by its pneumatic guardian, with the occasional moan coming from someplace up high.

Author's Note: 

This story is the first outing of my inflatable superheroine, Amelia White a.k.a Ms. Bouncer! You might know her already from that drawing Sven did of the chick in the red shirt bustin out.

Who is she? Luckily I have this convienent profile set up over on my deviantart I can just link ya to.

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